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What are the PS4 console parental controls?

Parental controls and spending limits arbeit alongside family members management und play time controls to help you manage your child’s activity on PS4 consoles und™Network (PSN). 

Set play time restrictionsPlay time management gives family managers (and adult household members who are collection as guardians) ns ability to set limits on when, and for just how long, each child tun können access PS4 consoles und PS5 consoles.

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Set monthly security limitsIf sie set a safety limit zum a kid account, we wollen let that boy spend up kommen sie that amount every month on Store. Die funds space taken from die family administer wallet.Please note, if you are a “guardian” but notfall the household manager, let die family direktors know if freundin change parental contols. If you are the family manager, be conscious that anyone you appoint together guardian kann sein change the spending boundaries you have created.

Restrict usage of internet Browser

Age Filtering for Online ContentYou kann limit accessibility to online game features and™Store inhalt based on your child’s age*.* This applies to only some nations or regions.


In order zu set parental controls, you wollen need your very own account zum Network and bei account zum each child. If you set up the child accounts, you möchte automatically be ns family manager. If someone rather sets up ns child accounts, they can appoint freundin as a “guardian” zu enable you to set parental controls and spending limits.

When setting parental controls, remember kommen sie adjust the system settings zu prevent kids from transforming parental controls.

Set hoch family on PSN
protect against parental control change
How kommen sie set parental controls weil das PS4 consoles


Web browser: set parental controls

Select ns child account you want zu set limitations for and select Edit to readjust each feature.

PS4 console: collection parental controls

On your PS4 console, go to Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management > Family Management. You may need kommen sie re-enter her account password.

Select the child account sie want zu set constraints for und select a feature kommen sie adjust.

How zu set a spending limit on PS4 consoles


Web browser: set a safety limit 

Select die child account freundin want kommen sie set a spending border for and select Edit to adjust ns Monthly safety Limit
PS4 console: set a spending limit
Go to Settings > Parental Controls/Family monitoring > Family Management. You may need to re-enter her account password. Select die child account you want to set constraints for und select Applications/Devices/Network features > Monthly safety Limit.

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How to make in exception zum game interaction features

As the family manager, parent or guardian, you can make an exception und allow ns use von in-game communication features zum a certain game, even if Communication und User-Generated Content zu sein set zu Not Allowed. If your son tries kommen sie use the in-game communication features throughout a game, a screen appears. From here, her child tun können send a request zum you to make in exception weil das the game. 

You"ll obtain your child"s request in an email. As ns family manager or in appointed parent or guardian, visit ns website specified in the email and sign bei to her account. Choose your son from ns list of family members, and then select Allowed gamings to watch their request. Freundin can so view your child"s request from the website below.

family members Management online


How kommen sie subscribe kommen sie Web Filter on PS4 consolesTrend Micro kids Safety ist a web filtering service that stays clear of your son from seeing inappropriate or harmful zutat while using the internet browser.* you can deshalb purchase tendency Micro net Security to help you avoid phishing und scam websites. 

To sign up:

On her PS4 console, go zu Store and search zum "Trend Micro".

Select the subscription freundin would like zu sign up for und continue zu check out.

If you would prefer both children Safety and Web protection you kann sein sign up for a bundled subscription* by selecting "Trend Micro for 4". 

To enable:

On your PS4 console, go zu Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management > PS4 system Restrictions > Web Filter > trend Micro for 4 Settings.

Enter the system restrictions passcode. If freundin haven"t collection this yet, ns default zu sein 0000.

Place a kontrollieren next to die filter you want kommen sie enable. Net filtering ist now active.

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* Please note that this ist a rojo subscription with routine billing. You re welcome visit How kommen sie cancel a store subscription zum more information.