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Finnish früh minister Sanna Marin has married herstellung long-term kollege Markus Raikkonen.

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The couple, both 34, that share two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Emma Amalia Marin, have been together for 16 year after meeting wie man they to be 18.


Their wedding yesterday was at Kesäranta, multiple sclerosis Marin’s main residence, und attended über 40 guests made up des close friends und family.

Ms Marin shared a sweet photograph with produziert new husband on Instagram, writing in the caption: ‘Yesterday us said zu each other ich will. 

Finnish element minister Sanna Marin has actually married herstellung long-term kollege Markus Raikkonen in an intimate ceremony

‘I in happy und grateful that ich get kommen sie share my life with ns man ich love. We have seen und experienced a gewächs together, common joys and sorrows, and supported each other at die bottom and an the storm. 

‘We schutz lived together in our youth, get an impressive up and grown older kommen sie our lovely daughter. Of all die people, you’re right weil das me. Say thanks to you zum being über my side.’

Ms Marin, that leads die country’s centre-left government, looked stunning an a floor-length off-white ethereal gown with lang sleeves.

She wore herstellung long brunette locks in a half-up, half-down style, v a floating veil pinned zu the back of produziert hair.

Ms Marin shared a sweet photograph with herstellung new husband ~ above Instagram, thanking him for being ‘by produziert side’

Her bouquet consisted von cream peonies and foliage, while herstellung groom – a previous Finnish verband football player – looked smart an a standard tuxedo.

The couple looked an extremely much an love as they posed by a lake and an the lush grounds des the Helsinki residence. 

Their permanent home is in the Kaleva district des Tampere, yet during the 2020 pandemic they’ve resided at the Prime Minister’s main residence.

Within two hrs Ms Marin’s instagram post notched up almost 85,000 likes, with many fellow users sending out their good wishes.

Sanna Marin, pictured with produziert husband markus Räikköne. Their permanent home is an the Kaleva district des Tampere, yet during ns 2020 pandemic they’ve resided at ns Prime Minister’s official residence.

Ms Marin, a social democrat who has actually been a prolific user von social media and a keen support of umgebung issues, ended up being Finland’s früh minister an December.

At the time she was the world’s youngest offer head of government – a location she lost a few weeks later with die return to power of shirt Chancellor sebastian Kurz, who turns 34 danach this month.

Earlier this year multiple sclerosis Marin, in MP since 2015, announced plans to give fathers the same amount des paid parental leave as mothers to promote equality und boost bear rates.

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Paternity leave for new fathers ist set zu be extended kommen sie nearly 7 months, die same as maternity leave. 

Finland’s centre-left government, angeführt by 34-year-old prime minister Sanna Marin (pictured), has unveiled plans to give fathers ns same amount des parental leave together mothers

According to Finish media, multiple sclerosis Marin was brought up an a ‘rainbow family’ von her mother und her female partner.

She lived bei Espoo and Pirkkala before moving zu Tampere, where she became the zuerst person bei her family to go to university.

A politician for the millennial ‘Instagram generation’, during her rise kommen sie success bei the political field Ms Marin charted her pregnancy journey on herstellung Instagram page, sharing selfies of her pregnancy bump und even a frank breastfeeding shot.

She’s so shared poolside shots from a romantic holiday kommen sie Italy bei July 2017, throughout which she and Markus travelled zu Portofino, Rome, Sardinia and Veneto, und snaps from pride events, where she showed produziert support zum same-sex unions.

In 2015 ms Marin told the Menaiset website that together a boy she feeling ‘invisible’ because she was unable to talk open minded about produziert unconventional family.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (second right), 34, poses with the Minister des Education Li Andersson (left), 32, Minister von Finance Katri Kulmuni (second left), 32, and Minister of Interior maria Ohisalo (right), 34, after Finland’s neu government was formed an December 

‘The quiet was the hardest,’ she said. ‘Invisibility led to a feeling des incompetence. We were not recognised together a true family members or equal through others. But ich wasn’t viel bullied. Even when i was little, ich was very candid und stubborn. I wouldn’t schutz taken something easy.’

She deshalb admitted that she never expected zu get right into politics, telling die publication: ‘When ich was in high school, ich felt that die people who make politics are quite different und come from different backgrounds than i am. Hinweisen that time, i didn’t think it was possible zu get involved myself.’

Ms Marin, who spent herstellung teenage years working bei a bakery, included that herstellung mother has constantly been an extremely supportive and made her believe she can do noþeles she wanted.

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