Samsung tablet auf tv übertragen

Screen Mirroring lasst uns you view your device’s screen on a adjacent television. This feature zu sein great weil das viewing dinge such together videos und photos top top a enlarge screen. 


Before sie begin:

2 You might need extr accessories kommen sie connect your TV to a network, depending on the built-in features.

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To usage this feature, you möchte need to first make certain that display Mirroring is turned top top on her TV.


The below instructions will show you how zu turn on display screen Mirroring ~ above your TV.

Please note: If your TV ist older than the 2013 f range (i.e. Feige range or earlier) then sie will notfall be able to use die screen mirroring feature.

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If sie are trying zu connect kommen sie a TV, please refer kommen sie that manufacturer"s webseite or manual to determine how kommen sie turn on display mirroring weil das that model.


To revolve on display mirroring top top your TV:






6 Once connected, your maker screen wollen automatically job itself onto her TV. Usage your maker as you would normally kommen sie control the image on the TV screen.
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