Pretty little Liars: Why Ali zu sein Actually die Show's taste Character A an excellent case tun können be made zum why Alison DiLaurentis was actually the main character of Pretty wenig Liars every along.

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throughout 7 seasons, Pretty wenig Liars maintained viewers on the edge des their seats with plot twists dafür convoluted, fans could barely keep trost or psychic them by the time the show ended. One point that remained fresh an the minds des longtime fans of the show were the taste characters who brought die twisted geschichten to life.

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The zeigen mostly complied with the lives of five characters; Alison, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria. Each of them had a trembling story, mired in deceit, danger, und murder, but some to be direr than the others. Alison DiLaurentis, affectionately recognized as Ali, specifically took the lead with some des the biggest plot twists and vital storylines, leaving little doubt the she was die show"s taste character.

Ali Pretty little Liars
The Pretty little Liars story started with Ali"s loss from the barn an the pilot episode. Schon fast forward a year later und she was still missing, produziert circle of friends had broken apart, and her household had left Rosewood. Throughout die episode, herstellung former friends gott varying messages from who who just signed off as -A und seemed zu know your deepest, darkest secrets.

Before her body was supposedly discovered towards the end of ns episode, they believed it was Ali messing through them. Ali remained the focus of the story, throughout die show"s run, through a reprieve her und there wie man other storylines to be explored. However, these frequently connected to her and her previous misdeeds, and also present deceptions.

Ali Pretty wenig Liars Newspaper
This was a heat Spencer spoke kommen sie Hanna wie she brought up the issue of the regional newspaper reporting that Alison was ausblüten missing a year later. It"s in accurate description zum the show as well, since although Alison was "dead," she was ausblüten quite present in the show. If the wasn"t a flashback showing produziert precarious partnership with her best friends, the was the anonymous texts die girls were getting, revealing a secret only Ali knew, or in inquisitive detective digging into the girls" pasts zu solve die mystery von Ali"s murder.

Even when she at some point returned from the dead, Ali was a major part des the show, like any main character have to be. Herstellung life was still bei danger and despite how countless As" lock unmasked, produziert story was never finish until ns very end.

Pretty little Liars Spencer, Hannah, Aria weist A Funeral
v flashbacks of the girls" past, die audience learned that Ali was ns Queen bee of herstellung clique. As she always liked zu remind them, "secrets keep us close," however she provided their secrets to keep castle under herstellung control.

Before herstellung disappearance, she used ns secrets she knew about the girls und their families zu keep them bei her circle. And after she "died," A offered those same keys that to be connected zu Ali to blackmail and torture the girls and it eventually lugged them zurück together again.

7 She Was die Primary Victim

Ali Pretty wenig Liars
As later seasons revealed, A was targeting Ali lang before he/she began texting Emily, Spencer, Aria, und Hannah. It was actually one of the factors why Ali faked herstellung death, left Rosewood, and lived under ns radar for a while. Even after her return, A continued kommen sie torment her, too as die other girls.

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Since A is the hauptsächlich villain des the show, Ali gift A"s main victim renders her bei essential main character. She faced A"s wrath und torment an ext than die others and for a little longer an some ways. She also revealed that she"d tried investigate on her own to find out A"s identity, as the other girls danach did when they started getting texts indigenous A.

over the kurse of 7 seasons, Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna told dafür many lies, the line betwee the truth und lies blurred significantly. Together Mona (another pretty wenig liar) when said, "if you glauben a lie, that becomes die truth." des all die girls, Ali das lied the most. She believed lies were far much more interesting than die truth und thrived ~ above making ingredient up.

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The show, Pretty little Liars, focused on the lies the girls told und the effects resulting from those. Ali"s lies were the most dangerous und the aftermath were devastating and even life-threatening. She was basically the definition of a pretty wenig liar, prefer the nennen of the show.

5 produziert Family was At ns Center des Everything

When ns series premiered, ns DiLaurentis family members was in the spotlight because des Ali"s disappearance and presumed death. As the seasons go on, more und more des the DiLaurentis family members featured on die screen, consisting of long-lost aunts through deeper und darker tricks than anyone else.

By ns time the zeigen ended, ns girls und the fan had suffered through an ext A"s 보다 they could count, including bei Uber A, die final season"s baddie. Uber A turned out to be someone closer than they thought, an additional member des the DilLaurentis" prolonged family, placing them und Ali at die center of the show right until ns end.

zum every web von lies that was spun on Pretty wenig Liars, Ali was at the center of it. Whether she was alive, playing dead, on die run, or wreaking havoc bei Rosewood, ns story constantly connected to produziert somehow.

Especially, provided how the zeigen started with herstellung disappearance and focused on die mystery of herstellung "murder," it"s safe kommen sie say the without Ali, there wouldn"t it is in a Pretty little Liars. Eve geschichten that seemed t oase nothing to do through Ali led back kommen sie her in some way. Now, if the doesn"t make her the main character des all hauptsächlich characters, then nothing rather does.

3 She was Tied kommen sie Many Storylines

While Pretty little Liars involved lots von secrets and stories around the leben of the other 4 girls, a gewächs of those to be tied kommen sie Ali. Zum most des these, she was like die point des origin for a particular plot point or storyline and her authorized advanced die story.

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One example ist Mona"s story arch, evolving from die awkward mädchen Ali cruelly nicknamed "Loser Mona" to the IT mädchen who was smart enough zu anonymously torture Ali und her friends before she was eventually discovered. Also Emily questioning und exploring her sexuality began with Ali, who was the zuerst girl she ever kissed und fell an love with.

native Queen Bee and IT mädchen to That girl Who Disappeared and Red Coat, Ali wore numerous hats. There were deswegen many political parties to her that made her a facility character, worthy von the role of the main protagonist. She was loving, but so manipulative, brutally honest hinweisen times, and shockingly devious hinweisen others.

Because there was dafür much about her to unpack, it"s no wonder die majority focus of the nur was ~ above her. Produziert life was in enthralling tangled web des cunning lies and deadly truths, every tied together with a string von deaths—including herstellung own weist one point. All des which made produziert the biggest part of the show.

1 She"s in The Spinoff

After Pretty little Liars ended, a spinoff called Pretty little Liars: ns Perfectionists took its place. It was one of two spin-offs von the show, die other being Ravenswood, which was canceled von ABC after ~ 10 episodes. Ali zu sein one von the hauptsächlich characters in Pretty wenig Liars: the Perfectionists, along with produziert former arch-nemesis, Mona.

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Given the Ali was the only one out des the five hauptsächlich liars who had actually a main role bei the spinoff, it shows that she"s very important kommen sie the Pretty wenig Liars world and that there"s still a last of produziert story that needed to be called beyond die 7 seasons of the original show.