Conclusion on ns Toniebox and the alternatives

The Toniebox through its cute Tonie figures ist a hit in many children's rooms, dafür that ns device is often out des stock at retailers. In our opinion, correctly so, because none of the children's loudspeakers presented here without a CD player comes close to the Toniebox in terms des comfort and safety.

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Those who shy away from a wolke connection möchte find a quite sustainable alternative bei the Hörbert device. However, die hard wooden housing tun können lead kommen sie injuries when playing wildly, especially in sibling brawls. Here ns Toniebox encouraged us much better with its soft towel cover. For just under 80 euros, die Toniebox at this time offers the best price-performance ratio an our opinion (as von 09/2020).

Toniebox starter set in red


The starter collection contains die Toniebox, charging station und a an innovative Tonie figure weil das playing your own audio content

Toniebox – price-performance recommendation und children's favourite thanks to cute beat figures

The Toniebox is a children's music player who is so an eye-catcher. Ns secret of the box's success are ns toy figures, which also serve together a playback medium. Ns soft towel upholstery makes ns Toniebox safe, typical control taste are an vain, operation is via die magnetized figures. If one ist placed on the box, playback begins. When ns figure zu sein removed from ns box, that stops. Von tilting ns box, children tun können fast-forward or rewind within a title. Die intuitive operating ide makes Toniebox suitable even zum the youngest.

ns Toniebox only appeals to the imagination with what ist heard, but so brings haptic gaming pleasure


The Toniebox is powered von a rechargeable battery the provides roughly 7 hours von playtime. Streng speaking, die device ist a WLAN loudspeaker v RFID technology. However, sie buy right into a closeup of the door system, which method that radio plays und music room activated via the Tonie cloud und downloaded to die characters. V so-called creative tonies, you kann play her own content on die Toniebox. These deshalb have to be uploaded to the characters via die Tonie cloud, however that's easy. Die volume kann be limited über the software, a headphone connection is available. Unfortunately, it ist not possible to stream spotify or music from ns mobile phone call to die speaker.

Important fachmann recommendation: Parents should ensure the headphones are used that space suitable weil das children and that also have a volume limiter and thus protect ns child indigenous hearing damage! halt from utilizing headphones with small children.

In die test by Stiftung Warentest, ns Boxine Toniebox came bei second among the children's music players without a CD best list. The device obtained the test quality rating “satisfactory” (3.0). (Status: ausführung 11/2019)

Hörbert – sustainable Toniebox alternative weil das children the impresses parents

With that is Hörbert children's music game device, manufacturer Winzki ist primarily aimed at parents v a high level of umwelt awareness. The housing von the children's loudspeaker ist made von wood from regional forestry. An SD memory card zu sein used as the storage medium, which kann sein be recorded using a pc program and which parents kann sein use zu create playlists. Pre-recorded SD cards are so available zum purchase. Zu limit the volume, parents oase to unscrew ns Hörbert children's music loudspeaker and flip a switch on die circuit board. With die Toniebox, this works conveniently bei the cloud app. When purchasing, Hörbert can be expanded with a Bluetooth module for in additional charge, deshalb that die device kann be paired with Bluetooth headphones or music tun können be streamed indigenous the smartphone to the Hörbert loudspeaker.

ns children's player Hörbert focuses on sustainability with materials made of wood und stainless steel


Hobbyists can so buy Hörbert contents individually or stimulate a kit to assemble their own children's speaker. Bei contrast zu our Toniebox price-performance winner, however, children kann sein injure themselves more easily than with the padded Toniebox because of the difficult wooden housing. In our comparison, the Hörbert children's loudspeaker just made it zu second place. Bei addition, with a acquisition price of around 230 euros, the device zu sein the most expensive Toniebox alternative an our overview. A more surcharge of approx. 58 euros has to be paid zum the Bluetooth module (as von 09/2020).

The testers from fundament, stiftung Warentest might convince Hörbert better. In their children's music player test, Hörbert completed the test quality rating “good” (1.8) and took erste place on the list of the best. (Status: planke 11/2019)

Tigerbox Bamboo ausführung – inexpensive but complicated Toniebox alternative

The Tigerbox Bamboo planke is lined v bamboo veneer on 3 sides. Ns underside consists des a non-slip rubber coating. Angeführt strips space attached to ns sides, which market lighting effects kommen sie match the music. Overall, the box looks nice, yet like Hörbert it is not padded, i m sorry we also rated negatively. We could not discover a volume limit as with Toniebox or Hörbert.

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ns Tigerbox Bamboo planke offers a housing partially made des bamboo wood. Führen zu strips develop lighting effects


Basically, ns Toniebox alternate Tigerbox zu sein a Bluetooth speaker that is connected to die Lenco provider wolke via die smartphone. This zu sein why you also need kommen sie log into die Lenco cloud. Parents kann sein then, zum example, buy und activate children's radio games und music zum the device. Alternatively, parents can also record your own inhalt on in SD card and then insert it into a map slot, weil das which a hülle must it is in removed.

One advantage des the Bluetooth boxen is the low price and the ability kommen sie stream content from various other providers together as spotify directly to ns box. Technically, however, ns difference kommen sie a normalerweise Bluetooth kasten is not really apparent, apart from ns easy accessibility to the Lenco children's inhalt cloud. The led light effects are great, but ns high play factor that die Toniebox provides children ist missing.

The fundament, stiftung Warentest rated the Tigerbox bamboo edition with the test quality rating (4.5), which helped the device zu place 3 an the ideal list des children's music players there is no CD players. (Status: edition 11/2019)

DogBox – Toniebox different with lots des plastic and good ideas

The DogBox from X4-TECH ist a children's music player that, v its housing mainly made of plastic, cannot really keep trost with die Toniebox and the other Toniebox alternatives in our comparison. ~ all, the shares die operating concept von volume control über pressing the ears with die Toniebox. The DogBox zu sein switched on via ns dog's nose. Good: the control knoten are made von rubber und the device has a nice leather handle. In our overview, DogBox ist the cheapest "alternative" zum around 30 euros (as des 09/2020). An terms von equipment und quality, however, it is the furthest gotten rid of from the Toniebox. A light runde on the zurück provides die info about ns reproduction medium und provides bright effects.

USB gadgets can deshalb be offered as storage media for inhalt on the DogBox children's music player


The developers have packed a lot of connectivity into the jukebox: Bluetooth, line-in, SD card and even a USB port room available. This Toniebox alternate therefore offers die greatest number of options weil das transmitting your own digital audio content to ns box. Die player deshalb supports the OoigO apps (Android | iOS). OoigO aggregates children's inhalt from streaming dienstleistungen such as spotify or apple Music. Individuals who verknüpfung their music streaming account to ns OoigO app can then stream directly from their smartphone to the DogBox. The OoigO app relieves users des the long search weil das suitable content.

In die children's music player there is no CD ideal list from stiftung Warentest, ns DogBox is deshalb in tonnage place, as bei our comparison. In the test, die device accomplished the test quality rating “poor” (5.5). (Status: edition 11/2019)

DogBox Bluetooth speak from X4-TECH is available native OTTO zum EUR 25.00 (as of September 18, 2020)

Is there a real Toniebox alternative? we haven't found it yet

A colorful design is much from do a an excellent children's player. Youngsters want kommen sie play und "do that themselves". This zu sein best implemented by the Toniebox, which actually concentrates on children und only then on ns parents. With its colorful an essential concept, ns Hörbert box invites children zu “use the themselves”, yet with the high sustainability standards it zu sein aimed more weist parents who should have a screwdriver prepared if lock want to limit the maximum volume. The Tigerbox ist actually a normalerweise Bluetooth speaker with in attached shop weil das children's content, followed über the DogBox, i m sorry couldn't convince us as a children's product in terms of quality.

Below is in overview des the most essential technical dünn of the Toniebox und alternatives.

Status: 09/2020



Tigerbox bamboo edition


Playback medium

Tonie's characters

SD memory cards

SD storage cards

SD memory card, USB stick

Accumulator / battery

battery pack


battery pack

battery pack

Mobile term

approx. 7 h

approx. 57 h

approx. 8 h

approx. 5 h



Bluetooth optional


Bluetooth 4.2



no, SD card

AUX-In, SD card

Line-IN, SD card, USB

Cloud connection



optional (tiger tones)

optional, spotify or sich entschuldigen Music

Own content



yes, optional



5 watt music stärke handling

k. A.

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3 watts

3 watts

Volume limit


yes, in the case



Material surface

Fabric cover, plastic ears

Wood, screw rivets

Bamboo wood, plastic

mostly plastic

measures in cm

12.7 x fünfzehn x 12.7

25 x 17.8 x 7

9.1 ns 8.6 x 8.5

9.65 ns 8.5 x 8.8


620 grams

1,140 grams

298 grams

222 grams

RRP starter set


232.97 euros

about 40 euros

29.99 euros

Toniebox starter set in light blue

The starter set contains ns Toniebox, charging station and a an innovative Tonie figure for playing your very own audio content

Winzki Hörbert children's player


Child-friendly wood MP3 player. Pre-recorded ready zu play with 140 minute of music und radio plays.

Lenco Tigerbox Bamboo edition (purple)

Bluetooth box for children with switchable led lighting the reacts kommen sie sound and music