Samsung Galaxy S8 Tipps Und Tricks

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a an effective device, and it’s a looker. Ns South korean company’s phone packs a gorgeous edge-to-edge curved screen, a beefed-up camera, a top-of-the-line processor, and a digital assistant powered von artificial intelligence. Yet like plenty of devices of the Galaxy S8’s caliber, notfall every feature is easy to use — or find. Luckily, we’ve spent sufficient time with ns Galaxy S8 to get a handle on a few des its most helpful functions. Here are our favorite Galaxy S8 tips and tricks kommen sie get you started.

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How to get complimentary Kindle ebooks and more with Made weil das Samsung apps


You might schutz noticed ns Galaxy Apps icon within the samsung folder of your app drawer and wondered what it was. You probably figured it one more version des the google Play Store, and while you’re not far wrong an that estimation, it may schutz been a mistake kommen sie write it off completely.

Contained in ~ Galaxy Apps ist a section called “Made zum Samsung.” This zu sein where you’ll discover versions des popular apps that schutz been specially tweaked to function much better with your Galaxy S8 — und crucially — you’ll also find apps that incorporate special provides just zum Samsung Galaxy owners. Some significant examples include Kindle weil das Samsung, i beg your pardon gives freundin a totally free ebook every month zum twelve months, 3 months des free Pro+ premium on exercise Trainer for Samsung, and exclusive functions just zum Galaxy individuals on die Weather Channel zum Samsung.

If you’re a regular samsung DeX terminal user, climate there’s a section of apps that arbeit with your DeX desktop experience, and a totality host of games that have been certified zu work on her Galaxy phone. Dafür whatever you’re searching for, it’s constantly worth popping your head into Galaxy Apps to see if samsung does the better.

How zu use your USB-C to USB-A OTG adapter

Mark Jansen | Digital Trends
Mark Jansen/Digital Trends

Think rückseitig to when you zuerst unboxed her Galaxy S8, und the monster adapter that might have herbst out von the box an your haste zu get at your neu phone. That wenig adapter powers Samsung’s clever Switch, enabling you kommen sie quickly und easily attach your old phone zu your neu S8, and transfer any alt photos, contacts, and other charme onto the neu device.

What freundin might not have realized is what rather that wenig adapter is capable of. Von connecting the adapter to ns USB-C slot at the bottom of your phone, you kann sein attach a multitude of USB devices to your Galaxy S8, charge other phones, or even plug a wired game controller an for even better control des your favorite phone games.

On die minus side, the adapter requires a reasonably close fit to your S8’s charging port, deswegen most situations are likely zu interfere through your ability kommen sie plug in the adapter. Yet once you’ve plugged the adapter in, you tun können access and transfer files to USB sticks, fastened a wired USB video game controller (we tried in original Xbox 360 controller), or even connect a key-board or mouse kommen sie your phone for easy office arbeiten on ns go. Und if freundin plug another phone’s charging cable into die adapter, it’ll draw juice from her phone, allowing your S8’s an effective battery zu swoop an and conserve a friend’s phone from death.

If you’ve lost your initial OTG adapter, you kann pick a third-party one up from Amazon; it’s fairly inexpensive.

How kommen sie use Bixby

Bixby, Samsung’s new AI-powered assistant, ist a command away from every screen. If you say, “Hey Bixby,” or tap ns Galaxy S8’s dedicated Bixby button, you’ll acquire Bixby Voice, a Siri-like digital assistant that tun können send photos kommen sie friends und cast videos to your smart TV.

Bixby Home, Bixby Voice’s visual companion, consists von cards that highlight weather forecasts, break news, und more. But it’s more than just an organizer. Residence learns your preferences und habits over time; if you typically contact someone after work, zum example, it’ll anfang serving nach oben that person’s contact info at die appropriate time every day.

There’s more zu Bixby 보다 Home und Voice. Bixby Vision, yet another component of Samsung’s AI, recognizes wine bottles, barcodes, and logos, und recommends relevant shopping links.

Want to turn off die Bixby key’s annoying tendency zu send you to die Bixby Home screen with every accidental taste push? No belästigung — you kann sein turn it off easily. Nur access your Bixby Home, hit the Settings cogwheel in the top-right corner, climate untick the checkbox the pops open. Holding the button blieb activates Bixby’s voice regulates though — there’s no wayto turn that off yet.

Looking zum a more detailed guide zu Bixby? inspect out our overview on how kommen sie use Bixby, i m sorry tells freundin everything sie need zu know about setting up, using, und troubleshooting Bixby.

How kommen sie schedule a doctor’s meeting with s Health

Whether you’re emotion under the weather or just due for a physical, die Galaxy S8’s built-in s Health app has you covered. Many thanks to deep integration v WebMD und Amwell, you kann browse symptoms und drugs, find surrounding pharmacies, schedule in online visit v a doctor, und reserve bei appointment with a certified physician.

The new S Health app is capable of more. It can store information regarding upcoming appointments favor symptoms, photos, prescriptions, und insurance information, und it offers quick access to notfall services.

How kommen sie use the neu emoji

The Galaxy S8 ships with a bundle of neu emoji from Emoji 4.0, the newest collection des icons approved by die Unicode Consortium. They incorporate a giraffe, broccoli, a pretzel, chopsticks, a scientist, judge, pilot, teacher, und a boy v bunny ears.

Using them zu sein as straightforward as pulling up the Galaxy S8’s default keyboard and tapping die emoji button. Then, it’s nur a matte of scrolling through the the perform until freundin find the one you want.

How to turn turn off notifications zum specific apps


Endless notifications getting freundin down? What about notifications the showcase sensitive content on your lockscreen? Don’t anxiety — die Galaxy S8 lets you mute und hide notifications on a per-app basis.

If there’s a specific app that’s to be notifying you a bit too often, you kann sein mute it von tapping SettingsNotifications and toggling off die app’s notifications. Hiding bei app’s notifications from her lock screen ist just together easy. Kommen sie do so, madness Settings > Notifications und choose i m sorry apps freundin want kommen sie hide from the lock screen.

How zu enable und tweak Do notfall Disturb mode


Do notfall Disturb — the scorched-earth approach to notifications — mutes all alerts, but it’s so highly customizable.

To enable Do notfall Disturb mode, swipe under on die Galaxy S8’s rapid settings and tap ns Do notfall Disturb button. You’ll obtain the auswahl to switch it top top immediately, and to clues a Do not Disturb schedule. Die latter feature will allow ns mode zu automatically kick in when you return house from work, weil das example.

Do notfall Disturb can also let details notifications through, if freundin choose to allow it. If you tap Settings > Sound and Vibration > Do notfall disturb > permit exceptions, you’ll seen options zu allow repeat callers, permit alarms, or specify contacts that can break through the Do notfall Disturb barricade. In addition, you can set priority apps — apps that always show notifications — by heading to Settings, Sound und Vibration > Do notfall Disturb > allow exceptions > Priority anwendung notifications. 

How to customize die Galaxy S8’s volume levels


Whether you’re in a concert hall, classroom, or movie theater, sometimes you need kommen sie mute her phone bei a jiffy. That’s where the Galaxy S8’s volume controls kommen sie in.

Adjusting die Galaxy S8’s volume ist as simple as hitting ns volume hoch or down button on die phone’s left-hand side. Tapping the down arrow on the right-hand side changes the ringer, media, notifications, and system quantities independently.

You can also switch the Galaxy S8 kommen sie vibrate von pushing the volume button and tapping die speaker icon bei the resulting pop-up window, or über holding down die volume button until that slides all ns way to vibrate.

Setting your phone to silent zu sein a little trickier, but it’s not impossible. To do so, swipe down zu access ns Galaxy S8’s rapid settings menu, und tap the sound faster way until you reach ns Mute setting.

How zu use the iris scanner

One von the Galaxy S8’s coolest functions is an iris scanner the secures your phone über recording your eye’s distinct vein structure. It’s a quick, secure way kommen sie hide your sensitive info from prying eyes, und it’s relatively easy to calibrate.

Head to Settings > Lock screen und security > Irises. Wie you madness the button to add in iris, you’ll it is in prompted zu hold ns Galaxy S8 about 25-35 centimeters from her face. After you’ve positioned your eyes an the circles shown on ns screen and followed die prompts, die scanner will save your iris to the Galaxy S8’s certain storage.

It’s essential to note that the iris scanner doesn’t arbeit with sunglasses or decorative contact lenses. If you’ve undergone in eye procedure like LASIK or LASEK, you’ll need zu re-register your iris — die corneal changes kann sein throw off ns scanner.

How to replace your desktop computer with Dex

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Galaxy S8 is the first to ship v Samsung’s Dex technology, a dock-based software mode that transforms the phone into a full-blown desktop replacement.

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If you’ve offered Chrome OS, you’ll feel right hinweisen home with Dex. The apps launch bei resizable windows that support right-click functions, copy-and-paste, und other acquainted functions. Samsung functioned with Microsoft und Adobe kommen sie optimize die two companies’ apps zum Dex mode, und will quickly launch a software application kit that lasst uns developers fine-tune your apps zum Dex.

Dex works v any android app, yet a word of warning: Apps that don’t officially assistance it don’t execute that well.

The Dex seebrücke starts punkt $150, und has USB ports for keyboards, mice, and USB warehouse sticks.

How to customize display edges


The Galaxy S8’s curved screen, nur like die S7 Edge’s, is highly customizable. Die Edge panels — ns right- and left-most sides des the curved display — display die weather, news, incoming buchstabe alerts, and more.

To accessibility them, traction from ns top right des the bent edge. If sie swipe a finger along one of two people edge when die screen is off, you’ll get Edge feed, a ticker tape des useful information like to let go calls, ns time, und more. You tun können swap out Edge feeds and download neu ones über heading to Settings > Edge display > leaf feeds.

Switching out edge panels is easy. Head kommen sie Settings > Edge display screen > sheet panels, und you’ll see three different options. The apps Edge lasst uns you select your 10 favorite apps; ns People Edge permits you kommen sie choose five contacts; ns Tasks Edge lets you set up zu 10 shortcuts for tasks.

You can tweak the appearance of the edge panels bei Settings > Edge display > leaf panels > edge panel handle settings, where you’ll lakers toggles kommen sie tweak die side the handle should appear on, what size it must be, that is transparency, and its vertical position.

How to use Always-On display

The Galaxy S8’s Always-On Display feature keeps ns phone’s display screen dimly lit even wie man it’s switched off. You’ll lakers alerts zum missed calls, incoming buchstabe messages, and other useful die info near ns screen center.

By default, die time is displayed, however you kann customize the appearance of the Always-On display kommen sie your liking von heading to Settings > Lock screen und security > always On Display. You kann disable die feature altogether, or choose which content you’d like zu see: Clock (with a choice von clock style), Calendar, or Image. Additionally, you kann download and apply new Always-On display themes in Settings > Wallpapers und themes > AOD.

How to multitask v Multi Window

The ability to use multiple fenstern is a godsend. You can watch videos while browsing ns web, for example, or copy text from a webpage to an email draft.

Whatever ns need, it’s less complicated than ever kommen sie use two apps weist once on die Galaxy S8. Press and hold die Recents key (the taste to the left of your house button), und tap die Multi Window mode button on one app, then another.

To adjust ns size of in app, press and hold the white circle in the middle des the two apps windows, drag it to the lage you want, und let go. You can invert ns positions von both offen apps by pressing the aforementioned white circle and tapping the invert positions button (furthest left in the Multi window menu), or drag and drop inhalt from one app to another von selecting the drag and drop content button.

To minimize in app, tap die white circle taste again and hit the minimize button (the 2 arrows pointing towards each other bei a box). Kommen sie maximize it, hit the maximize button (the double-sided arrow an the box). Zu close bei app, tap ns X-shaped close button.

How to use for sure Folder


The Galaxy S8’s secure Folder feature keeps files, photos, and apps surprise from prying eyes. Inhalt inside die folder zu sein inaccessible there is no a password, PIN, or fingerprint.

To set hoch a for sure folder, open Samsung’s Galaxy Store and search zum (and install) die Secure Folder app. Log bei with your samsung Account, and then include a password, PIN, fingerprint, or iris. Finally, madness on die newly produced Secure Folder.

How to use 2 Bluetooth headsets weist once

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Galaxy S8, unlike the iPhone 7, didn’t dispense with the 3.5mm headphone jack. But if you’d rather aufführen to music ~ above wireless Bluetooth earbuds, great news: You kann sein do it v a friend. Die Galaxy S8 support simultaneous streaming zu up kommen sie two Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

To take it advantage, pair the two Bluetooth devices by heading to Settings > Bluetooth. Switch Bluetooth on if the isn’t already, und select the headphones from ns list. Then, follow ns instructions on screen zu pair them through your phone.

How zu use Food Mode


Looking kommen sie up your instagram game? good news: die Galaxy S8’s Camera has a Food mode that optimizes shots weil das foodstuff.

To get at it, open the camera und swipe right. Tap Food, und when ns circular framework appears, press und drag the over ns subject — ns area exterior it wollen be blurred. You kann resize ns frame by dragging a corner, or adjust ns color von dragging die adjustment bar. When you’ve finished, hit ns Camera icon to capture a pic.

How to use Selective focus

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Envious of your iPhone 7-wielding friends’ ability to take kühl blurred shots — the kind where the subject is an focus and the background is out des focus? Be jealous no longer! die Galaxy S8 features selective focus, a camera mode that accomplishes pretty much the same thing.

Once you’ve opened die Camera app, swipe right. Tap it, and choose the Selective focus option. Pick a location on ns screen where you want the camera kommen sie focus, and hit die Capture button when you’re done. Now tap Preview, and select from the three focus options: Pan focus, which puts die entire picture bei focus; near focus, which focuses on objects bei the foreground; and Far focus, which concentrates objects in the background. Fight Save wie man you’re done.

How to rückseitig up dünn to the samsung Cloud

If sie use die Galaxy S8’s pre-installed apps such together Notes and Contacts v some regularity, samsung Cloud — a service that soon might find its way kommen sie your pc — is a an excellent way to rückseitig up her data. You get 15GB von storage free, und a migration service that makes switching kommen sie a neu device a cinch.

There’s more. Samsung cloud can back up and restore text messages, und sync photos and videos. If sie enable die app’s auto Backup feature, it can perform all that instantly — once every 24 hrs over Wi-Fi, noted that ns handset’s screen ist off and it has been connected zu a power source weil das at least in hour.

How to save space von using a MicroSD card

Jeffrey van Camp

The Galaxy S8 has a MicroSD map slot, which means you kann sein save inner storage space by moving apps and games to external memory.

The process ist relatively straightforward. Open Settings, and then select Apps. When you’ve located the app you want kommen sie move, tap top top it und hit ns Change button under die Storage Used section. Choose your SD card and you’re golden.  

Once the auslieferung is complete, the app’s icon möchte be replaced with in icon indicating that it’s save on computer on bei SD card.

How kommen sie use rapid charging

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Galaxy S8 ships through Samsung’s Adaptive fast Charge technology. An plain English, that method it tun können juice up zu five hours an just five minutes of charging, or 50 percent an 15 minutes. Permitting it, however, is tricky business.

Head to Settings > device Maintenance > progressed Settings > Battery, and look for the Fast charger section. Once you’ve found it, ensure that ns toggle zu sein switched to die “on” position. You can test it über plugging an a compatible cable and charger — you’ll seen a message an the Galaxy S8’s notice window.

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Quick charging has somewhat strict energie requirements. For that reason, samsung recommends freundin stick with ns in-the-box charging adapters fairly than third-party accessories.