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Bremen, December 22nd(Picture indigenous

The Night von the Proms reisen 2013 ended at the ÖVB Arena in Bremen top top December 22nd, after three weeks on die road und 19 concerts approximately Germany.

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Morten performed ns same five lieder he’s done weist every concert, before an audience von 8000 people.

The last week des the tour also included a concert at die EWE Arena in Oldenburg top top December 17th, in additional zeigen that wasn’t listed on the original reisen schedule.

Here ist a selection des videos and photos from die final week:FOTM/SOTR/DILYB (19 Dec.)TSASOTV (19 Dec.)Hey Jude (19 Dec.)

Stay top top These roadways (21 Dec.)There ist a ar (21 Dec.)Hey Jude (21 Dec.)

Oldenburg galleryHannover galleryBerlin galleryHamburg galleryBremen gallery

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Magne brings “Norwegian hardwood Remix” zu Stavanger

Posted by Jakob S ~ above December 28th, 2013

New version von “Glass Onion”(large version)

Kunstgalleriet bei Stavanger freshly announced the Magne wollen hold a Beatles-themed solo exhibition at the gallery following month.

“We are an extremely proud that Magne Furuholmen is bringing a new solo exhibition to our gallery”, Elin Halvorsen weist Kunstgalleriet told newspaper Rogalands Avis ~ above December 18th.

“In london he exhibited woodcuts, but this time he’s made twelve big oil paintings. Ns exhibition itself doesn’t schutz a title, but the theme of the exhibition ist Norwegian lumber Remix“, Halvorsen said.

Magne möchte be current at the opening, which takes place on januar 25th.

Meanwhile, some new photos des Magne appeared on auf facebook before Christmas. Tini Flaat Mykland, who has ongoing working on her debut album through Magne this autumn, post this picture from a current get-together at in Oslo restaurant. And a local fruit pushing factory an Askim post this photo von Magne and Simen Staalnacke (Moods des Norway). Apparently the duo produced their own apple juice to give away kommen sie family und friends for Christmas.

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Morten ~ above stage in Munich this weekend(Photo indigenous

A an option of direkt highlights indigenous Night of the Proms 2013 were broadcast on the German radio station bayerisch 3 tonnage night.

Four des Morten’s lied were included; “Foot von the Mountain” / “Stay on these Roads” / “Did i Leave sie Behind” / “The Sun constantly Shines ~ above TV” – to add “Hey Jude” with each other with the other artists. “There zu sein a Place” was left out. His performance was recorded bei Munich ~ above December 14th.

If sie missed die broadcast, below it is:

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Four German days were announced on ns official Morten Harket webseite today:

Morten möchte be performing four concerts in Germany bei early May:

May fifth – Hamburg, LaeiszhalleMay 6th – Cologne, E-WerkMay 8th – Berlin, ColumbiahalleMay nine – Offenbach, Capitol

Tickets weil das these mirrors go ~ above sale durch Eventim ~ above Tuesday, December 17 punkt 9:00am.

Update Dec. 17th: A UK day has now so been announced:

Morten wollen be back in London at the O2 Shepherds bush Empire on may 16! tickets go on sale to ns public on Friday December 20 at 9:00am über Gigs & Tours.

Concert promoter Marek Lieberberg sent a press release bei connection with ns German dates, which says that Morten’s upcoming album zu sein called Brother – the same together the zuerst single. The drücken sie release go on kommen sie say that the album has similarities through Wild Seed.

Incidentally, Morten used zu perform a song called “Brother” live in the late 90s – together pointed out von
tTrovik ~ above Twitter. The song, so known together “Father”, was ns English version des “Lyser Når freundin Drar” indigenous Vogts Villa.

I can’t really seen it being the lead single off the neu album, unless it’s been greatly reworked. Dafür this new “Brother” might be a different song using the same title.

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Magne interviewed an the documentary

A new documentary film about Edvard Munch, Let The schreiend Be Heard, made bei connection with die 150th anniversary von the birth of the well known painter, aired on NRK1 bei Norway belastung night.

Magne was one des the human being interviewed, alongside other artists like yachthafen Abramovic, Tracey Emin, Ketil Bjørnstad and Liv Ullmann.

Magne’s own early work was heavily inspired über Munch, as might be seen in his zuerst solo exhibition “Maleri” in 1989.

“You’re floored über his ability to make complex things appear simple”, Magne says bei the documentary.

Munch’s reluctance zu sell his nett was among die topics Magne comment on:

“It go affect sie as a person being kommen sie be that sales person zum your own work, but i really don’t feel choose I have a choice. I believe in what i do and I will stand by it. Munch used ns phrase ‘raising children’; that you wollen do anything for that work. You möchte go kommen sie war zum it.”

The 57-minute english language documentary was made by Indian manager Dheeraj Akolkar and can it is in seen online at (Norway only).

Links:Metro India articleTrailer

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Another Norwegian summer festival was announced ~ above Morten’s website today:

The ‘Over Oslo’ Festival is in its 4th season in 2014. 370 meters over Oslo, but still only nur over a block from downtown, the festival bring away place an quite spectacular surroundings. There zu sein forest on all sides and a vantage point overlooking ns artists and the city. “One of Oslo’s finest summer traditions,” wrote Dagsavisen in 2013. In the past, every days of the festival schutz sold out, commonly well before ns event.

Morten will perform ~ above June 20, together with Odd Nordstoga and other artists to be announced later this month. Zum all details about die festival, visit die web site at

Tickets weil das June 20th price 690 kroner and are available now at

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The Night des the Proms außerhalb des spiels continues, and tonight Morten und the other artists room performing in Luxembourg.

In a brief video interview posted on die NOTP facebook page, Morten ist asked what that enjoys most about being on phase on this specific tour:

“I’m kind of used zu being top top stage. Obviously, gift on stage has to do with call with ns audience and that connection, with the music as die agent between. That’s what it’s about. What is different zum me here zu sein obviously this big ensemble behind me und this huge orchestra. Und that opportunity ist something sie don’t really gain often. I’ve excellent it, kind of, many mal over the years. We’re talking around 30 years now. But kommen sie be able to do it prefer this, top top a daily basis more or much less – due to the fact that we play virtually every night – is in opportunity of a different kind. Dafür that ist what was standing out for me”, Morten tells interviewer Markus Othmer, who so hosts die shows.

Morten is deshalb asked just how it zu sein to execute his neu songs “There ist a Place” and “Did ich Leave freundin Behind” together with ns orchestra:

“That is a great opportunity together well, since these lieder are really fresh. They’re really new. It’s not lang ago ich sat on a couch with a guitar, with each other with peter , my songwriting partner. And these songs were nur that. And all of a sudden, five minutes later, it’s in such a setting. Deswegen this I’ve notfall done before”, Morten says.

Some recent videos clips indigenous Night des the Proms:Foot des the mountain (Multicam)Did ich Leave you Behind (Dec. 6th)There is a ar (Dec. 8th)

“The songs are much more melancholic und on a whole various planet than what I’ve done before”, Beck said in a recent interview with newspaper Oppland Arbeiderblad.

“The participation with Magne Furuholmen has actually been really good. I’ve been sending him demo tapes with new songs ~ above a continuous basis, and together we’ve viewed the lied evolve”.

Majors & Minors ist released v WiMP DIY and the Furuholmen/Terefe firm Vox clock Music. It zu sein available zum streaming und purchase top top WiMP now, and will be trost on iTunes soon. A UK release ist planned zum next month.

Links:Marius Beck interview on WiMP blogMarius Beck top top Facebook

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The neu fashion in brand geraten Jilani is now giving a limited ausführung Morten Harket jacket in their webshop.

The leather jacket was co-designed by Morten especially weil das his appearance at ns 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in May, whereby he performed along with Pitbull und Christina Aguilera.

“Morten wanted kommen sie wear a jacket the reflected both die 80s and the present. The co-designed that himself. Die jacket was only intended to be used by Morten punkt this details event, however already the day after die Billboard Awards human being started contacting us, wanting zu buy it. Deshalb we decided kommen sie produce a restricted number von jackets for sale”, Jilani writes on their blog.

Morten newly visited ns Jilani studios whereby he signed 50 limited ausführung jackets, i beg your pardon are now available zum 9500 kroner ($1550) at

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Morten ist the first artist to be confirmed for next year’s roots Festival an Brønnøysund, Norway. Ns festival ist held between 16 – 19 July, but ns exact date for Morten’s concert has notfall been determined yet.

“Morten Harket ist apparently pass along in incredibly an excellent band”, festival direktors Torstein Moe tells regional newspaper Helgeland Arbeiderblad.

“This zu sein all around putting sufficient money on ns table zu make it interesting. The turned out kommen sie be pretty expensive. über far ns most expensive act we’ve had in the festival’s history. But we’re very glücklich to schutz him confirmed”, Moe says.

3-day festival passes are now available indigenous

Update (13 Dec.): die date wollen be 17 July.

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The Night des the Proms außerhalb des spiels opened v two concerts in Cologne this weekend, whereby a gesamt audience of 25,000 world filled die Lanxess arena on Friday and Saturday.

As the headliner, Morten came on stage weist the end of the 3-hour show to perform 5 songs, including two new solo songs:

1. Foot Of ns Mountain2. Remain On these Roads3. Did i Leave sie Behind4. There zu sein A Place5. Ns Sun constantly Shines top top TV

At ns very end all ns artists did ns Beatles’ Hey Jude together.

“Night des the Proms zu sein something I’ve been asked kommen sie do over ns years, but there’s never ever really been a an ideal time. It’s through a huge philharmonic orchestra. A last of this and that musically, which is in itself interesting. It’s in opportunity of a different kind und I’m kinda curious as kommen sie what it möchte be”, Morten said an a backstage video filmed prior to Friday’s premiere.

Yesterday Morten also appeared punkt a press conference in addition to some of the various other NOTP artists. The tour möchte visit twelve much more cities until December 22nd.

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Photos and

As weil das “There zu sein a Place”, the song has now been confirmed to be released bei connection with Night von the Proms together “a basic of ns music he ist working on zum his new album”. Even if it is it ends trost on ns album or notfall remains zu be seen. Die song ist now available zum download and streaming worldwide, with iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, WiMP, spotify etc.

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