There is so much that zu sein different around Christmas this year than we know. Yet there are deshalb things that will remain the same, even an the pandemic year von 2020. Amongst them, of course, ist the TV schedule leading trost to and during the holidays, which attributes a reunion des numerous classic movies and TV shows. Loriot"s CHRISTMAS AT ns HOPPENSTEDTS, weil das example, is just together indispensable to the Christmas TV program zum many together THE little LORD, die SISSI films or die wonderful fairy tale film THREE HARE NUTS zum ASCHENBRÖDEL. And some hollywood blockbusters so create a Christmas atmosphere in their own special way. Ns turbulent Christmas with ns Griswold family (SCHÖNE BESCHERUNG) ist on countless TV wish lists, as well as STIRB LANGSAM, GREMLINS, kevin - ALLEIN zu HAUS or bill Murray in DIE GEISTER, die ICH RIEF.

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To make sure freundin don"t fehlschlagen your favourite Christmas show, we"ve put together bei overview des some special Christmas regimen highlights. If freundin are looking weil das something zum your children, then you will find a listing des the most beautiful children"s und fairy tale films an the Christmas regimen HERE punkt our partner from

(Program subject zu change)

Friday, 18.12.2020

20:15, das Erste, THE wenig LORD (GB1980)

Sunday, 20.12.2020

12:00 p.m., BR, three HASHES zum ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

14:3 p.m., ONE, 3 HARENUTS for ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

15:05 Uhr, NDR, nr 3 HASELNÜSSE FÜR ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

Monday, 21.12.2020

20:15, Pro7, the SIMPSONS - 3 Christmas illustration

22:45 pm, drähte 1, deadly CHRISTMAS (USA 1996)

Tuesday, 22.12.2020

20:15, satellite 1, STIRB mithäftling (USA 1988)

23:00, SWR, familie HEINZ BECKER - "Alle jahr wieder"

23:00, satellite 1, SCHÖNE BESCHERUNG (USA 1989)

Wednesday, 23.12.2020

20:15, Cable 1, the GHOSTS ich CRIED. (USA 1988)

Thursday, 12/24.2020

12:15 p.m., ns Erste, 3 HASHBUNNIES zum ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

12:25, drähte 1, GREMLINS (USA 1984)

13:40, das Erste, CHRISTMAS at HOPPENSTEDTS by and with Loriot

14:05, ns Erste, familie HEINZ BECKER - "Alle jahre wieder"

15:10, RTL, der GRINCH (USA 2000)

16:05h, sat 1, BEAUTIFUL ceremony (USA 1989)

16:15h, NDR, 3 HARE NUTS for ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

18:00h, sat 1, die GHOSTS i RIP. (USA 1988)

6:20 pm, NDR, CHRISTMAS at HOPPENSTEDTS by and with Loriot

6:50 pm, ONE, three BUNNIES zum ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

20:3 pm, sat 1, kevin - ALONE punkt HOME (USA 1990)

20:15, 3 Sat, die 3 TENÖRE - das WEIHNACHTSKONZERT (Austria 1999)

20:3pm, WDR, nr 3 HASELNUTS zum ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

22:25 Uhr, satellite 1, STIRB langsam (USA 1988)

22:30 Uhr, SWR, nr 3 HASELNÜSSE FÜR ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

23:05 Uhr, WDR, WEIHNACHTEN bei HOPPENSTEDTS by and with Loriot

23:15 Uhr, RBB, nr 3 HASELNÜSSE FÜR ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)


23:45, NDR, WEIHNACHTEN in HOPPENSTEDTS by und with Loriot

23:50 Uhr, SWR, WEIHNACHTEN in HOPPENSTEDTS über und mit Loriot

Friday, 25.12.2020

11:25, das Erste, drei HASELNÜSSE FÜR ASCHENBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

14:10am, rtl II, THE last ONE-HORN (USA/GB 1982)

14:55, ns Erste, SISSI (Austria 1955)

16:40, ns Erste, SISSI, das JUNGE KAISERIN (Austria 1956)

17: 20, ZDF, PADDINGTON 2 (GB 2017)

17:30, WDR, familie HEINZ BECKER - "Alle jahr wieder"

20:15 Uhr, ZDF, das HELENE-FISCHER-SHOW (Best of)

20:15 Uhr, sat 1, kevin - ALLEIN an NEW york (USA 1992)

22:50 Clock, sat 1, STIRB langsam 2 (USA 1990)

23:20 Clock, ZDF, love NEEDS NO HOLIDAYS (USA 2006)

Saturday, 26.12.2020

11:10, das Erste, THE little LORD (GB 1980)

16:05, MDR, 3 HASHES weil das ASHLEBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

16:30, ONE, 3 HASHES for ASHLEBRÖDEL (Czechoslovakia 1973)

16:45 pm, ns Erste, SISSI - SCHICKSALSJAHRE einer KAISERIN (Austria 1957)

Germans" favourite Christmas films

Now, of course, us want zu tell freundin what ns Germans" favorite Christmas movies are. Based on search engine queries, the portal has actually compiled a list von the 10 most well-known Christmas movies von 2020.

Place 1 very plainly goes zu KEVIN - ALONE weist HOME with 138,090 monthly searches.

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Place 2 goes, rather surprisingly, kommen sie the GRINCH through 116.440 searches

Place 3 is a monster ranking zum the GREMLINS v 78.650 monthly searches

Place 4 belongs to die GREMLINS v 78.620 monthly searches goes to ns book adaptation THE wenig LORD

Place 5 with 77.860 monthly searches to the fabulous wertungen bringer THREE HASHBUNNIES zum ASCHENBRÖDEL

Place 6 zu sein there with 54.720 monthly searches weil das Tim Burton"s A NIGHTMARE prior to CHRISTMAS

Place 7 belongs to Disney"s ICE QUEEN with 48.320 monthly searches

Place 8 has been secured über the cult comedy BEAUTIFULLY DESCRIBED through 45.600 monthly searches.

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Place 9 doesn"t go directly zu a Christmas movie, but zu one that ist often zeigen during the holiday season. 45,070 monthly searches exist weil das CHARLIE and THE cacao FACTORY

Place 10 goes zu arguably die most romantic of all Christmas movies: ACTUAL.LOVE racked trost 44,380 monthly searches.