Paula Dalla Corte The Voice

Paula Dalla Corte bei the Sing-Offs des “The Voice von Germany”. Image: ProSiebenSAT.1/ richard Hübner

“The Voice of Germany”: wanted Paula obtained from Rea the very ideal suggestionOnly 2 females bei “The Voice” semi-finalsPaula on Samu and also ReaPaula’s duty hinweisen “The Voice”The dreams Paula zum the future


“The Voice of Germany”: preferred Paula got from Rea die very finest suggestion

“All von them kann sein sing, all room pretty, all space super charismatic. Und then there’s Paula.” bei “The Voice des Germany” commander-in-chief loss in with each delivery a selection von praises, however nur hardly ever, together as simply theSamu If he and also his coworkers discuss the 19- year-old Paula Dalla Corte, the appears almost as if ns period was currently preferred prior to ns semi-finals.

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In jeans and also a lengthy black layer, the trainee indigenous Switzerland, motivated at die the blinda tryouts with herstellung scratchy voice, a 4-Buzzer– every one of the Coaches reversed zum you. Due to the fact that after that, the Paula climbedHype fans compare to stars such as billie Eilish and so ScarlettJohansson david Guetta knocked at this time on her. You do not appear kommen sie recognize, at die same time, so just how terrific she truly is. So concerning die compassion to fliegen her.

In a meeting v watson, she yes, really imitates a typical care cost-free teen, that lebt this moment and so enjoys, however die present trip of fancy zu sein likewise recognize to be categorized. A guideline from Rea Garvey, ns you in addition to Samu Haber trainers, she has actually actually heeded undoubtedly.

Only 2 females bei “The Voice” semi-finals

Eight man individuals, 2 females encounter simply as shortly as in the comes semi-finals of”The Voice of Germany” Actually, there are deshalb 9 guys, early out to die fact that Nico santos and deshalb is being sent with Mael and so Jonas, a Duo right into ns race.

This reality perplexed a little. After all, the double-chair des Stefanie Klo ß, and so Yvonne Strahovski emphasizes a minimum of the aspect of “girl power”. in completion, they sent 2 men to the semi-finals, Juan einer and also Noah sam Honegger (the last surrendered his area today as a result of ailment and so is changed by Oliver Henrich). The allegation of doppelt criteria was that sie on twitter without a doubt.

Paula ist the only female, it got on a straight course to “The Voice von Germany”- die semi-finals. The various various other prospect Mickela spoon remained in reality ns means concerning michael Schultes Comeback Stage, after ~ it had really at this time been removed.

Why in this Phase des the delivery, just 2 females room left, tun können not explain Paula is deshalb appropriate. Von women ability it was missing out on from your ideology anyhow, as she states to watson:

“I honestly schutz no explanation zum why this ist so. Since there to be many frauen who were crass. I’m glad Mickela ist now an the semi-finals and we now schutz Gas zum all women.”

an allocation zum females zum future “The Voice von Germany” periods von the Talent is not essential. She feels that whatever ist well controlled.

Paula top top Samu and so Rea

At the moment of your blinda tryout Paula had ns pain von selection, due to the fact that all ns Coaches hurried to you. Had not factored an the 19-Year- old, however a choice was required currently: “ ich claimed: ‘I most likely to the mannschaft that reverses quasi.’ i would certainly, certainly, implied the all 4 des them reverse, dafür it was a wenig bit spontaneous on phase.”

Paula singen at her blinda Audition “Roar” über Katy Perry. Image: ProSieben/ SAT.1

In completion, herstellung selection dropped, as we understand, Samu and also Rea– a choice that Paula has in no other way regretted it, early to ns fact that the chemistry ist right.

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“I find that I rechts the type quite well kommen sie Samu und Rea, and I also pretty conveniently realized ~ above the basis of die assessment that you schutz given me through this ‘You’re full des snotty!’ und so on. Ich thought that was pretty cool and funny an the Moment. Und this was then confirmed also. Funny Two of them.”

Rea Garvey that was, provided die young vocalist a vital item von recommendations: Be the very finest Version of on her own.

“Do what zu sein joy, no matter what phase you’re in, or i m sorry podium sie are standing,” is, for that reason your instructions. Die she has actually placed on in “The Voice von Germany” currently really much, back Paula brought no phase experience. To continuously achieve pointers and so Feedback indigenous knowledgeable individuals that oase actually aided her during die Show, she states.

Paula’s duty hinweisen “The Voice”

Many are des a miscellaneous point von view in this concern, however Paula zu sein the preferred decreases duty. It zu sein instead in issue von self punkt “The Voice of Germany” acknowledge and also not needing zu make believe. Even if it is it suffices, inevitably, zu success, after ~ that possibly not deshalb essential.

“No, ich don’t see me role bei the favorites. Ich think it’s quite that ich get as well. I can reach die people through me, due to the fact that I’m just myself. I think it’s great that this ist appreciated von the people.”

Paula at ns Battles von “The Voice of Germany”. Image: ProSieben-SAT.1/Richard Hübner

Also v sights of the various other individuals do not believe of ns Competition, die skill reveals via, really, commonly, appear kommen sie be quite. Accordingly, there zu sein nobody to be afraid in the semi-finals as a rival. Each zu sein special: “I perform not see anybody as a rival, every person below does his very own allude and so his an extremely own art. ich appreciate the when i listen to the various various other sing.

The desires Paula zum the future

In prepare work zum the Sing-Offs, Paula, supplied von none personally from star DJ david Guetta a teamwork, however so that brings freundin from ns remainder: “It made me really everything delighted, however i do notfall recognize if that’s mosting likely to take ar truly. In completion, it zu sein simply a tv program. But I’m intended zu be voluntarily and so see what möchte certainly take it place to me.

Paula had actually really take away a curriculum bei the area of art and also design bei Barcelona in the eye, which freundin would definitely adhere to in the footprints of herstellung papa. A future as a professional vocalist zum you right now however it zu sein definitely a handy Option.

“I schutz found über ‘The Voice’ an any case, how viel fun the is weil das me kommen sie Sing, power. Also, i think the professional mega good. It ist simply dafür that I kann sein give step von step my Best und then see how I kann reach ns people. Und if there’s something that tun können go v music bei the performance, I in not saying ‘no’. If I can earn my money, climate definitely.”

The novice discloses that she in their blind tryout the Nervous was, after that ns exhilaration went down an increasing number of. Bei the semi-finals are currently enabled kommen sie co-decide zum the very first time in this “The Voice des Germany”-Staffel audiences. Zum Paula, that suggests ns following test über fire– the Coaches are your lengthy been verified zu feet.

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The ideal skill zeigen on TELEVISION: Why “The Voice” “American idolizer” has actually actually long lapsed

Talent shows are a an important component von the German tv, yet there möchte certainly be people that glauben it would absolutely be, however anyhow just the same: prospects will certainly it is in psychologically made usage of, worn out, and so at die most up to date after ~ a couple des months you wollen certainly discover through one of the many absolutely nothing also more. That can hold true on lots von styles, but “The Voice von Germany” this zu sein a program ich place any kind of one des my hand right into ns fire.

Your staminas loss in contrast zu “American idol”– in additional wonderful …