Philips sonicare oder oral b

Which one would certainly we choose?

Our choice: Sonicare DiamondClean smart (view ~ above Amazon)2nd choice: Oral-B iO (view top top Amazon)

The DiamondClean Smart zu sein the brush that ich would choose.

Du schaust: Philips sonicare oder oral b

It is a difficult decision zu make as ns differences betwee these space realistically quite subtle.

However, as a complete package, die DiamondClean Smart nur takes die edge.

The Sonicare offering just feels a tiny bit more refined and the way die technology ist implemented feel slightly an ext intelligent.

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Key Differences

The following table lists ns key differences bolzen each brush.

A much more detailed list and explanation of the differences kann sein be uncovered beneath ns comparison table.

DiamondClean clever 9700iO series 9
Recommended Retail preis (RRP)$360$300
Cleaning ActionSonic 3D OscillatingRotating & Micro Vibrations
Number von Cleaning Modes57
Timer & PacerYesYes
Pressure SensorYes (including visible)Yes(including visible + shows correct pressure)
Battery Life (Days – Manufacturer claimed)1414+
Battery TypeLi-IonLi-Ion
Number von Brush heads Included84
Travel CaseYes (with in case charging)Yes(with in case charging)
Position Detection TechnologyYesYes
Handle Color(s)Lunar BlueBlack OnyxWhite AlabasterRose Quartz
Other crucial InformationGlass charging stand / 3 to brush intensitiesMagnetic chargingstand /Interactive display
Cleaning/brushing actionThe DiamondClean smart uses sonic cleaning activity compared to die oscillating-rotating cleaning action of the iO.Handle design & colorsSimilar, yet different handle designs.The Oral-B iO has bei interactive color OLED display in the brush handle.The DiamondClean Smart zu sein available in 6 colors, white, black, pink, grey/silver, kommissar gold and lunar blue.The iO zu sein available an 4 colors black onyx, white alabaster, und rose quartz and violet amertrine.The Oral-B iO has in LED light ring that can be lit a number of different colors.Cleaning modesThe DiamondClean clever comes with up kommen sie 5 cleaning modes (Clean, White+, Deep Clean+, Gum Health, und Tongue Care).The iO has actually up zu 7 cleaning settings (Daily Clean, Sensitive, at sight Sensitive, Intense, Whiten, Gum Care, and Tongue Clean).The DiamondClean smart offers 3 various intensities to die cleaning modes, low, medium, und high.The DiamondClean pacer on 6 x 20 seconds intervals compared to the 4 ns 30 seconds of the iO.The DiamondClean smart turns turn off automatically weist the ende of a cleaning cycle.The Sonicare DiamondClean clever gradually increases ns power von the brush end the zuerst 14 sessions to help neu users obtain used to ns power.Brush headsThe DiamondClean smart comes 3, 4 or 8 brush heads, subject to variant. The 9700 uses 8 brush heads (3 ns C3 Premium Plaque Defense, 2 ns G3 Premium Gum, Care, 2 ns W3 Premium White & 1 x TongueCare+ tongue brush).The iO comes v 2, 3 or 4 brush heads, subject to the variant. Every are ns Ultimate Clean style.The 2 brushes oase different shaped brush heads.BrushSync technologyThe smart will alarm you wie man it ist time zu change a brush head via an LED on ns brush handle. This zu sein not obtainable on ns iO.The DiamondClean will also select die most suitable cleaning setting based on die brush head attached.Pressure sensorThe DiamondClean clever has in LED runden on ns base von the handle that illuminates purple wie man too viel pressure ist applied.The iO has in LED runden at ns top of the brush handle that lights nach oben red when too much pressure ist applied.The DiamondClean vibrates die brush handle to alert you, the iO walk not.The iO so lights hoch green, when nur the ideal amount des pressure is applied, ns DiamondClean walk not.Battery lifeThe Sonicare DiamondClean clever has better battery life at 3 weeks compared to ns 2 des the iO*.The iO gives more rückmeldung from ns battery than the DiamondClean Smart.Charging standsThe DiamondClean clever uses a an ext premium looking, however bulky charging glass.The iO has a smaller, magnetic charging stand.The iO take away 3 hours to charge compared kommen sie up kommen sie 24 hours des the DiamondClean.Bluetooth/smart technologyThe iO uses synthetic intelligence (AI) technology to help track her brushing action to rate your all at once clean.The Oral-B tracking zu sein more exact than ns DiamondClean Smart.The Oral-B app is more comprehensive yet potentially overwhelming.Travel caseThe DiamondClean smart has a travel situation that zu sein finished through leather impact material and allows the brush zu be charged in that instance thanks kommen sie a USB cable hardwired into. That holds die handle and 2 brush heads.The iO travel situation allows the brush kommen sie be charged in the case and holds die handle and 1 brush head. A separate energie adapter is required.PriceOral-B iO’s retail price ist lower at $300 contrasted to ns DiamondClean Smart’s $360.

These differences are explained hinweisen length later an this article. However, sie might wish kommen sie learn more about each brush gift compared. Kommen sie do so, check out our hand-operated reviews:

Please note. There are multiple variants of the Oral-B iO. It zu sein the range-topping iO series 9 that I bei der comparing here primarily making recommendation to ns Series 7 and Series 8 whereby appropriate.

There room several different variants of the DiamondClean Smart. An this comparison, I in comparing die DiamondClean 9700 making recommendation to the 9500 & 9300 where appropriate.

I in not including die DiamondClean clever 9750.

Every effort ist made kommen sie ensure ns key differences provided are correct, but these differences are subject zu change there is no notice. Products und the box contents kann be readjusted without notice und different variants kann exist.

Detailed comparison:what’s die difference between the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart und Oral-B iO?

Let me be clean from the outset. Both of these pen achieve the same results, clean teeth.

Both pen offer an ext than what anyone needs. You tun können get a perfectly satisfactory brush weil das a lot less money. But, if sie want to own one of these finest then this are the brushes zu consider.

Despite achieving ns same ende goal, over there are fairly a few differences between these 2.


The first und perhaps most significant way an which these brushes differ ist their cleaning action.

The DiamondClean clever (DCS) supplies a sonic cleaning activity compared to ns oscillating-rotating action des the Oral-B iO.

The sonic modern technology uses 2 methods to clean ns teeth. The erste is a mechanically side-to-side clean motion des the brush und the second zu sein a non-contact method that uses ns sonic technology that disrupts plaque beyond die tip of the bristles.

Oral-B’s cleaning zu sein completed via an oscillating-rotating movement, und new weil das the iO zu sein micro-vibrations, another form of movement.

Oral-B brushes have a small, round brush head the moves back und forth (side zu side movements) an a circular motion kommen sie help eliminate plaque und dental debris. Die movement of the bristles und the head itself essentially scrub ns teeth clean. Freundin don’t need zu repeatedly relocate the bush up and down, back und forth.

Micro vibrations offer bei extra dimension to the clean. Essentially a ‘non-contact’ form of brushing and relies top top pulsations/vibrations prefer Sonicare brushes do.

Whilst ns cleaning action found on ns Oral-B iO ist more extremely regarded clinically, both carry out a great job.

Whilst technically it zu sein a radikale difference betwee the 2, don’t get too worried around which approach zu sein best.


So, then to the looks of this 2 electrical toothbrushes.

There zu sein of prozess a particular amount von similarity in the overall design, however there space a number von notable differences zu consider.

Oral-B schutz made massive strides with die iO, improving the materials, aesthetics and overall entwurf language to better contend with Sonicare.

More very closely matched than ever, ns DCS is, bei my opinion hinweisen least, still the slightly more premium spring brush. The appears an ext refined und classy. This ist most noteworthy to ns touch, it feels less plasticy!

Both handles are similarly shaped, although neither room perfect cylinders, they have that rounded entwurf to die handles.

Both toothbrush handles feel solid an hand and I oase little an the way of concern zum the durability und reliability von these models.

The DiamondClean Smart’s dimensions are as follows:

Height (without head) – 19cm / 7.48 inchesHeight (with head) – 25.5cm / 10.4 inchesWidth – 2.7cm / 1.0 inchesThickness – 3cm / 1.1 inchesWeight (without head) – 137g / 4.8ozWeight (with head) – 142g /5.0oz

The iO dimensions are:

Height (without head) – 18.5cm / 7.2 inchesHeight (with head) – 23.7cm / 9.3 inchesWidth – 2.8cm / 1.1 inchesThickness – 3cm / 1.1 inchesWeight (without head) – 131g / 4.6ozWeight (with head) – 139g / 4.9oz

As you kann see from ns size und weight, there are not significant differences here.

The bildern better depict the entwurf differences 보다 I kann sein explain an text, so do take it a near look hinweisen these.


Both oase a different power and mode button to stärke the brush on and change the cleaning modes.

The taste on ns iO are von the very same concave design, yet do oase a rubber/silicone coating kommen sie them zu make them a wenig more grippy compared to ns DCS.

Although castle are almost invisible till they are backlit, the DiamondClean has ns cleaning mode labels on the front des the handhaben below the lower setting button.

With ns iO, all des the modes und other die info is presented on the OLED display that is positioned betwee the 2 buttons. It zu sein quite a different setup.

That screen zu sein something the set’s these 2 brushes apart. That does not significantly alter your brushing experience, but it does market some potentially beneficial elements to it. Ns most significant being die emoji layout faces you get after sie brush. Happy, sad or starry eyed deals with give you a form of rückmeldung not given über other products.

Then again, this are led more von brushing time 보다 anything. If you have brushed zum 30 seconds, you probably recognize that ist not good enough compared to die recommended 2 minutes.

A fairly significant aesthetic difference zu sein the light runden around die neck of the handle of the iO, compared to ns DCS.

This translucent panel the runs a complete 360 degrees around ns handle. Via ns smartphone app or the handle itself, this can be programmed in different colors.

This light ring deshalb doubles nach oben as a push sensor on die iO. Wie too viel pressure ist applied, the light möchte turn red kommen sie alert you.

However, a neat piece von technology is that the runden will so be lit environment-friendly when die correct brushing pressure ist applied.

You actually want to aim to have the runde be lit green wie brushing.


The DCS does have a push sensor, but this ist around ns bottom edge von the handle. That lights hoch purple when ns sensor zu sein activated fairly than red. ~ above both brushes this alert goes far when ns pressure zu sein reduced.

However, with ns DCS, die handle also vibrates kommen sie alert you. This zu sein something that ns iO does notfall do and is an extremely useful together it zu sein quite simple to fehlschlagen the light ring on die handle.


The handhaben colors perform vary betwee the 2 models.

Sonicare offers ns DCS in 6 colors, white, black, pink, grey/silver, kommissar gold and lunar blue. Ns exact color available möchte depend on die variant.

The iO on ns other hand is available an onyx black, and white alabaster throughout all models, but the violet ametrine is available with die 8 series only and the kommissar Quartz on ns top des the line 9 collection only.

Both Oral-B and Sonicare provide a black colored brush head kommen sie match their black handles.

Moving ~ above to ns cleaning settings then.

The iO offers 7 cleaning settings as protest to ns 5 on ns DiamondClean Smart.

The settings on every brush room as follows:


Daily CleanWhiteningGum CareSensitiveIntenseSuper perceptible (not easily accessible on series 7)Tongue Clean (not accessible on collection 7 or 8)

DiamondClean Smart:

CleanWhite+Deep Clean+Gum HealthTongue care (not easily accessible on 9300 Series)

A little like the cleaning action des the 2 brushes, don’t concentrate too much on ns different modes.

I have kommen sie across restricted evidence kommen sie really imply that these extra cleaning settings actually deliver far better results, compared kommen sie a einzel standard clean mode.


The DCS offers die ability kommen sie change the intensity von the brushing that it offers. You kann sein select bolzen low, medium und high. You kann sein change this intensity at any point bei any mode.

Essentially ns power of the to brush mode is altered kommen sie be much more gentle or much more intense depending upon your preference.

The brush does automatically select ns best intensity, yet you kann sein override it.

By changing die intensity, freundin essentially achieve ns Sensitive and Super Sensitive options offered on die iO.

Taking right into account die 3 strongness settings and the 5 cleaning settings this go then offer you 15 different cleaning configurations contrasted to ns 7 modes available with ns iO.

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The strongness selected ist shown on the handhaben via 3 vertical light bars that space located bolzen the power und cleaning mode taste on the DCS.

Another klein touch, weil das new toothbrush users, ist that die DCS has a feature referred to as ‘EasyStart’. What this does zu sein gradually increase die power des the brush motor over the erste 14 to brush sessions. It is designed kommen sie help ease new toothbrush customers into die power of the cleaning die brush offers.

Both Oral-B und Sonicare oase timers and pacers developed into these brush handles. The idea zu sein that these encourage you kommen sie brush die teeth evenly for the encourage amount von time.


However, a ethereal difference ist that Oral-B has configured the iO, prefer all of its various other brushes kommen sie 30 2nd intervals whereas die DCS is configured zu 20 seconds.

A point kommen sie note zu sein that this pacer is disabled with ns iO wie man used at ns same time as the app.

In any type of typical 2 minute clean cycle you schutz 4 ns 30 2nd periods or 6 ns 20 seconds.

So, the areas you brush under 30 second pacing aussehen like:

Upper rightUpper leftLower rightLower left

When brushing hinweisen 20 second pacing:

Upper right rückseitig teethUpper prior teethUpper left rückseitig teethLower left back teethLower former teethLower right rückseitig teeth

At the ende of the 20 or 30 second sections, die brush motors halt briefly changing the sound des the brush und the to brush sensation, this is your cue kommen sie move to die next section.

At the end of die cleaning cycle the same thing happens, but die DCS has in automatic stärke off feature, which makes it very clear die cleaning cycle zu sein complete. Die iO collection 9 continues zu function, relying on you kommen sie turn the brush off. Fine technically, that will auto power off after 5 minutes, but sie don’t need zu brush weil das this length von time.

Key zu cleaning die teeth ist the brush heads und this zu sein where these 2 models differentiate fairly significantly.


Both Oral-B and Sonicare market a range des heads which space interchangeable through their brush handle.

The DCS 9700 comes v 8 heads, 3 ns C3 Premium PlaqueDefense, 2 x G3 Premium Gum, Care, 2 x W3 Premium White & 1 ns TongueCare+ tongue brush. Some variants kommen sie with a total des 3 heads, whilst others come with 4.

The iO series 9 comes through 4 x Ultimate Clean heads, whereas ns 8 und 7 Series come with 3 and 2 respectively.

The Oral-B head ist small und round contrasted to die larger ovalish shaped heads von Sonicare. It is the smaller Oral-B heads that tun können be much more comfortable to use weil das some.

Either brush handle requires instead of heads during ownership and on typical should be replaced every 3 months.

Whilst die Oral-B and Sonicare heads kann sein be tracked in ~ their relevant smartphone app, die DCS has a special bit of technology built-in.

Each brush head has bei RFID chip inside, that zu sein tracked von the handle. It ist part of a an innovation Sonicare call BrushSync.


It works an 2 ways.

The zuerst is that die chip constructed into the brush head communicates v the handhaben to track how lang it has been provided for. As soon as used for 3 months, a light on die brush handhaben is lit orange/amber kommen sie alert you. This ist incredibly clever and very useful weil das giving that visual reminder to change ns brush head.

The 2nd part ist that depending upon what brush head zu sein fitted, ns best-suited to brush mode zu sein automatically selected. So, zum example, fit the G2 Optimal Gum treatment head and the Gum wellness cleaning mode möchte be selected.

Whilst ns Oral-B brush heads schutz fading indicator bristles and in in-app reminder, die iO, in spite of its ausgezeichnet technology and screen does notfall alert you via a light when die head demands replacing, no one does the change ns brushing mode based on the head freundin attach.

With either brush, you kann sein use any of the brush top on any von the cleaning modes accessible on ns toothbrushes.

The brush heads themselves fit only to ns respective brands, but both space easy to replace, pulling off and the instead of pushing rückseitig on.


Built into both brushes room rechargeable lithium-ion batteries every claiming a battery life des 2 weeks. Both outperform their claimed battery life.

In mine testing, die DCS outlasted the iO von approximately bei 1 week*.

They perform report die battery info a little differently, the iO law a better job thanks to ns display.

At the end of every cleaning cycle, it shows the remaining power on the screen as in icon v a percent (%) stated. It is set to 10% increments.

The DCS on the other hand just has in icon at die bottom von the handhaben which just gives real feedback when hinweisen approx 10% or below.

Oddly, despite die iO gift a clever toothbrush, the app does not report any type of battery status, yet the DCS does. What ist displayed zu sein not a advantageous percentage (%), instead, the words high, good and low, yet it is better than nothing.


Both models will, von course, need charging at some point and both kommen sie with 2 options zu charge the toothbrush. Both schutz a charging gestanden that ns brush sit on to be charged und both come with a travel instance that allows die brush kommen sie be recharged whilst inside the case.

The iO comes with what initially aussehen like a an ext traditional charging stand. A one stand, it has actually a slim protuberance on ns top that aligns with die slight recess in the base von the handle.

This stand is in fact magnetic and holds the brush upright. It actually charges die iO rapidly, bei just 3 hours.

The DCS on die other hand comes v a stand made up von 2 parts. There ist a charging basic plate ~ above which fits a glass holder. The handhaben then sit within this leaning slightly, notfall standing perfect upright. That functions in basically ns same way. The looks und feels die more premium. But, an reality, the iO solution ist better. It can take up kommen sie 24 hours to charge ns DCS.

Both charging stands schutz a 2 pin energie connector that connects kommen sie a 2 pen bathroom socket and both support 100-240v.

With this brushes sie get a travel instance that allows ns brush zu be charged inside.

The DCS configuration looks smarter and is more practical.

It holds the handle and up to 2 brush heads.

Hardwired into ns base is the charging cable that can be accessed und unwound to offer a USB connector that tun können be plugged right into a mains socket, power adapter or computer’s USB link (not available with ns 9300).


The iO’s power2go instance on the other hand, has actually a separate proprietary charger that supports 100-240v und connects kommen sie a 2 pen socket.

The case feels cheaper too, being all plastic construction. There is no soft touch animal leather effect top like there is on die lid von the DiamondClean’s case.

You can too only host 1 brush handle und head, fairly than die more typical 2 heads.

Simply put, the Sonicare option ist more refined und practical.

Now a an essential selling point weil das both brushes is the truth that they space smart und offer real-time feedback.

Both brushes use Bluetooth to connect ns handle und the smartphone. Both carriers offer Android and iOS apps zum free.

Both apps are designed zu take data collected von sensors an the brush handle and interpret it deshalb that you kann sein take insight und learn indigenous it kommen sie be able kommen sie clean your this better.

Whilst freundin don’t have to usage either app at die same time as sie brush, maximum benefit zu sein gained if you do.

Both essentially nur a graphic of the teeth on screen and they adjust from a dull color to a shining white as freundin successfully clean them.

The Sonicare app guides freundin around her teeth, showing sie which sections zu brush an which order bei a method that the Oral-B app und the iO walk not.

I think the guidance in the Sonicare app is actually far better than Oral-B’s.

However, the real-time tracking und position detection von the brush zu sein much better with Oral-B. Although neither space perfect, ns iO configuration better understood where the brush was in the mouth and charted this much better during and after die cleaning cycle.


The Oral-B app is much more an extensive than Soncare’s app. This is a pro and a con, however ultimately more des a positive.

Sonicare’s app is jetzt limited zu 7 work worth des data.

This charme is then charted bei a reasonably simplistic way kommen sie make it an extremely clear and easy to understand.

The use of 3 colour does do it possible punkt a glance to achieve crucial learnings. However, early out to the lack des historic säule you can’t seen improvements over expanded periods. This ist where Oral-B really shines.

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In both instances, ns aim is weil das us to achieve better oral health and wellness care weist home.