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“You understand you’re 60 wie man you oase a party und the neighbors don’t even realise.”

I don’t think this was die case! Chad commemorated a couple of days beforehand with a party/concert, together with food from Nobu zum guests, bei Malibu. A stage was set up on the foot of ns hills on the mountain side von the PCH… but die sound might be heard blasting throughout Point Dume and Malibu and the lights/smoke effects could be watched too. Chad was accompanied on stage über a number von musician friends consisting of Andrew Watt. His daughter, Ava, deshalb sang; she perform a hülle of die Beatles’ Come Together.

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ReplyRHCP World reisen 2022: Two added Dates Added
Posted on October 16, 2021 über Squitherwitch

The original Red warm Chili Pepper concerts for London and Paris are now both provided as offered out on the official website. In additional date- ns night after die original concert- has been added weil das both des the venues. The new additional date zum RHCP bei London ist Sunday 26th June and in Paris it’s top top Saturday 9th July.


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Chad smith will it is in doing a digital meet and greet an conjunction through Gallery 725 in Jacksonville, Florida, weil das people who buy a piece von his art. The event wollen take location on 24th October v his artwork available zu buy from 15th October.

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The Red warm Chili Peppers have released another “newsroom” video zu announce your 2022 außerhalb des spiels dates. Another new photo von the band was also released.

Tour Dates:

Sat Jun 04 Seville, Spain

Tue Jun 07 Barcelona, Spain

Fri Jun 10 Nijmegen, Netherlands

Wed Jun 15 Budapest, Hungary

Sat Jun 18 Firenze, Italy

Wed Jun 22 Manchester, UK

Sat Jun 25 London, UK

Wed Jun 29 Dublin, Ireland

Fri Jul 01 Glasgow, UK

Sun Jul 03 Leuven, Belgium

Tue Jul 05 Cologne, Germany

Fri Jul 08 Paris, France

Tue Jul 12 Hamburg, Germany

Sat Jul 23 Denver, CO

Wed Jul 27 san Diego, CA

Fri Jul 29 Santa Clara, CA

Sun Jul 31 los Angeles, CA

Wed Aug 03 Seattle, WA

Sat Aug 06 lesen Vegas, NV

Wed Aug 10 Atlanta, GA

Fri Aug 12 Nashville, TN

Sun Aug 14 Detroit, MI

Wed Aug 17 east Rutherford, NY

Fri Aug 19 Chicago, IL

Sun Aug 21 Toronto, ON

Tue Aug 30 Miami, FL

Thu Sep 01 Charlotte, NC

Sat Sep 03 Philadelphia, PA

Thu Sep 08 Washington, DC

Sat Sep 10 Boston, MA

Thu Sep 15 Orlando, FL

Sun Sep 18 Arlington, TX

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary des BSSM’s release:


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On the 30th anniversary of the release des Blood Sugar sex Magik yesterday, RHCP exit a new video and three new photos with john Frusciante… favor buses there’s nothing zum ages und then a load kommen sie along hinweisen once! die photos to be taken von Flea’s daughter, Clara Balzary.


The video is a spoof newsroom announcement of the Red warm Chili Peppers’ 2022 world tour and new album. Flea and Anthony Kiedis are the presenters Todd ns Squirrel und Johnson Hammerswaddle respectively, john Frusciante cameos as himself zum the distinct guest slot, if Chad Smith is Randy Raindrops die weatherman.



An e-mails has also been sent if you schutz subscribed kommen sie the news update dienstleistungen on die official RHCP website mentioning ns 2022 tour und new album:


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Rubin was talking on die Chris Jericho podcast und he has confirmed what we currently assumed due to the fact that both Flea and Chad oase posted photos indigenous his studio. Rubin is working on the neu RHCP album. Here is the transcript of the relevant parts:


CJ: wie you functioned with ns Red hot Chili Peppers, just how do sie corral them? i know you’ve worked with them for deshalb many years. What was your role? ich know they space obviously very artistic und very free bei their jams and their lied writing. Whereby did you rechts in?

RR: It still is. We’re finishing the new album appropriate now.

CJ: Ah, you’re functioning on the new record v them?

RR: Frusciante ist back in the band.

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CJ: i know that…

RR: und it’s unbelievable.

CJ: Chad is one of the finest people on ns planet. Just great… and one von the ideal drummers an the world und you understand as sie use castle all the time

RR: Absolutely. I went to the zuerst rehearsal that i was invited zu after john re-joined ns band and it made me cry. The was deshalb thrilling seeing that kopieren, gruppe of people zurück together coz they nur made such great music zum such a lang time together. It nur hit me in bei emotional way.So with the Peppers we nur talk about songs. They oase really an excellent habits in that they write lots of songs. It zu sein something I’d say us probably occurred together from ns beginning; this idea of overwriting. Sie know, if there’s going zu be twelve songs on bei album, they can write fifty, they might write a hundred zu find those twelve. Und they we just talk, lock play for me bei rehearsal. We speak about lied strengths, weaknesses, how kommen sie make them better, wherein they work, whereby they don’t und then us try new stuff. I don’t necessarily have the way kommen sie fix them, i just to speak what i think. I notice where ns weaknesses are und just say, “This part going right into that teil doesn’t sound so good. Zu sein there a better way to do it?” and then they come up v a much better way.


The interviewer chats und mentions part albums ending with stadion Arcadium.

RR: ich hope freundin like the new stuff. If think if sie like Stadium sie might prefer this

CJ: Frusciante kommen sie me zu sein like Adrian Smith bei Iron Maiden or Phil Rudd bei AC/DC, without that integral part, world might notfall realise but Frusciante zu sein the Chili Peppers. Hopefully everything is kühl coz they brought him rückseitig a dritter time and that rarely happens an rock ‘n’ roll.

RR: and I would say that’s die combination. It’s wie man Flea and John play with each other something magic happens. When Chad plays v Flea und John, other magic happens. When anthony sings based on what those guys play, it sound like die Chili Peppers. And there are some flavours wherein it wake up on the neu album und it’s like, “Oh mine God! Nobody else sounds favor that. So quintessentially Chili Peppers…

You kann sein hear the podcast here: Episode link

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The webseite is blieb “active” nur to let human being know- there’s nur been no reliable nachrichten to post on RHCP typically other than eis members doing separation, personal, instance things. I won’t post paparazzi image out of respect for band members. Die official RHCP website is allowing people kommen sie sign up zum news on the planned tour zum next year but that’s around it zum now- the album will notfall be out weil das a same while however (I understand rumour und gossip schutz been speak this summer/#soon however it is only gossip und not accurate).

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I experienced Flea’s book in a regional store this week- ich didn’t also know it had actually been released in paperback. It was £10.99 zum anyone in Britain who is interested (it looked “fragile” deshalb maybe paying the little extra weil das the hardback might be a much better idea as ich think the book spine would separation easily).

Rest in Peace

Blackie Dammett/ john Kiedis


“Lord von the Sunset Strip”

7th December 1939-12th may 2021

The cruelty that is dementia has reached its unavoidable end and Blackie, deswegen sadly, passed away earlier heute (12th May).I understand many of us here oase fond memories of Blackie as ns Head Honcho of the RHCP fans club. Rather will have memories of someone that went on zu become a to ~ friend, whether in real life or online. Some möchte know him as in actor und some of you möchte be family. You may only know him as the father of anthony Kiedis und may schutz possibly oase read his autobiography, ‘Lords des the Sunset Strip.’ the was deshalb a talented artist, a collector von skulls and a champion von wolf dogs…

Blackie was a flamboyant, larger than life, character who blazed his own trail through life. His life definitely wasn’t conventional- nor was his method des parenting- and had that rollercoaster von ups und downs, but an later years he very viel found his place leading die tribe von RHCP rockinfreakapotomi together president von the official fans club. The didn’t nur produce the fans club tagebuch or organise meet-ups, yet there was often a mitarbeiter aspect too with individual letter or wenig mementos sent out to fans along the way. Blackie was in amazing link between the band and the RHCP fans base, und since his retirement, he has actually been very viel missed having actually left a huge void in his wake.

I personally schutz missed my plaudern with Blackie about art und literature, & the crazy details of his life und his latest exploits. Helping v his book was fun und I was so delighted to be mentioned in the credits.

My thoughts and love, and I’m sure those des many des us, go kommen sie all of Blackie’s family and friends punkt this sad time, yet especially zu Peggy, Anthony, Everly Bear, Julie und Jen.Rest in peace, my friend. Our friend. Head Honcho.


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RepliesRHCP 2021 Festival dates Cancelled?

The main RHCP webseite recently removed all festival dates already booked from ns tour section apart from die Funkyard festival in Israel. That festival has since been postponed through attempts to arrange a neu date. When ich checked yesterday, all dates have now been removed with ns page jetzt stating, “There room no upcoming dates.”