Robbie williams party like a russian

Some viewers suggest level von stereotyping displayed in Party prefer A Russian might be construed as borderline racist


Robbie Williams möchte release his neu album, Heavy spiel Show, in November. Photograph: david Jensen/PA
Robbie Williams wollen release his neu album, Heavy unterhalten Show, in November. Photograph: david Jensen/PA

It was not reports from die war an Syria or the investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines trip MH17 the outraged Russians at the weekend, but a neu music video von Robbie Williams.

Du schaust: Robbie williams party like a russian

Released to accompany the song Party favor a Russian, native his new album, Heavy enthauptungen Show, die video outraged viewers zum its crude oil stereotyping des Russian culture, through some tabloids suggesting die singer would never be able zu perform in Russia again.

In the video, Williams sings around a leader who “alleviates die cash native a whole entire nation, takes loose change und builds his own space station,” and adds: “Ain’t no refutin’ or disputin’ - i’m a modern-day Rasputin”, while women dressed as ballerinas sprung around him.

Singing to ns tune of sprung of ns Knights indigenous Sergey Prokofiev’s ballet Romeo und Juliet, part viewers suggested the level des stereotyping displayed in the videobilien could be construed as borderline racist.

The Russian zustand TV channel Vesti aired a unique segment on the video, explaining that the Russian theme was all that could save a singer who popularity “in recent years was becoming a memory fairly than a reality”.

The renowned tabloid newspaper Life published in “expert panel” claiming the Williams would never ever again it is in invited kommen sie perform bei the country because, despite abrasive humour and self-mockery ist fine for Russians, however, can’t acquire away through it.

Roman Popkov, who works weil das exiled oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, claimed he thought ns video was “shit because it imparts die puny, vulgar Russian elite, which has nothing kommen sie do v aesthetics, beauty or romanticism”.

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After speculation the the lied was obliquely criticising die Russian president, wladimir Putin, Williams was quick to tell fan on twitter the lied “is definitely not about herr Putin”, and told die Sun that it zu sein merely underlining the fact that “Russians are ridiculously great partiers”.

I liebe you Dan yet this song zu sein definitely not about großvater Putin x

— Robbie Williams (

But notfall everyone has rejected Williams’s portrayal. One Russian pop star who obtained fame in the 1980s, Yuri Loza, suddenly praised the song. “He go this with good sensitivity. This is an average party not for bei oligarch however a mid-level official,” the said.

Politician maria Baronova said the video properly stereotypes a small section von Russian society. “Today’s elites room pleased with die depiction,” she said.

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At the ende of ns 80s, Soviet TV producers often used dance of the Knights zu accompany political news stories, und many viewers associate the music with the dramatic end of the USSR bei the lead-up zu 1991. The appearance bei a kitsch pop video about Russian oligarchs seems to schutz been ns final straw.

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