Android TV zu sein a unique version von the popular mobile operating system. It features a redesigned user interface that works much better with the horizontal natur of TV screens.

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To get android TV kommen sie run on a Raspberry Pi, we will be making use of a unique build des LineageOS. This build zu sein maintained und developed von the hard work of KonstaKANG und the Android-rpi team.

With die OS being more optimized zum large horizontal screens and remotes, it makes it ns perfect choice wie man connecting ns Pi to your TV. You can even get access to die vast amount of available apps with the google Play store.

Currently, the most far-reaching issue facing running android TV ~ above a Raspberry Pi ist that the builds carry out not oase support for hardware video decoding und encoding.

However, the android TV build do function hardware-accelerated graphics. This method it need to be possible kommen sie run most apps as long as castle don’t rely on videos decoding.

Please klasse that at ns time of publishing, builds are only available zum Raspberry Pi 4 based models. Definition you can only run android TV on die Pi 4 model B, Pi 400, und the Compute Module 4.

Throughout this guide, you will learn how kommen sie install android TV, configure it und install the google Apps package.

If freundin would prefer zu stick with the normalerweise version of android we also have a overview on installing that.

Table des Contents

Preparing for android TV on the Raspberry PiRecovery mode on android TVRunning GApps on android TV with ns Raspberry Pi

tools List

To get android TV mounted on ours Raspberry Pi, we used die following list des equipment.


Raspberry Pi 4, 400, CM4

Micro SD Card

power Supply

Network Connection

HDMI Cable

USB Drive


Raspberry Pi Case

We tested this construct of android TV ~ above a Raspberry Pi 4 and a Pi 400

preparing for android TV on the Raspberry Pi

Installing android TV calls for us zu download a particular version of LineageOS built von KonstaKang.

We will so need kommen sie download the google Apps package. Without this package, you won’t have access kommen sie the google Play save on your Raspberry Pi android TV.

Obtaining android TV for the Raspberry Pi

Our erste step zu sein one of the many important, and that zu sein to download the android TV image.

We need zu download a ausführung of android TV that has actually been specially compiled zu run on die Raspberry Pi’s hardware.

At the time von publishing, there are only builds available weil das the Pi 4 generation des devices.

You tun können download ns required android TV build zum the Raspberry Pi über going to ns KonstaKANG website.

Download android TV zum the Raspberry Pi 4

If freundin like die developers work, consider donating through their website zu help contribute to the development of android TV weil das the Pi.

downloading GApps for android TV

Google does not allow other android operating system to bundle their apps without licensing the software indigenous them.

Luckily we kann sein work around this thanks to ns OpenGApps project. Using ns packages provided von this team, we kann install google Apps zu our Raspberry Pi’s android TV operation system.

As this builds room automated, they may obtain broken von a wanne update native time kommen sie time.

If freundin download die build v the link we provided above you can skip straight zu Step 4 des this section.

Alternatively, you kann sein follow ns steps below zu get the latest build von the OpenGapps recommended by their main website.

2. kommen sie get the google Apps onto your Raspberry Pi, you möchte need kommen sie go to ns OpenGapps website.

This website, provides all des the apps we need to get the google services up and running top top our android TV OS.

3. Once sie are on ns website, you möchte need to select a few options kommen sie ensure you download the correct ausführung of google Apps.

1) weil das the communication option, you will need kommen sie select “ARM” (1.).

This zu sein the style that android TV zum the Raspberry Pi zu sein compiled for.

2) Next, you wollen need zu select the version of android you space using. The build of android TV we are currently using ist made for android 10.0.

Select ns “10.0” auswahl (2.).

3) zum our next option, we should select ns variant of google Apps built for android TV.

You need kommen sie select die “tvstock” option (3.).

4) Finally, we tun können download die GApps package weil das our selection von clicking ns download button (4.)


4. when you have downloaded ns GApps package weil das your Raspberry Pi’s android TV installation, freundin need zu copy these to a USB.

Once you oase the archive copied kommen sie a USB drive, you kann plug ns drive right into your Raspberry Pi. We möchte use these records after we oase installed android TV.

composing the android TV image to her Raspberry Pi

Now the we schutz everything we need zu run android TV on ours Raspberry Pi, you kann now continue with our setup guide.

In ours next few steps, we will zeigen you exactly how you can flash the android TV operating system to her device.

To write the android TV image to our Raspberry Pi, we will be using the Etcher bild writer. However, you can use every little thing one freundin feel comfortable with.

1. when you erste open up ns Etcher software, click the “Flash indigenous file” button.

This button will bring up a paper dialog kasten that you möchte use to select the android TV bild you downloaded earlier.


2. With in image selected, our next step zu sein to select the drive us want kommen sie write it to.

At this point, you should have your SD map plugged right into your computer.

You need to click ns “Select target” taste to continue with the flashing process.


3. utilizing this menu, sie need kommen sie identify and select the drive sie want kommen sie write the bild to (1.).

Once you have your SD card selected, freundin need zu click die “Select” button (2.).


4. Finally, v both the drive and image selected, us can anfang the flashing process.

All freundin need to do to anfang the process is click die “Flash!” button.


5. when the android TV OS has actually been flashed zu your Raspberry Pi’s SD card, you kann sein plug the back bei and turn the Pi on.

In die next section, we wollen walk you through the frühen zeitpunkt setup experience.

zuerst Setup experience of android TV on die Raspberry Pi

When freundin first anfang up android TV on your Raspberry Pi, you wollen need to do some initial setup steps.

The complying with guide möchte walk you through these steps deshalb that you can get up und running in no time.

1. The zuerst screen that you will see ist one saying that the android TV OS is searching zum accessories.

It kann sein take a wenig while for the Raspberry Pi zu finish this process, so please it is in patient.

2. Once the searching procedure completes, you will be greeted über the frühen zeitpunkt welcome screen of LineageOS.

You tun können begin ns setup procedure of android TV on your Raspberry Pi by clicking die “Next >” button.

2. This develop of android TV for the Raspberry Pi comes through a EULA that stays clear of commercial use.

To proceed, you need to accept these conditions by clicking die “ACCEPT >” button.

3. We room finally hinweisen the first setting that you möchte need to define, i m sorry is bei important one.

Use the select wheel an the middle des the screen zu find und choose your aboriginal language (1.). Zum our example, we will be sticking with English.

When you schutz your language selected, click die “Next >” button (2.) kommen sie continue.

4. You kann sein now adjust die date and time setups for android TV to run on her Raspberry Pi.

If sie have in ethernet connection, the Raspberry Pi may oase already synchronized the time und date. However, an our case, the time zone was wrong, dafür we collection that kommen sie “GMT+11:00“

Use the three options on die left hand of ns screen kommen sie make sure ns time and date zu sein correct (1.).

Once you schutz verified all 3 values, click die “Next >” taste (2.) to confirm the settings.

5. weist this point, you will be greeted with two feasible screens.

The android TV operating system will try kommen sie detect if your Raspberry Pi has an ethernet link automatically. If the does, android TV will zeigen you a display that allows you to proceed without issue.

If sie rely ~ above a Wi-Fi internet connection, you möchte be greeted with die screen we oase below. Usage this dialog kommen sie choose her Wi-Fi network und connect zu it.

6. This screen will allow you zu control the location service that LineageOS provides available kommen sie applications.

If sie want to outright block any type of apps from ever before using your location, you kann use this setting.

Once you schutz made your choice, click the “Next >” taste to check it.

7. we are deshalb able kommen sie switch off certain features of LineageOS.

The just one currently bezeichnen within this interface ist LineageOS’s diagnostic and usage data. By default, ns operating system will automatically report back information kommen sie improve the android TV operating system.

You kann disable this if sie would like no säule being sent rückseitig to the team.

With this setup enabled, or disabled, click the “Next >” button to proceed.

8. you can also set a PIN kommen sie protect your machine from unwanted access.

To use android TV on her Raspberry Pi, the user will schutz to enter ns provided password, PIN, or pattern.

As us aren’t auch worried around access, we clicked die “SKIP >” button bei the bottom right.

9. The tonnage thing you will be asked zu sein if sie want to restore her apps und data.

If you have a vault LineageOS backup, you kann sein click ns “RESTORE native BACKUP” button to anfang the restoration process.

Alternatively, you kann finish the android TV setup experience über clicking ns “SKIP >” button.

10. at this point, freundin should now have android TV up and running on your Raspberry Pi.

You möchte notice that die interface zu sein almost north at ns moment. This is because many of android TV’s service are detailed through Google’s apps.

Don’t concern though, installing the google Apps is not the complicated of a process.

Recovery setting on android TV

At the moment, our setup of android TV on die Raspberry Pi is looking a little barebones.

To get roughly this und to download extra packages choose the google Apps, we möchte need zu make use von the inbuilt recovery mode.

The recovery mode zu sein helpful zum sideloading system applications and expanding ns filesystem.

permitting Developer Mode

To access die recovery mode of android TV on ours Raspberry Pi, we will need zu activate the developer mode.

The developer mode allows us to change much more advanced choices that room usually covert within ns interface.

1. zu get started, we need to offen up the settings user interface of android TV.

You can access this über clicking the cog that is located on ns top right of the screen.

2. A menu should now oase popped nach oben on the right side des your screen.

To proceed, you need kommen sie click die “Device Preferences” option.

3. Within the device choices screen, you should seen a heap von different submenus.

Find ns “About” option at ns top of the page and click it.

4. role down the side menu until freundin find the auswahl labeled “Build“.

You möchte need zu click this option six times zu activate developer mode.

Once die mode has actually been activated, sie should lakers a message appear on ns screen notifying sie that developer mode zu sein now active.

turning on advanced Reboot

With ns developer setting active, we kann enable ns advanced reboot feature of this android TV build zum the Raspberry Pi.

This feature möchte allow us to boot directly into recovery setting without relying top top using ns terminal.

1. we need kommen sie return to the “Device Preferences” alternatives page.

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If freundin are on ns about seite from ns previous section still, you kann press die F2 key to go back.

2. Once sie are back an the “Device Preferences” menu, look zum the “Developer options” menu.

Once you find this menu freundin need zu click it.

3. you should now be bei the “Developer options” menu.

You will see a list des advanced features, but ns one we are after ist called “Advanced reboot“.

Once sie find this option, you need to toggle it on von clicking it. Die toggle need to turn a blue color once it has actually been successfully enabled.

Rebooting into Recovery Mode

With both die developer mode and advanced reboot options enabled, we can finally boot into restore mode.

The process des booting your Raspberry Pi into android TV’s restore mode is straightforward now that those options oase been enabled.

1. we need kommen sie return to the “Device Preferences” menu.

If sie are still an the “Developer options” menu, you kann go zurück to this menu von pressing ns F2 key.

2. Once freundin are back in the “Device Preferences” menu, you kann safely proceed.

Find und click the “About” möglichkeit that you should find at ns top von the sidebar.

3. Within the “About” menu, sie should see the “Restart” option.

You need to click this auswahl as it zu sein what will allow us kommen sie reboot right into recovery mode.

4. Thanks to us enabling die “Advanced reboot” auswahl earlier, you should schutz some extr options top top this page.

Find und click ns recovery auswahl to boot your android TV machine into restore mode.

Please note, prior to rebooting, make certain you oase the USB with ns files freundin want kommen sie flash plugged into your Raspberry Pi.

to run GApps on android TV with ns Raspberry Pi

Now the you schutz recovery mode allowed on your Raspberry Pi’s android TV passend zu we can now obtain the google Apps installed.

We will split this right into two sections. One that besteht aus installing ns GApps package itself and another shows you how zu complete the initial setup experience.

installation GApps using Recovery Mode

At this point, sie should jetzt be booted into your Raspberry Pi’s recovery setting for android TV.

Using this restore mode, we wollen install the google Apps to your android TV installation.

1. as installing the GApps transforms the system partition, we will need to allow it to modify the system partition.

You tun können do this von swiping die “Swipe zu Allow Modifications” auswahl to ns right.

2. us will now need kommen sie make certain we schutz everything mounted so that GApps can be installed.

To do this, we wollen need to switch to die mount menu von clicking the “Mount” option.

3. within this menu, over there are 4 partitions that you need kommen sie make sure are selected (1.). Boot, System, Data, und USB must all have their checkboxes ticked.

Once you schutz all the correct choices selected, click die “Select Storage” button (2.).

4. within this dialog box, ensure that your USB storage has actually been selected and not die internal warehouse (1.).

If you oase the USB option selected, click the “OK” taste to proceed.

5. Now, return the main menu of the restore tool.

The most basic way kommen sie do this ist to click ns home icon at ns bottom of the screen.

6. now click ns “Install” menu option.

This auswahl should be die one located in the oberteil right.

7. freundin should now seen a list des all ns files on your USB file.

Within this list, look zum the “open_gapps” zip file and click it kommen sie begin die install process.

If freundin don’t seen the ZIP document on her USB device, you may oase to restart your maker then boot zurück into recovery mode.

7. to flash die GApps to your Raspberry Pi’s android TV system, sie need zu swipe ns bottom right option.

After you swipe this option, the recovery tool wollen begin kommen sie flash the google apps kommen sie your device.

8. Once the GApps has actually been written kommen sie the android TV operation system, us need to return to ns homepage.

You tun können go rückseitig to the home menu von clicking ns home symbol at die bottom des the screen.

9. we are almost done. The last thing we need zu do zu sein factory reset ns device.

Within die home menu, click the “Wipe” option located on ns screen’s top right.

10. Now, swipe die “Swipe kommen sie Factory Reset” option.

Swiping this möglichkeit will wipe her data, cache, and dalvik files. Not doing this kann lead kommen sie issues through running the google Apps.

11. Once ns Raspberry Pi finishes wiping die required files, you kann sein boot back into android TV.

All sie need to do zu reboot right into the normal operating system is click die “Reboot” button.

First boot of android TV with GApps

When freundin first start up her Raspberry Pi after installing the google Apps to android TV, you will need to complete a few steps.

1. The zuerst screen will have a picture von a remote and a countdown timer.

You have to be able to press the F1 key kommen sie skip past this screen.

2. Next, freundin need zu select ns language sie want zu use zum the google Apps.

Scroll with this menu until you find the correct language.

3. weist this point, you möchte be asked to connect zu your network.

We were currently connected utilizing ethernet, but sie can also use this interface to connect kommen sie a Wi-Fi network.

4. freundin will jetzt be required to login to your google account.

You kann begin the login process über clicking die “Sign In” button.

5. You kann choose the method that sie want kommen sie use to login to your google account.

We had worries with die “use your phone or computer” method, but it is ausblüten worth trying as it is typically faster.

Follow ns following prompts kommen sie login zu your google account.

6. ~ logging in, you will need zu agree to google terms des service.

You can use this screen to read each von the 3 terms. Once sie are done, you kann sein click ns “Accept” taste to agree to die terms.

7. google will also want you kommen sie choose whether they kann sein use your location.

Either select the Yes or No möglichkeit to finish up ns setup process.

8. You will be welcomed zu your android TV powered Raspberry Pi.

You tun können click kommen sie move to die next part of the slide.

9. Finally, sie will jetzt have android up und running on her Raspberry Pi v the google Apps.

You need to now seen that the interface has jetzt been occupied with data from Google’s services.

broadening the dünn Partition for android TV on your Raspberry Pi

By default, wie man you install android TV kommen sie your Raspberry Pi, that will notfall use trost your SD Card’s full size.

Thanks zu KonstaKANG, there is a method around this von flashing a special package they have written using die recovery mode.

If sie appreciate their work, take into consideration donating through their website, as this tutorial wouldn’t be feasible otherwise.

There are two taste things this parcel contains. Zuerst is a compiled version des fdisk for ARM. This binary is used zu calculate the size des the warehouse device.

The other is a batch manuscript that handles die whole process. Ns script will detect the required size needed zum the partitions then automatically resize them zu fill out the entirety des your SD card.

1. First, you need to download ns resize package for android TV.

Once downloaded, sie need zu copy it over zu a USB journey then plug that drive right into your Raspberry Pi.

2. Your next step ist to get back into restore mode.

If you have just installed die GApps package, that means freundin will schutz to monitor all of the steps bei the “Recovery setting on android TV” section.

3. once you oase booted back into the recovery mode, you kann sein proceed.

As we need kommen sie flash this package, we möchte need kommen sie click ns “Install” food selection option.

4. Within die file perform on this page, find ns package referred to as “lineage-18.1-rpi-resize-konstakang.zip

Once you schutz found it, click ns file to begin the fasst process.

5. freundin will schutz one tonnage final chance not kommen sie run the resizing script.

Swipe the toggle an the bottom right-hand corner zu begin the resizing process.

6. Once the script has actually finished resizing the säule partition zu fill out the SD card, you kann reboot her device.

To carry out this, all freundin need zu do is click ns “Reboot” button.

7. wie rebooting her device, freundin may be provided a couple of options.

To get back into your android TV powered Raspberry Pi, click die “System” option.

8. when your Raspberry Pi finishes rebooting, sie should now oase access to the entirety von your SD card’s space.


Hopefully, this guide will schutz shown sie how to install and setup android TV top top a Raspberry Pi.

Android TV is a version von the android operating system that has actually been optimized for TVs. It uses a different interface und allows apps to target a different form factor easily.

To make her life easier wie using this operating system, there are a couple von key binds sie might want zu remember.

F1 = Home, F2 = Back, F3 = Multi-tasking, F4 = Menu, F5 = Power, F11 = Volume Down, und F12 = Volume Up.

We have so walked freundin through ns steps kommen sie enable ns recovery menu und install the google Apps.

If you schutz had any type of issues with installing android TV, please leaving a comment below.

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You can also check out some die other operating system that you kann sein run on the Raspberry Pi.