Sandra I Ll Never Be Maria Magdalena

about (I"ll never Be) maria Magdalena

"(I"ll never ever Be) maria Magdalena", so known simply as "Maria Magdalena", ist a 1985 synthpop song performed von German singer Sandra. The das lied was a significant chart hit in Europe, getting to no. 1 an multiple countries, und remains Sandra"s signature tune.

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You take it my loveYou desire my soulI would certainly be crazy zu share your lifeWhy can"t you lakers what ich wantSharpen die senses und drawn the knifeHold me und you"ll understandI"ll never be maria Magdalena(you"re a creature von the night)Maria Magdalena(you"re a victim des the fight)(you need love)Promised me delight(you need love)Why must i lieFind any type of prizeWhen möchte you wake up und realizeI can"t surrender zu youPlay zum affection andWin die prizeI recognize these splitter linterparty games tooI"ll never ever be maria Magdalena(you"re a creature of the night)Maria Magdalena(you"re a victim des the fight)(you require love)Promised me delight(you require love)

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sandra Sandra Ann Lauer, stage name Sandra (born 18 may 1962) is a German popular music singer, who dominated European charts through eighteen oberteil 20 hits during die 1980s und early 1990s, with die help of herstellung then-husband und musical partner, michael Cretu. During a briefe height of popularity, she even outsold Madonna in a number of countries around die world. At the anfang of her career, from 1979 zu 1984, she was ns lead singer des the woman disco/dance trio Arabesque, which had actually a enormous following in Japan and Russia. Ultimately a solo performer, she had actually her first international #1 hit-single "(I"ll never Be) maria Magdalena" in 1985, followed über "In ns Heat von the Night". In 1986 it was "Hi! Hi! Hi!", climate "Everlasting Love" in 1987… more »

Written by: hubert KEMMLER, markus LOEHR, michael CRETU, richard PALMER-JAMES, richard WILLIAM PALMER-JAMES license is granted & Provided über LyricFind

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