S Oliver So Pure

Soft, pure, authentic und simply "hyggelig" – the appeal des s.Oliver deshalb PURE. Ns fragrances weil das him and her, i m sorry capture ns Scandinavian approach zu life, room available for purchase native the ende of august 2017. Thanks to their pleasant, caressing fragrance, s.Oliver deshalb PURE Women und s.Oliver so PURE guys are ns perfect companions zum everyday life. Castle radiate lightly while so focusing on the essentials: emotion happy in your skin and enjoying a pure sense of joie de vivre. From the fragrance to ns packaging design, s.Oliver so PURE uses captivating Scandi style.

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Pure Life – Pure You

No filter, no make-up: "More layout than substance" is a thing des the past. We yearn weil das something genuine – zum the natural und the authentic. Zum true friends and undisguised happiness. After all, deswegen often less ist more! The new fragrances of s.Oliver dafür PURE help your true personality light through. It"s every part des the hygge approach kommen sie life, which watch a return to ns essentials des comfort und conviviality together a way of achieving personal happiness.

Fragrance compositions

The fragrance of s.Oliver deswegen PURE frau blends gently v your skin. Emotion good und smelling wonderful – this sense von well-being zu sein enhanced von the lively citrus oberteil note, enriched with eco-friendly ivy and the fruity freshness des apples. This zu sein followed von blossom accents, embedded in gentle cashmere wood. The soft basic with wärme Ambrox and woody notes completes this velvety fragrance.

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Top note: Ivy, Kalamansi lemon, appleHeart note: Freesia, jasmine, cashmere woodBase note: Ambrox, musk, sandalwood

Pleasantly alluring – ns appeal von s.Oliver deswegen PURE Men. Die freshness von bergamot, crisp environment-friendly apple und spicy cardamom provides a harmonious scent experience from the top note onward. Fresh floral notes combine in the love with fragrant lavender and are warmly wrapped von amber and woody accents in the finale.

Top note: Bergamot, eco-friendly apple, cardamomHeart note: Lavender, violet, geraniumBase note: Cedar, sandalwood, amber

Packaging design

Scandinavian design is famous zum its simplicity and functionality. A tendency that tun können be found weist s.Oliver, both in its mode and in its collections von numerous way of life products. Inspired über this restrained aesthetic, ns bottles von s.Oliver dafür PURE are minimalist bei style, through accents in the trendy colors von pink und deep blue. Die boxes space equally stylish – die color blocking proceeds on ns outer packaging of s.Oliver so PURE guys while the delicate lozenge pattern des s.Oliver so PURE frau harks rückseitig to Scandinavian fashion und interior design.

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As part von the communication measures for the launch, s.Oliver ist inviting fragrance influencers top top a journey zu capture and share their best hygge moments. We room seeking to find areas that provide the influencers through a refuge from daily life and the chance to slow down, und thereby contribute to their personal happiness. In addition, awareness ist being produced through bei extensive cross-media campaign, which consists of digital, print, society media, TV and OOH measures.

The range

An all-round caressing fragrance experience – with die product range from s.Oliver deswegen PURE:


Product dimension s.Oliver deswegen Pure frauen s.Oliver deswegen Pure women s.Oliver dafür Pure frau s.Oliver so Pure women s.Oliver dafür Pure frauen s.Oliver dafür Pure frauen s.Oliver so Pure guys s.Oliver deswegen Pure males s.Oliver dafür Pure men s.Oliver deshalb Pure men s.Oliver dafür Pure guys
Eau dach Parfum 30 ml
Eau dach Toilette 30 ml
Eau dach Toilette 50 ml
bath & Shower gel 150 ml
human body Lotion 150 ml
Deodorant organic Spray 75 ml
Eau außerdem Toilette 30 ml
Eau juni Toilette 50 ml
After shave Lotion 50 ml
Shower gelatin & Shampoo 150 ml
Deodorant Spray 150 ml

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