There are several Lumea attachments available kommen sie treat different body areas in the most efficient way.

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The human body attachment zu sein included zum all Lumea models. Ns body attachments has ns largest window kommen sie treat bigger locations on die body. Ns body attachments does not have bei extra filter bei the attachment.

The face attachment contains an additional incorporated reddish glass, window or filter, which is specially designed for treatment des sensitive areas von the body (e.g. Top lip, chin or cheek) below the cheek bone. Do not use ns precision attachments on the forehead, eyes or eyebrows. The facial attachment ist included bei all Lumea modell except SC1991 - SC1995, SC2004 und SC2005.


The bikini attachment has actually a special entwurf for effective treatment des bikini areas. It has curved entwurf with a hindurch bikini filter. Hair in this area tends zu be thicker and stronger then leg hair, therefore die bikini area attachment has a special filter zum treating die coarser hair in the bikini area. Die bikini attachment ist included bei Lumea models BRI947, BRI948, BRI956, BRI959, SC1999, SC2008 und SC2009.

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The armpit attachments - which ist included an Lumea models BRI947, BRI948, BRI956, BRI959 - does not have bei additional filter. It has a curved entwurf to act hard-to-reach armpit hairs.


The precision attachment ist curved zum use an bikini und armpit areas. It has a medium-sized window with an extra-transparent filter. It is designed weil das precise und effective coverage des bikini and armpit areas. The precision attachment zu sein only included in Lumea models BRI946, BRI953 and BRI954.

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Note: Lumea model series SC198x and BRI86x execute not oase a separate attachment but can be offered on all die above-mentioned areas.


The information on this buchseite applies to die following models: BRI947/00 , BRI949/00 , BRI950/00 , BRI953/00 , BRI956/00 , SC1997/00 , SC1999/00 , SC2005/00 , SC2007/00 , SC2009/00 . Click below to show more product number Click right here to zeigen less product number