Ramadan Essen Bis Fajr Oder Sonnenaufgang

Observing Ramadan (also recognized as Ramzan or Ramadhan or Month of Qur"an) is one of the 5 pillars von Islam. It is a month where the Holy Quran was zuerst sent down to die Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa"Sallam). During Ramadan month Muslims all around ns world should fast. During fast, a person do not eat or drink bolzen sunrise and sunset. Und it is obligatory on all Muslims if castle physically and mentally sound and fit. Except zum the traveler, elderly, pregnant, menstruating, or chronologically ill. Whoever kann not fast, it zu sein their duty zu feed the poor, if they oase the jae won ability. It is not only abstinence from food und drink but, Ramadan is deshalb a test of patience bei refraining from evil actions, angry thoughts, und bad words.

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Ramadan zu sein a prüfung to demonstrate submission zu ALLAH (Subhanahu Wa Ta"ala), die only God. Ramadan is a way to keep ns mind and body concentrated on an excellent deeds and attaining self discipline.

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Including night, Muslims execute extra prayers an addition to die five jeden tag prescribed prayers. It is deshalb recommended that Muslims provide charity to the poor during and so by the ende of Ramadan. The rewards zum good actions space multiplied an this divine month Ramadan. Und this zu sein why it zu sein encouraged zu reassess ours actions to make helpful use des our time. Do extra prayers, read die Quran, and ask zum forgiveness deswegen that we may achieve paradise v ALLAH"s mercy, Insha-ALLAH.

About Ramadan Timings

As it ist already stated over that Ramadan zu sein the nennen of ninth month von Islamic / Hijrah calendar, which ist actually lunar based. So, it"s much difficult to predict die exact Ramadan schedule 2016
or zu answer when walk Ramadan start in 2016, exactly. Indeed, because von lunar calendar, die Ramadan calendar und fasting times may vary with location to location und country to country. Changes in time occur around because von the same reason that is behind the variation bei time von sunset and sunrise. Normally couple of days before the ende of Shaban (the 8th month von Islamic Calendar), in each country ns moon sighting Committee astronomically decide when will be the zuerst day of Ramadan an USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, India, etc. Und they repeat ns same practice kommen sie astronomically suspect the last date of Ramadan or conversely when ist Eid al-Fitr. Normally, die Islamic / Hijri calendar ist found kommen sie be 10-12 days much shorter than Gregorian calendar because von lunar cycles. So, it has been approximated that Ramadan 2016 wollen begin on Monday, June 06 2016 (in Africa and Americas), while, Australia, Aisa, und Europe room expected kommen sie observe erste day of Ramadan 2016 top top Tuesday, June 07 2016.

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Ramadan Calendar 2015 with Sehr-o-Iftar Timetable(Khi, Pakistan.)

RamadanDateDaySehr TimesIftar Times
- 18th June 2015Thursday04:14 AM07:24 PM
1 19th June 2015Friday04:14 AM07:24 PM
2 20th June 2015Saturday04:14 AM07:24 PM
321st June 2015Sunday04:14 AM07:25 PM
422nd June 2015Monday04:15 AM07:25 PM
523rd June 2015Tuesday04:15 AM07:25 PM
624th June 2015Wednesday04:15 AM07:25 PM
725th June 2015Thursday04:15 AM07:25 PM
826th June 2015Friday04:16 AM07:25 PM
927th June 2015Saturday04:16 AM07:26 PM
1028th June 2015Sunday04:16 AM07:26 PM
1129th June 2015Monday04:17 AM07:26 PM
1230th June 2015Tuesday04:17 AM07:26 PM
131st July 2015Wednesday04:18 AM07:26 PM
142nd July 2015Thursday04:18 AM07:26 PM
153rd July 2015Friday04:19 AM07:26 PM
164th July 2015Saturday04:19 AM07:26 PM
175th July 2015Sunday04:20 AM07:26 PM
186th July 2015Monday04:20 AM07:26 PM
197th July 2015Tuesday04:21 AM07:26 PM
208th July 2015Wednesday04:21 AM07:26 PM
219th July 2015Thursday04:22 AM07:25 PM
2210th July 2015Friday04:22 AM07:25 PM
2311th July 2015Saturday04:23 AM07:25 PM
2412th July 2015Sunday04:23 AM07:25 PM
2513th July 2015Monday04:24 AM07:25 PM
2614th July 2015Tuesday04:25 AM07:25 PM
2715th July 2015Wednesday04:25 AM07:24 PM
2816th July 2015Thursday04:26 AM07:24 PM
2917 July 2015Friday04:26 AM07:24 PM

Note: the Suhoor o Iftar timings menioned in above Ramdan Calendar 2015 is weil das Karachi, Pakistan. Kindly use following links to seen complete downloadble timetable through Suhoor und Iftar times zum your city, country.

Best performance Tips for Ramadan

1. Ramadan is the month von worship, notfall sleep!2. Die key to productivity is consistency! Stay continual during Ramadan!3. Energize during your fast with wudhu, salah and Qur"an!4. Ramadan zu sein the month des sharing, notfall the month von hoarding!!5. Make ns most von the tonnage 10 days of Ramadan with worship, not shopping!6. Ramadan ist the month von mercy, not wrestling matches!Happy Ramadan 2016