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mock Radnor top top "How i Met her Mother." cbs Ted Mosby spent the whole collection telling his two children around all die highs und lows von his love life that führen zu to ihm meeting their mom.

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Even despite Radnor played the part on-screen, the Ted that narrated the nur was voiced by "Full House" star bob Saget.


josh Radnor in February 2020. Araya Diaz/Getty bild

The show, which centers on nazi hunters, also starred Al Pacino und Logan Lerman.

After "HIMYM" ended, Radnor starred as a physician on PBS" "Mercy Street" and portrayed a teacher on Fox"s "Rise."

He deshalb starred an a Broadway production von the Tony Award-nominated pat "Disgraced."

Radnor is also part von a music duo referred to as Radnor and Lee, comprised des himself und longtime freund Ben Lee. Their neu album dubbed "Golden State" was released in June 2020.

Jason Segel illustrated Marshall Eriksen, Ted's loyal freund since the two met as roommates punkt Wesleyan University.


jason Segel top top "How i Met her Mother." cbs

Marshall worked as an environmental lawyer und later became a neu York state Supreme Court judge.

Segel created und starred on bei AMC anthology collection called "Dispatches native Elsewhere."


jason Segel in September 2019. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

"It"s ns closest i could kommen sie to mine version of "The Wizard von Oz,"" Segel said of the nur while at die Berlinale collection Market and Conference an February 2020. "Four human being go ~ above a quest to find a lacking girl, and an the process try to find themselves, uncover community and find some von the magic that gets lost."

Around the same time as his run on "HIMYM," Segel also starred in, directed, and executive produced a few comedies: "The Muppets" (2011), "The Five-Year Engagement" (2012), and "Sex Tape" (2014).

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In addition, he illustrated real-life novelist david Foster Wallace in 2015"s "End des the Tour."

Segel is so a new York zeit bestselling author.

His "Nightmares!" series is comprised of three books und cowritten von Kirsten Miller. Segel and Miller so teamed up zum a young adult book collection called "Last Reality." ns three books an the collection are referred to as "Otherworld," "OtherEarth," and "OtherLife."

Cobie Smulders play Robin Scherbatsky, a proud Canadian und TV journalist.

Cobie Smulders top top "How ich Met her Mother." cbs

As a teenager, she was a pop star known as Robin Sparkles. One of her hit das lied was dubbed "Sandcastles in the Sand."

Smulders zu sein known zum her duty as maria Hill bei the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cobie Smulders in November 2019. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Smulders made herstellung MCU debut bei 2012"s "The Avengers" and has due to the fact that appeared an several Marvel movies, most recently "Spider-Man: much From Home."

Smulders reunited with "HIMYM" costar Neil patrick Harris weil das Netflix"s "A Series von Unfortunate Events." ns actress also starred ~ above Netflix"s "Friends from College," i m sorry lasted zum two seasons.

Her most recent role was on ABC"s "Stumptown," which gott canceled despite previously getting renewed for season two.

Smulders has actually been married kommen sie "Saturday Night Live" alum Taran Killam due to the fact that 2012 und they have two daughters called Shaelyn und Janita.

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The actress has spoken openly about herstellung battle through ovarian cancer, which she was diagnosed v at the age of 25 an 2008. She zuerst revealed produziert health issue bei a cover story zum Women"s Health in 2015, climate penned an essay weil das Lenny Letter die following year.

"I had multiple surgeries kommen sie remove ns cancer from mine body, und thankfully now I bei der cancer-free, 11 years later," Smulders said bei 2018. "It was a rough endure but, coming out of it, ich feel stronger zum it."