Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Vs S6

Samsung has just released unto die world two von the finest devices that has ever produced. Ns Galaxy S6 und Galaxy S6 Edge room at die top des the android pile in terms des technology, however which zu sein better? With much the same innards, ns big difference comes under to the screen. Ist the S6 sheet worth ns additional cost for its curvy display? uncover out an our Galaxy S6 mit Galaxy S6 sheet comparison.

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Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S6:price und release date

The relax date von both tools is april 10, und the Galaxy S6 can be uncovered at599 USD (off-contract)forthe 32 GB (base) modeland ns Galaxy S6 Edge for 699 USD (32 GB model). In the UK, you wollen find the S6 weil das 549 GBP und S6 Edge weil das 649 GBP for the 32 GB versions.


Galaxy S6 Edge mit Galaxy S6:Design and build quality

From a construct quality standpoint, there"s nothing kommen sie distinguish bolzen these two devices: both are solidly put together and feel great to hold. Ns difference is in the entwurf details, i beg your pardon amount to more than sie might maybe think.

The Galaxy S6 has rounded corners with separation volume tasten located on the left-hand side andpower button and SIM tray on ns right. These taste are located approximately middle Galaxy S6 body and it"s in ergonomicplacement.


The Galaxy S6 edge on die other hand has a little bit more von a pie-like cross-section, with ns sloped display screen occupying die top hilfreich of die edges und the knoten squished on die bottom half where die aluminum chassis begins. This creates a how amazing comfortableridge around the edge which aids die grip, but it cantake a wenig getting used to (it"s a emotion that isn"t present on any other maker currently).


The sim tray is atthe top des the Galaxy S6 sheet because ns space zum it on the side is not vast enough. The top und bottom of both devices are otherwise identical: speak grill, micro USB and headphone harbor on ns bottom, IR blaster and pinhole mic trost top.


Gorilla Glass 4 covers the front und back, und if recent drop prüfen videos are zu be believed, it"s in incredibly durable layer of protection.

Both devices oase the same home button und capacitive ""back"" und ""recent app"" buttons. On die rear, a square 16 mp camera lens with OIS und a single führen zu with heart rate monitor und ambient light meter sit side-by-side.


Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S6: Display

Both die Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a 5.1-inch QHD super AMOLED screen with 2,560 ns 1,440 pixel resolution and 577 pixels ppi. Die difference is on the sides: where the S6 display screen comes kommen sie a flat halt, ns S6 Edge has a dual curved display that creeps under either side of the device.

The S6 Edge, while real estate a curvedscreen, is not exactlylike die Galaxy grad Edge( Samsung"s first foray right into sloping displays). The grad Edge had bei additional strip display screen on die side, whereasthe S6 Edge is really much more like a flat display with contempt rounded edges;looking at the S6 edge from ns side shows just how wenig a curve there yes, really is bei the display itself.

That being said, the curved display creates a exorbitant effect wie viewing videos und media that makes content feel more "alive" than ever before. It"s not like 3D, but it feels more involving than traditional displays, und you"ll notice how very thin die bezels in reality are, especially wie man playing rückseitig video.



The software application on both devices zu sein equally identical except zum the couple of Edge-specific features die S6 misses the end on.The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge run android 5.0.2 Lollipop with die refreshed version des TouchWiz: a leaner, flatter und faster auflage of Samsung"s proprietary UIthan ever before before.

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The particular features gifted to the Galaxy S6 edge alone include human being Edge, leaf Lighting and Information Stream. It"s vital to klasse that just one leaf screen kann sein be activated hinweisen any given time, yet that some Edge features work simultaneously.


People Edge

People Edge lets you assign different colors to up zu five different contacts. Whenever notifications from these contacts arrive, a correlating fancy strip will appear on die edge des the display. You can swipe out die strips zu view an ext details und respond directly, or madness a faster way at the top zu access your five saved contacts.


Edge Lighting

Edge bright works finest when ns S6 Edge ist lying challenge down top top a table. If a contact calls, messages or otherwise gets in touch with you, the edge of the screen möchte light up in the corresponding shade which you möchte beable kommen sie seereflected on the surface.

You kann dismiss the call or send a default post simply by touching the heart price sensor on die back. Sheet Lighting and People leaf work in parallel.


Information Stream

Information stream comes directly from the note Edge und allows you zu choose from a selection des feeds that will steadily scroll along the edge display. From rys feeds, to stock reports, sporting activities scores and notifications, ns S6 Edge die info Stream has freundin covered.


Night Clock

This mode just turns her S6 Edge right into a bedside clock without consuming too viel battery power. The saves you having to pick hoch your phone and turn the on (momentarily blinding yourself in the process) merely to see what time it is. Or, freundin know, from actually havingan alarm clock on your bedside.


Palm touches

One point that did problem me was die likelihood des palm touches gift registered. Because des the shape of the bent screen, you will almost always schutz a finger touching die screen somewhere. Samsung has done a nice job of remove palm touches, to the point that also when i tried kommen sie cause touch responsiveness quirks, i couldn"t.

Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S6: performance

Performance difference betwee the Galaxy S6 und Galaxy S6 Edge schutz thus much been intangible. Inside they space identical and the changes in software are deshalb minor the there has actually been no perceptible difference bei performance in any von our tests.


Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S6: camera

The camera power on both ns Galaxy S6 und Galaxy S6 Edge zu sein identical due to die same camera hardware und software being provided on both devices. Take a look hinweisen our fullGalaxy S6 camera testto get a feel weil das just how good the camera quality truly is.

Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S6: battery

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a marginally larger battery than ns Galaxy S6 zum reasons unknown.Both gadgets support Qi wireless charging and wired turbo charging, pumping nach oben your batterywith 4 hours extra standby time fromjust ten minute of charge time. It"s bei impressive set des charging features zu support ns pretty average (non-removable)battery capacities.


Galaxy S6 Edge mit Galaxy S6:Specs

Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
SystemAndroid 5.0.2 Lollipop, TouchWizAndroid 5.0.2 Lollipop, TouchWiz
Screen5.1 inches, at sight AMOLED, QHD (2,560 ns 1,440 pixels), 577 ppi5.1 inches, supervisor AMOLED, QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), 577 ppi. Doppel Edge
ProcessorExynos 7420, 64 bit octa-core (4 ns 2.1 GHz, 4 ns 1.5 GHz)Exynos 7420, 64 bit octa-core(4 x 2.1 GHz, 4 ns 1.5 GHz)


3 GB3 GB

Internal Memory

32 / 64 / 128 GB32 / 64 / 128 GB
Battery2,550 mAh2,600 mAh
Camera16 mp (main) with OIS / 5 mp (front-facing)16 mp (main) with OIS / 5 mp (front-facing)
ConnectivityHSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1
Dimensions143.4 ns 70.5 ns 6.8 mm142.1 ns 70.1 x 7 mm
Weight138 g

132 g

PriceApprox 699 USD (TBC)Approx 849 USD (TBC)

Final verdict

These room two of the highest quality handsets you wollen currently discover on Android. Samsung has taken every that was good around its ahead Galaxy designs and produced ns best iterations yet. Whichever device sie choose you"ll receivegreat charging features, bei amazing cameraand a stunning display.

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If freundin want a decision top top which is better, I"ll walk withthe S6 Edge. It"s an ext than just a gimmick, it"s aninnovation the truly has ns potential kommen sie influence ns way all smartphones are made. Samsung has made just looking und controlling her phone feeling better. Curved display screens are no longer that far-offtechnology that perhaps worth a look part day in the distant future. They"ve arrived, and thanks to die Galaxy S6 Edge,they"re yes, really good.