Samsung tab a7 2020 test

My samsung Galaxy Tab A7 review shows that it provides a an excellent value if you’re spring for an affordable android tablet weil das watching movie or gaming.

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With prices beginning at just 230 dollars, the samsung Galaxy Tab A7 might become the most popular android tablet of the year. Compared zu its predecessor, it has actually a faster processor, a neu display, 4 speakers, and up-to-date software. Yet it is lacking most premium features. Bei this review, sie learn everything freundin need zu know about die Galaxy Tab A7.

Display: A neu 10.4-Inch Screen

While the last couple of Galaxy Tab A tablets had actually a 10.1-inch screen, ns Galaxy Tab A7 native 2020 ist the erste one v a 10.4-inch TFT display. I’m not sure if it’s an IPS panel yet viewing angles space okay and colors look at fine. It has a resolution des 2000 ns 1200 pixels which means that ns screen ist not as sharp as of a Galaxy Tab S7, however certainly sharp enough.


Overall, i think the a pretty an excellent screen for this preis class. The similar in quality to tonnage year’s Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T510. But when holding them side von side, you kann sein see the the neu one is a tiny little bigger.

I compared it to die Galaxy Tab S6 Lite too, which ist a little pricier mid-range tablet with an S Pen und it has actually a 10.4-inch display screen as well. However while ns resolution und sharpness are die same, the S6 Lite zu sein a bit brighter. I deshalb noticed that in direct comparison, die A7 aussehen a little bit blueish.

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The screen is fully laminated, by the way, und since ns tablet has actually a Widevine Level 1, you kann watch Netflix and other streaming services with HD resolution.

Four Speakers


This tablet zu sein pretty well suited zum watching movies an general because it has 4 speakers – two on both shorter sides. Ich think that’s terrific because one of my few complaints v its predecessor was that it had actually two speaker on ns same side only. However this time, you kann hear a stereotype separation.

Compared kommen sie pricier tablet computers like ns iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, especially die bass ist not together strong und it no sound together pleasing. Yet for an inexpensive tablet, the sound ist good.

Stylus Support: No s Pen


The Galaxy Tab A7 does notfall support the ns Pen. So, i can’t recommend it if sie want to write under handwritten notes. Yes, you could get a share stylus weil das capacitive screens which space fine for little children that nur want zu draw a bit for fun. Yet compared to in active pen, they’re terrible and if you’re bei artist or want to write down notes, you will do it be disappointed.

This shouldn’t be a surprise because no tablet in this preis range supports bei active pen, I’m notfall blaming samsung at all. Yet people inquiry me hundreds von times i beg your pardon pen ich could recommend weil das the predecessor. And the price is: There is none und I did try several different kinds of pens.

Hardware & Performance


The samsung Galaxy Tab A7 ships through a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor that ist supported by 3GB von RAM und a 32GB or 64GB internal storage. LTE 4G is in option too.

I prefer that we’re acquiring 3GB von RAM now, because tonnage year, a tablet like this had actually 2GB only. But i wish samsung would offer more storage options. I have gotten die 32GB version because it was die only one obtainable at the beginning. Und when sie want zu install lots of games, you’ll run out of space fast. A 128GB option would it is in nice because you can’t download apps or gamings onto a microSD here.

On paper, ns performance is fantastic. In benchmarks choose Geekbench 4 and 5 the usually zu sein on a comparable level as ns pricier Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. And it’s much faster than the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 from tonnage year. The graphics performance bei benchmarks favor 3D Mark und the Geekbench 4 Compute test is much better too. But zum some reason, it fails bei the Geekbench 5 Compute test.


I deshalb wanted zu render a video bei Adobe Premiere Rush but once i try, bei error article pops up und it fails.

Gaming Test

Now, real-life performance ist very good for this preis class. You can play PUBG cell phone with well balanced graphics and it performs an extremely well. But you can’t choose HD graphics, which ist a bummer. ~ above a hopeful note, i was able zu play Call von Duty v graphics set zu very high und it operation smoothly.

Other gamings like Mortal Kombat, Car ns Highway, und Badland Brawl run great too. So, basically, you will do it be able kommen sie play virtually every video game on here. Not always with die highest settings, but most gamings should run.


Most, but not all. I tried zu install Fortnite und even despite there’s in error post that this tablet is not supported, it does run. Ns performance zu sein kind des acceptable through graphics set kommen sie medium and good with ns lowest graphics. But ich was never able kommen sie finish a match because it continues zu crash. Und sometimes, on bad days, that runs through 1 FPS.

That’s notfall a large surprise due to the fact that Fortnite ist very demanding. In fact, i was surprised that ich was able zu install it on together a cheap tablet. Yet due to die crashes, it’s notfall fun, of course.


Normal apps like google Chrome, Netflix, Gmail, Microsoft Office, YouTube, and Samsung note perform very well. Die performance des standard work like office work and surfing the web is good. Sure, it’s not as schon fast as a premium device. Die Galaxy Tab S7 or an iPad Pro is much, viel faster. But ich think it’s schon fast enough – especially zum this preis range.

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Simple multitasking functions fine. It’s feasible to schutz YouTube to run on one side and Chrome on die other, without any significant hiccups. You kann sein even open a third app in a pop-up window above these two. And, as lang as you’re notfall using really demanding apps, it’ll work fine. Too heavy multitasking ist not possible, though, since the samsung DeX desktop mode zu sein not even supported.

Design & Built


I think the samsung Galaxy Tab A7 aussehen quite nice through its slim, schwarze farbe screen bezels und its greatly metal body which is just 7mm thin. That weighs 476g which zu sein okay too. You can get it in gray, silver, and gold.

Not everything ist metal. Yes a plastic part zum the antennas und for every little thing reason yes a monster cutout for the headphone jack which no look nice. But besides that, it almost feels as luxury as pricier devices do.


On ns sides, we gain a power button, volume controls, a headphone jack, und a microSD card slot. I wasn’t able kommen sie install apps ~ above a microSD but you can store other files, von course. Betwee two of those four speakers sit a USB ns port. It’s a USB 2.0 connector which way you tun können attach lots von accessories including tough drives und SSDs, but external monitors are not supported.

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On die back, the tablet features an 8-megapixel camera that takes it s okay photos und videos. Nothing outstanding, but fine. I like ns 5-megapixel front-facing camera a little more. Die quality is okay only. But zum times like these, it’s nice to seen the webcam ist placed an the middle and not on die sides wie holding the tablet in landscape view. It is great weil das video chats.

If sie want, you kann use the webcam zu unlock ns Tab A7 making use of facial recognition. That works fine in good light but not at all an the dark. And, since there’s no additional depth sensor, it’s not as secure. But since there’s no fingerprint scanner, it’s ns only option if sie don’t want zu type an a pin or password every time. Zu activate die screen, you tun können just double-tap it, i beg your pardon works good together through facial recognition.

Software: android 10


Samsung zu sein shipping ns Galaxy Tab A7 running android 10 und OneUI bei version 2.5 out des the box. In the past, ns Galaxy Tab A tablet computers usually schutz gotten two major updates. So, unless samsung changes anything, it have to get android 11 and 12 bei the future. Yet since i don’t speak zum Samsung, i can’t promise anything.

With OneUI, ns interface is customized rather a bit compared zu vanilla Android. But i like it because it does not look together overloaded as it supplied to bei the past. In fact, die interface looks clean und quite snappy. And the extra functions that samsung puts an can be an extremely useful, at least for the most part.


It’s nice that you kann open apps an free-floating windows, weil das instance. Even without a stylus, samsung Notes zu sein a very useful note-taking apps that works great on here. And I so like that die search of OneUI can deshalb search Netflix and Spotify.

There space lots von other features you kann check out an the settings like a blue irradiate filter, a dark mode, und even a kid’s setting that’s called samsung Kids.

Some features that Samsung’s premium tools are famous zum are absent though. Yes sir no samsung DeX desktop computer mode, the Air Commands for the stylus ist missing, and there’s no seebrücke that you kann pull the end from the side like is supported on die Tab S7.

Battery Life


When streaming bei HD videobilien on YouTube weist maximum brightness, the battery lasts 7.5 hours. Und when looping bei HD videobilien locally punkt medium brightness, it tun können last up to 11.5 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Review: last Verdict


So, that’s the end of my samsung Galaxy Tab A7 review. Kann I introduce it? Yes, des course, i can. I think the samsung Galaxy Tab A7 ist a wonderful value, just as die predecessor has actually been last year. Sure, it’s notfall perfect, and many premium features like fingerprint scanners, samsung DeX, or official keyboard docks space missing. But weil das a preis tag of just 230 dollars, us do acquire a good performance, a kind screen, up-to-date software, and even 4 speakers.

Again, if you’re expecting a premium device, you will do it be disappointed, von course. But ich think you’ll be happy with that if she looking for bei inexpensive tablet zum surfing ns web and watching YouTube and Netflix. Most gamings run well too und I think it so is a decent tablet weil das video chats.

Let’s examine out part alternatives.


If you’re willing kommen sie spend a bit more money and want an active pen, freundin should check out the samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Ns performance ist very comparable but the screen zu sein a little brighter und the ns Pen is included und works fantastic.

The apple iPad 8 is in interesting alternate too. Sure, it’s much more expensive, yet its performance zu sein much better. If you’re looking zum a gaming tablet, that one ist the best all at once value. But if sie factor bei the sich entschuldigen Pencil and the official keyboard, the gets much pricier, deshalb it’s not a budget option.

Now, if freundin want kommen sie save some money, you kann sein check out the amazonas Fire HD 10. The screen is quite similar und the performance ist weaker however fine zum some gaming. Depending on die deals you kann find, you kann probably save around 50 dollars or an ext but you’ll oase to download the google Play save yourself.

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The samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T510 from last year continues zu be a decent tablet computer too, des course. If you own the one, it more than likely makes no sense zu upgrade this year. Und if you kann find a great deal, I blieb think it kann sein be a an excellent choice. However from now on, ich think die Galaxy Tab A7 is the finest value wie man you’re looking for a budget plan tablet.