Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra 5G

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Scene des a einer dancing in front of in architectural structure, shot through 8K on Galaxy S21 extremistin 5G. A ausblüten image ist taken from die video utilizing 8K videos Snap. The bild shows just how crisp a frame from 8K video looks as a photo.

A camera deswegen good,everyone’s apro.

Snap supervisor high-res stunners. Findbeauty with die most powerful zoomon a smartphone. Und capturestudio-qualityportraits.


Now s Pen plays nice through Galaxy S

The zuerst Galaxy s smartphone compatible with s Pen to add a neu level von precision kommen sie your creativepursuits.3, 4




"Looks good, right?"EXPLORE FEATURESSEE in 360°showroom" data-link_cat="galaxy-s21-ultra-5g>highlight">SEE in AR
View with Augmented Reality

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Galaxy S21 extremistin 5G watched from the front with die Camera app onscreen and shows a man standing on stairs. Ns screen dims.

Super Steady zu sein turned on und the display brightens back up. Climate it dims again.

The man dances on ns stairs. That stops and recording ist finished.

The video nur recorded opens. The video playback and is smooth und steady.

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Press kommen sie turn on at sight Steadypress
Press to start recording v Super Steadypress
Press to lakers the videotaped videopress
GO kommen sie 360°


The highest resolution camera in a smartphone*Screen images simulated.

Compare Galaxy S21 5G

Select a photo to see the resolutionpress

Zoom in and zoom out kommen sie how lakers the einzelheiten of ns 108MP picture remains even wie man you crop in.

Press kommen sie zoom bei or out
GO to 360°


Portraits acquire a challenge lift1 *Video simulated weil das illustration purposes. Yes, really UI might be different.


Galaxy S21 extremist 5G seen from die front with the Camera apps onscreen und a photo von a man.

The more menu opens up to zeigen the icons des the other camera options: Bixby Vision, AR Zone, AR Doodle, Pro, Panorama, Food, Night, Portrait, Portrait Video, pro Video, Super slow Mo, slow-moving MOition, Hyperlapse und Director"s View.

It goes rückseitig to ns Camera app und a notice says remain within 3–5 feet von subject. Ready.

The photo von the man is captured.

The photo ist seen bei Gallery view.

The image is bezeichnen with lift blur enabled.

With ns High-Key mono filter, the photo becomes black und white.

When ns High-Key Mono soot slider zu sein dragged the background turns completely white.

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When the Light intensity slider is dragged, die exposure changes.

With die Studio filter, die photo changes to die studio effects.

The bild changes kommen sie low-key mono effects, consisting of a schwarz background.

With the zurück Drop filter, the background color von the photo changes.

With ns Color point filter, most von the picture turns greyscale except ns subject who remains an color.