Philips 65 Oled 805/12

The Philips 65OLED805 ist the latest mid-range OLED TV weil das 2020 v a host of new features and updates over tonnage year’s OLED804 and OLED854. It attributes three-sided Ambilight that zu sein a feature unique to Philips TVs, add to there zu sein the4th Generation P5 processorwith AI capability which ist the engine weil das the huge amount of picture processing on ns 805.

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The OLED 805 so supports all die major HDR styles from HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, plus, zum 2020, Philips is deshalb supporting ns UHDA filmmaker Mode yet at ns time of testing, that was notfall available as a separate picture preset on die 805. There are so two ISF foto presets for day and night calibrations.

Soundwise there is no Bowers und Wilkins soundbar on die OLED805, but ns built-in system has Dolby Atmos und DTS sound decoding through bei updated speaker system with bigger enclosures and new tweeters as well as a rear-mounted subwoofer that now uses 4 passive radiators. DTS Play-Fi ist Philips"s solution kommen sie multiroom audio streaming with their 2020 TVs, soundbars und wireless speakers.

Ambilight is a signature feature of a Philips TV und the OLED805 features the three-sided system which has plenty of different settings kommen sie suit your mitarbeiter preferences. Obviously, if sie want to use it as a prejudice light weil das critical viewing bei a dim room, there ist the ISF mode which zu sein set hinweisen D65 white und is static. This zu sein a beneficial feature that has an excellent imaging science behind it, relaxing die eyes and stopping fatigue during dark room viewing des HDR inhalt or an extremely mixed scenes. Over there are also the splitter linterparty piece setups that oase the lights changing colour v items on die screen und following the video or audio, effectively developing a nightclub an your living room. This might appeal to gamers looking zum more immersion with their gaming content and it is cool for a few minutes, but kann become tiring with movies or TV dramas. Over there are settings this year the join die Sunrise feature, i beg your pardon wakes you nach oben with gentle lighting and animation on the screen. The new additions incorporate Ambisleep which creates die scene for you to fall asleep and Ambilight Air for use with neu Philips speakers through Ambilight.


Smart TV zu sein once again listed by android TV 9 (Pie) und is backed trost with a decent dual core processing chip und 3Gb of RAM, deswegen it ist fast und stable in use. There is a great choice des apps available on die platform consisting of Disney+, früh Video, Netflix, YouTube, bbc iPlayer and the google Store. There is deshalb support for Alexa und Google Assistant voice control.

There room two new motion settings deshalb available on the OLED805, referred to as Pure Cinema and Movie. These space slightly different an nature und Pure Cinema replace instead replace the old Movie option an that it is almost ns same as ns Off option but provides 5:5 pulldown in a 120Hz signal. Movie, on ns other hand, adds part De-blur and De-judder kommen sie provide an image Philips insurance claims sidesteps ns issues v OLED sample und hold, but without including any artefacts or apparent Soap Opera effect (SOE).

Philips has so boasted the its HDR performance zu sein brighter und better than ns competition with unrivalled gemälde processing and quality, so kann the OLED805 direkte up to that hype? Let’s find out.

Philips ist on a roll at the moment when that comes kommen sie its TV designs and it has discovered a language that looks European, yet feels modern und minimalist. Obviously, entwurf is personal und we every like various things, however Philips manages kommen sie make a large black rectangle look stylish.


Front watch with small feet

The 65-inch OLED panel sits on two klein feet which space dark chrome in colour. This sit 90 degrees to the TV frame and just lift the panel a couple of mm above die mounting surface. Ns effect ist stylish and suits the gunmetal entwurf of ns TV"s frame. However, freundin are unable to add a soundbar in front von the TV with die stands in this configuration, so Philips provides freundin with adaptors i m sorry raise die panel up kommen sie allow the use des a soundbar.

... Wie man it comes to its TVs designs... That has uncovered a language that looks European, yet feels modern and minimalist



The connections are positioned to ns rear von the panel und are sideways and downwards facing. Party we have a CI slot, 2 USB ports und a headphone jack, with 3 HDMI 2.0b ports. Downwards we schutz a 4th HDMI 2.0b port, digital audio out, RF and satellite antennas und a LAN port. All four HDMI ports feature ARC und HDCP 2.3 compatibility yet there space no HDMI 2.1 functions such as VRR (Variable refresh Rate), ALLM (Automatic short Latency Mode) or eARC (Enhanced ARC) present.


New remote control design with backlight

Also new weil das 2020 und the OLED805 zu sein a redesigned remote regulate with backlight. This, in my opinion, zu sein a substantial improvement over the old QWERTY design that never quite fit in the hand comfortably, as you were constantly pressing the keys on ns rear wie trying to drücken sie a button on die front. Ns new entwurf is slim und sleek v a reduction an the number von keys and a quite soft-touch rear which renders it more easily sit an the hand. Keypress und feel are great with kind feedback und the backlight certainly helps wie viewing in the dark, however it does tempt fingerprint marks. It zu sein a large improvement top top the alt remote und fits with ns TV"s design und quality.

Out von the Box

As we always do through our reviews, us measured ns out des the kasten picture presets to find those that acquire as nearby as feasible to ns industry standards. Die idea zu sein that a TV must get close zu these standards in at least one des its picture modes so end users kann see inhalt as it was mastered und intended kommen sie be seen.

We usage Calman colour calibration software, a Murideo seven Generator und Klein K-10A meter weil das measurement and calibration.

We used ns ISF night setting as the closest picture mode to being accurate, as there zu sein no called Filmmaker mode yet available in the menu system. We so made certain that all unnecessary video processing and manipulation features were switched off.


ISFNight setting Greyscale

As you can see from die greyscale results die out von the kasten ISF mode is reasonable, but zu sein not accurate in the brighter areas des the image as there is too viel blue and a lack of green and red. Ours DeltaE errors are because of this above the visible threshold von three from approximately 50% stimulus through a cooler (blue) look to prominent within on-screen film and TV content. Gamma, however, did track well zu BT.1886 und watching content an this gemälde preset looked decent and there were no evident issues actually visible to die eye, except a slim blue tint wie man looking hard weil das it.

OOTB colour Gamut results

Moving to ns Rec.709 HD colour Gamut we can see that ns Philips OLED805 is accurate but with a slight transition towards blue many thanks to die greyscale fehler above. Wie man we settle that with calibration we expect the colour points in the saturation chart möchte all pop zurück to whereby they need to be. As in out of the boxen preset, watching yes, really TV and Film content the slight errors viewed within ns graph were notfall visible hinweisen all, specifically with colours. Dafür while it could be more accurate, that is ausblüten better than any von the other picture presets in terms of accuracy.


The Philips OLED805 has actually a complete suite of calibration controls und options which must make it basic enough to dial an the image to the industry standard.

Calibrated Greyscale

We managed to obtain reference level results from ns OLED805 after ~ calibration of the greyscale v our DeltaE errors every under one, which is well below die visible threshold des three, definition there space no issues at all watching film und TV content. Gamma also tracks well so, overall, die calibrated result is excellent.

Calibrated colour Gamut results

Moving to the Rec.709 HD color Gamut und the results are equally superior with every points landing wherein they have to be or exceptionally close, within ns saturation tracking. DeltaE errors average 0.9 which is well below the visible threshold von three, deswegen we oase no worries within actual TV und film content viewed on die OLED805.

HDR Results

As we always do with TV screens we measured ns peak brightness weist various home window sizes to lakers how ns sets handle HDR peak brightness, and how aggressive the ABL circuit kann sein be v a full ar white pattern. Us did this bei the many accurate HDR foto mode to die D65 white point.

Peak brightness vs. Home window size

The Philips 65OLED805 measures in at in impressive 810 nits on 1%, 2% und 5% windows und on ns industry-standard 10% window the result is 780 nits. These are outstanding figures wie you consider that Philips ist not doing any major engineering to die panel, uneven Panasonic. Complete 100% white comes bei at 136 nits.

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PQ EOTF Results

The 805 was so accurate bei tracking ST.2084 PQ till rolling off gently towards the peak brightness and this was bei the default HDR Perfect Minimum. Convert this off introduces a brighter track and hard clip, dafür HDR Perfect Min ist the ideal all-round setting weil das HDR10 und it is the same weil das 1000 and 4000 nits mastered content.

DCI-P3 within BT.2020

Looking at ns results von the DCI-P3 broad colour gamut with BT.2020 and the tracking ist excellent with all ns saturation points close kommen sie where they have to be. The coverage is not quite 100% but the tracking point accuracy zu sein good dafür colour appears natural and suitably saturated with HDR content.

BT.2020 coverage

We measure BT.2020 coverage at 72% XY and 76% UV. P3 measured 95% XY and 97% UV.

P3 Coverage


The OLED805 is available an 55- and 65-inch display sizes and we are reviewing die 65-inch, However, both display screens sizes should be similar an performance.

The OLED805 wollen support film housing mode zum the many accurate to die industry standards picture quality, but hinweisen the moment it is not easily accessible within ns preset food selection drop down. Together such, we used the ISF modes zum the many accurate out des the boxen picture settings to die standards weil das our testing. While Philips are the experts at image processing and creating bild enhancements features, these are notfall required on a TV where sie desire image quality as intended deswegen you can see everything freundin are supposed to see. Why would anyone want anything else? Thankfully, die Philips OLED805, prefer all various other OLEDs from the company we have tested, tun können be incredibly accurate when calibrated.

Surprisingly zum a 2020 TV, the Philips 805 doesn’t have Dolby Vision IQ on board, which ist strange. However, from what we oase seen on the LG und Panasonic TVs, it would certainly probably feature lots of bild processing switched on und greyed out, dafür not useful weil das those looking zum accurate bild quality. It would have been quite to schutz seen that featured though.

Panel uniformity is excellent on ns Philips with very minimal dashboard banding viewed on a 5% luminance slide, and also looking incredibly clean with full ar slides weist brighter economic stimulation levels. We so didn’t see any instances of Dirty screen Effect or banding with sports viewing or an scenes with schon fast moving camera pans against one colour, such as a sky or environment-friendly grass.

We couldn’t fault die Philips in any way, from little bit starved streaming to Blu-ray disc, ns SDR performance was superb

Just above black looked wonderful with SDR, HDR und Dolby Vision content, v superb bild depth accessible without any crush gift present an the finest settings to the standards. We also did not witness any major schwarze farbe flashing or posterisation in ~ blacks an low bitrate content during constant viewing, although ns incredibly tricky Stranger dinge scene von Eleven an the pitch schwarze farbe did present one very mild artefact flash, however we haven’t found any set which can play that whole scene artefact free und it was deswegen mild (within just one scene), that we don’t think about it an issue.

Video processing is also excellent on ns Philips through the new 4th Generation P5 chip gift capable von some pretty impressive results. In terms von staying in ~ accurate images first, we discovered that ns upscaling des SD was good, but die broadcast low bitrate channels will never watch good, ever. V DVD images looked nice and sharp with great definition und no signs von over ns top edge improvement being added. Edges to be well characterized with no ringing to straight edges und motion resolution remained good with minimal jaggies. HD looked fantastic as freundin would intend with no issues or artefacts present. We will come back to die P5 as it kann do lots more, but notfall within die usual remit of as it was intended.

Motion zu sein again superb on die Philips v correct pulldown applied zu 24fps inhalt without adding any induced judder zu film content within ns Pure Cinema setting. Movie to add a little De-blur and Philips cases this helps with ns effects von the sample and hold technology of OLED zu look smoother without adding in SOE, but i could call interpolation was being applied straight away, your mileage may vary however. You kann sein of kurse experiment with other content, together as in der nähe des moving sports und video with ns P5 engine driving the motion layouts available, including a mitarbeiter mode. One thing we go find was that ns more intense settings did present motion artefacts and false edges, yet if care zu sein taken in setting up ns interpolation you tun können find setups that perform not have as plenty of artefact issues. If personally i can’t stand adding in frame interpolation, die Philips processing is amongst ns best available if that is your cup von tea.

The Philips OLED805 ist able kommen sie bring die HDR grade to life through superb color accuracy und incredibly sharp und detailed images

Moving away from exact images weil das a second, we kann say that Philips takes more pride und care end the image processing it adds kommen sie its gemälde modes than any other manufacturer. It zu sein not exactly how the inhalt is intended zu be seen und is bei fact adding colour und brightness that doesn’t exist, as well as the whole frames des video it is making nach oben on die spot, yet it does all this extremely well und you can’t aid but be impressed. And we are notfall silly enough to deny the these dinge appeal to joe Bloggs who thinks the TV bildern are supposed kommen sie look extremely vivid und overly colourful. Of kurse Joe does, und every TV manufacturer wants to have the recent ‘Natural HDR enhancer 6000’ zu tempt joe to buy your TV. Dafür the Philips OLED805 kann sein do exceptionally accurate SDR und HDR images, also as ns over ns top artificially AI improved sharpness, colour and motion, if sie want it. Philips security a last of time making sure their entirely inaccurate images are ns best on the market without being entirely over the top und too colourful or garish, if that renders sense. They have all die bases covered, which ist the ideal way zu reel an the customers.

SDR performance ist excellent on ns Philips v deep blacks and just above schwarze farbe details, blended with superb dynamic range and completely reality colours. Die washed out colour palette und warm sheen des Once upon A Time... In Hollywood looks sublime bei HD from skies Q, through a genuine cinematic feel zu proceedings. Skin tones are incredibly natural and life-like, v superb einzelheiten retrieval choose pores and lines. Also panel show viewing via ns Terrestrial tuner looks good with minimal artefacts und excellent balance to die image, v skin tones again looking together they should. Us couldn’t fault the Philips an any way, from little bit starved streaming to Blu-ray disc, the SDR performance was superb with an excellent motion rounding things off.

HDR is also a treat zu view on the Philips through its capabilities kommen sie retrieve an ext specular highlight details thanks zu its fantastic peak brightness capabilities. As we keep reminding readers, ns peak brightness figures are nur one part von what provides up an HDR image on a TV, yet having a wenig more brightness zu push, does help die OLED805 stand out wie man side über side with die LG CX. Ns tone mapping is also very an excellent on die Philips i beg your pardon helps in retaining visible peak prominente without dimming down ns rest of the bild to achieve this. The image remains balanced und with incredibly good dynamic range, allowing 1000 and 4000 nit masters zu look your absolute best on an OLED. Only the Panasonic HZ2000 yes, really betters ns Philips wie man it comes to OLED HDR images, however that is deshalb quite a action up in terms des cost.

... A real alternative to ns big names und that consists of features und performance that can match or even better those models most would consider zu be ns best on die market

Jaws has recently been released top top 4K UHD disc with Dolby Vision available. It zu sein one des my oberteil 5 movies von all time and I schutz owned that on practically every home enthauptungen format the has ever before existed. On 4K Blu-ray v the neu HDR grade, it looks better than it did when it was projected bei theaters back an 1975. Die Philips OLED805 is able kommen sie bring ns HDR grade to life through superb colour accuracy and incredibly sharp and detailed images, through no zurück door processing going on. Water glistens v sunlight popping off die surface as the sun rises behind the menacing and three dimensional clouds together Chrissie takes produziert final swim. There is copious amounts des depth and detail to die scene through superb dynamic range thanks to the 805. Later, us sit on die beach v Chief Brody wait on the Kintner boy to be victim number two, die OLED805 yet again manages to look utterly cinematic with fantastic colour balance and realistic skin tones if preserving die natural grain visible.

One area where ns Philips OLED805 go lack wie compared kommen sie some the competition is in the gaming side von things, through no HDMI 2.1 ports, or any kind of 2.1 attributes such together VRR or ALLM. Input lag is also a wenig on ns slow side hinweisen 34ms as measured by our Murideo seven Generator. However, Philips has never had actually a gaming strategy zum their TVs und like Panasonic, lock are much more set punkt providing ns best TV and Film performance, and bei Philips case, that has more video processing performance.

Android TV is once again the choice weil das the Philips smart platform und is stable and fast in operation. Most major apps space featured in addition to Freeview Play v all die terrestrial catch-up services.

Finally, we have to mention die three-sided Ambilight that ist included on the OLED805 this year through some neu features. You kann set die lights kommen sie follow the Movie or Music freundin are watching and they wollen match the colours on screen or speed to ns rhythm des the music playing. You kann sein connect this to your Hue irradiate or the new wireless Philips speakers v all die lights now following die action. This is, von course, cool to see and some will absolutely love the features available. Those who space more of the purist when it comes kommen sie these dinge will also find helpful features through Ambilight. There ist very an excellent imaging science around the subject von bias lighting which helps combat viewing fatigue an dimly lit environments. They space the hauptsächlich stay von many a grading and editing suite in the expert world und consist of a revolution light which ist set to D65 white und placed behind the überwacht or TV. Thankfully, as soon as again Philips has all individuals covered und you wollen find an ISF revolution light mode, together with a way for your bias light to be measured zu make certain it is D65. This is ausblüten a distinct feature of Philips TVs und we really like the ISF settings kommen sie help prevent eye fatigue.

The good

Accurate SDR image qualityExcellent HDR playbackHDR top Brightness des 780 nitsDolby Vision & HDR10+Very good just above schwarz performanceExcellent HDR color accuracy & tone mappingSuperb motion and video processingThree-sided AmbilightVery an excellent sound qualityVery good clever TVNew far controlWell builtVery great value for money

The not dafür good

SDR accuracy can be far better out of the boxNo called Filmmaker Mode bei picture presetsNot a gaming TV - 34ms input lagNo HDMI 2.1 inputs or features

Philips has actually a confident spring an its step and is top top a roll wie man it comes zu its recent OLED TVs. It supplies a echt alternative to ns big names and that contains features and performance that tun können match or even far better those models most would consider kommen sie be the best on die market.

The Philips offers nearly everything consumers wollen be looking zum from in OLED TV with die one exception des gaming. You can game on the Philips, but it doesn’t oase any HDMI 2.1 input or 2.1 features like VRR or ALLM, plus ns input lag zu sein 34ms, which zu sein slower than most of its peers. But, it is clear that, prefer Panasonic, the Philips heat up von OLEDs ist aimed hinweisen producing die best bild quality weil das SDR and HDR, with emphasis on videobilien processing from the P5 chip on the Philips.

With film and TV content bei SDR the OLED805 is outstanding through excellent image accuracy to ns industry standards and the type des cinematic bild you would suppose from one des the best current OLED TVs. Ns Philips so has an excellent motion zum 24fps inhaltsstoff along with precise skin tones and balanced colours, mixed with superb just above black detail retrieval that brings content to life. Die HDR performance is also exceptionally great with stunning optimal brightness on offer that ist well above ns average seen on 2020 OLEDs (except ns Panasonic HZ2000). This help breath life into HDR inhalt with splendid dynamic range and visible specular highlight einzelheiten usually shed or clipped on various other OLED sets. Ns tone mapping is deshalb superb with both 1000 and 4000 nit masters being shown effectively without unnecessary image dimming.

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So if you are a movie purist und looking weil das image accuracy, ns Philips OLED805 is first class und offers the type of performance that makes film inhalt stand out. But, if you are notfall as pure in your viewing and like to dabble v Vivid & conventional mode in addition to motion smoothing, you wollen have in absolute blast with ns 805 und the P5 videobilien processing chip.

Overall, die Philips OLED805 is one des the an extremely best OLED TVs we oase seen so far this year und certainly competes strongly an the SDR and HDR bild quality und accuracy stakes. Plus, if sie are notfall one who follows die standards, the video processing and image manipulation features noted are the best on ns market an terms of not just providing a bright und garish image, yet one that enables a an excellent deal des experimentation und performance that zu sein balanced without gift bright, for brightness sake. Zu wrap nach oben it zu sein also, at ns time von this review, cheaper than its taste rivals from Sony, Panasonic and LG. It"s a best Buy!