Samsung galaxy s3 mini wlan geht nicht

Android phones space impressive. Your features und design oase astounded plenty of users, but schutz you come across Wi-Fi connectivity worries on your android phone or tablet? If freundin did, you are not the only one because android Wi-Fi difficulties are nice standard. Weil das this reason, we schutz created a list des solutions that möchte help freundin resolve Wi-Fi troubles on your android devices.

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We wollen talk about tips, workarounds, und solutions weil das “android smartphones”: samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, and LG and all variants. We will begin with ns simple solutions and move to complex ones as we try kommen sie fix the belästigt you may be facing.

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Solutions for android Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Why my android phone/tablet won’t attach to the internet?

While over there isn’t a single reason you encounter Wi-Fi worries with your android phone, it can be categorized into four circumstances.

4 possible reasons :

Software und firmware glitchPasswords und misinformationRadio wave distribution :(WiFi are radio waves the travel in a directly line. It tun können be construed if you are weist a remote location from ns modem or behind discrete walls)

Solution 1: Toggle her Wi-Fi

Whether sie cannot connect at all or your Wi-Fi link keeps dropping, toggling the Wi-Fi connection zu sein known to be effective an many cases. Traction down die notifications area of your phone, look zum the Wi-Fi icon, tap on it to switch the Off, wait weil das five seconds, und turn it On again. Allow the phone zu look for the accessible Wi-Fi connections und check if your belästigt is fixed. This an easy trick zu sein effective no matter which modell you have. That fixed samsung Galaxy S2 Wi-Fi issues, however it deshalb solved samsung Galaxy S7 leaf Wi-Fi problems weil das quite a couple of users.


Solution 2: Toggle the Airplane Mode

It zu sein a deal with that has actually worked zum many users, deswegen try toggling the Airplane. You can look zum Airplane Mode bei the notifications area des your samsung Galaxy phone. Zum those who do not find it, you kann sein tap on the icon, which enables you zu check all die icons des the notification area and look for Airplane Mode. Move it Off, wait zum five seconds, und Switch that On again.


Solution 3: is Your Phone’s Bluetooth On?

The Bluetooth can create a conflict zum the Wi-Fi due to the fact that some users have noticed that on particular phones, when the Bluetooth zu sein switched On, ns Wi-Fi does notfall work. If your android Smartphone Bluetooth ist On, switch it off from die notifications area und then try to use her Wi-Fi again kommen sie check if the belästigt is fixed.

Solution 4: The energie Saving Mode

The power-saving mode is meant to help her battery consume much less power. Since die Wi-Fi zu sein known zu drain die battery quickly, it typically disconnects her Wi-Fi wie man you switch on the energie Saving Mode. Make sure energie Saving Mode ist Off. You kann sein Access power Saving mode from die Settings menu des your samsung Galaxy phone.

Many samsung Galaxy S3 users had reported that the samsung Galaxy won’t connect kommen sie Wi-Fi disabled, saying it was because of a bad connection. It was found the when the phone reverted from sleep mode, the stärke saving mode interfered with the Wi-Fi, and it in which method interrupted the connection. The belästigung was in the software, so users had to ensure that stärke Saving Mode was switched turn off if they wanted kommen sie use a steady Wi-Fi connection.

Check if the stärke Saving Mode is creating a conflict an your phone deswegen that you tun können fix ns Wi-Fi belästigt on your samsung Galaxy maker or any kind of other android device.


Solution 5: Forget every Wi-Fi Networks und Start Again

A advantageous method an solving Wi-Fi problems, especially wie man you space unable zu connect to a network, is to delete every networks deshalb that her phone’s Wi-Fi it s okay a fresh start. But before you decide zu proceed, make certain you schutz all the einzelheiten you need zu reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. It möchte include die network name und the password required kommen sie connect to the network.

Go to die Settings menu von your phoneTap on ConnectionLook for Wi-Fi und tap ~ above itAll Wi-Fi networks the you have added to your phone wollen be listed here. Tap top top each von the network names and tap ~ above Forget.


Now that the networks are deleted, freundin must add ns network sie want to connect to by going into ns Settings und tapping on Wi-Fi and then Wi-Fi network. Here you möchte find the network you want kommen sie connect to, tap on it, enter die password, and you should be able kommen sie connect.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues oase bothered many android phone owners, and we gott tons von questions native them, such together how to fix samsung Galaxy 2 Wi-Fi issues and Samsung Galaxy S4 problems with Wi-Fi. Particular S7 und S7 edge owners so complained des connectivity issues on their phones, und this solution resolved the belästigung for quite a few samsung Galaxy users.

Solution 6: All about Passwords

Passwords are inevitably vital because they space meant kommen sie secure ns network indigenous unauthorized access. If you end up entering die wrong password, freundin will notfall be able to establish a connection. While sie may know ns password, there ist a possibility that sie are entering it incorrectly. Check if sie are entering ns letters correctly und whether you have caps lock on your phone top top or not. A samsung Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi authentication error occurred when customers tried to connect zu a network that supplied WPA2, yet the problem was solved with the help von updates.


Solution 7: Are sie connecting to the correct network?

More regularly than not, freundin may an alert several networks that oase similar names. Do sure sie connect to die correct network, or else freundin will not establish ns connection.


Solution 8: clever Network Switch

Certain samsung Galaxy phones come with the smart Network move feature. If the Wi-Fi connection ist unstable, her phone möchte automatically switch to mobile data and use ns mobile data connection. When it provides it easy zum us to forget problems related to ns Wi-Fi, if you do notfall want to use your mobile data connection, move it Off. Countless users that complained around the samsung Galaxy S5 keeps dropping Wi-Fi signal discovered this a helpful solution.

Pull down the Notifications shade.Tap on ns Wi-Fi icon zu pull up ns Wi-Fi settings menuNow madness on much more on ns top right von the phoneA new box will come up on the screen with details about clever Network Switch.Tap ~ above Off zu stop making use of the smart Network Switch.

Solution 9: Reboot your phone

Rebooting her phone kann sein help sie solve some of your phone’s Wi-Fi problems. Press and hold ns Power button till you lakers the energie menu and then tap on Restart. In a couple of seconds, her phone have to be zurück on. Allow ns Wi-Fi zu connect und check if it zu sein working together expected.


Solution 10: OS Update

Operating systems must it is in updated regularly. Your android phone will work better when die software of your phone zu sein updated promptly. Her phone’s Wi-Fi may notfall be working because of a bug in the software. Wie man a company zu sein aware des a bug, they release fixes an the updates. When the samsung Galaxy S3 was trending, one des the most typical problems faced von its users was that their samsung Galaxy S3 kann Connect to Wi-Fi yet No internet. It was a equipment that helped plenty of users resolve the problem. Notfall only does it arbeiten on the S3, however many samsung Galaxy customers have deshalb reported that this solution worked for them on their phones too.

To inspect if her phone is using ns latest software, go to SettingsTap on around DeviceTap top top Check weil das Updates or Download updates manually. Escape on die phone you are using, you may find different options, but you must look zum the option to check zum updates on her phone zu ensure the your phone is using the latest software.


Solution 11: store Wi-Fi On during Sleep

If your device keeps dropping the Wi-Fi connection, it zu sein good to check the Wi-Fi settings. One von our reader complained, saying, “My samsung Galaxy S5 keeps shedding connection,” und this is what solved die problem:

Pull down the notification shade and tap on ns gear icon to go right into your phone’s settings.Now look weil das Wi-Fi and tap ~ above it.Depending ~ above the samsung Galaxy call or ausführung you space using, sie may lakers different options. Madness on the three dots on the top right or ns word ‘More.’Now, look for Advanced from die drop-down menu und tap on itUnder the Advanced Settings, you will notice “Keep Wi-Fi on throughout Sleep.”You kann sein choose indigenous Always, Only when plugged bei and never.Tap ~ above Always to make sure that her Wi-Fi remains connected weist all times.

It tun können help you solve a dropping connection when the Wi-Fi ended nach oben disconnecting since your phone call went to sleep mode. It is helpful zum many android users that did not realize that their sleep mode settings were intervening v their Wi-Fi connection.


Solution 12: Restart her Modem

If all ns devices connected to the modem are notfall working, it zu sein advisable to restart her modem. Kommen sie do this, freundin must follow die manual that come along with the modem. Depending on ns model und type des modem freundin are using, you may have to follow various steps. Restarting die modem helps deal with Wi-Fi connection issues occurring from problems an the modem.

If sie notice the restarting ns modem – (Read how kommen sie restart the modem weist did notfall fix ns problem, inspect if you kann connect to die network und use Wi-Fi from another an equipment using ns same modem. If all various other devices can connect and use ns connection there is no problems, you kann continue troubleshooting her phone.

On ns other hand, if none des the devices tun können connect, you wollen be required zu troubleshoot your modem. Zum this, you kann sein either call die modem manufacturers or follow the instructions mentioned in the hand-operated that came along with die modem.


Solution 13: Third-Party App

Specific third-party applications kann sein be causing a conflict that does not allow ns Wi-Fi zu work as expected. Check if you recently downloaded in app since die time you began facing die problem. If freundin did so, then sie must examine if the anwendung is updated. If it zu sein updated und the belästigung may be arising from ns app, climate uninstall or disable die app and try using ns Wi-Fi link once again.

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When one von our reader complained the their samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi wouldn’t rotate on, he complied with some troubleshooting steps before realizing the it was a third-party apps that was causing ns problem. If sie want kommen sie check even if it is a third-party anwendung is bring about the belästigt or not, then switch on your phone bei Safe Mode.

Press und hold the stärke buttonNext, tap and hold power Off.You wollen be inquiry if freundin want to reboot to safe modeTao OKYour maker will boot into safe modeYour home screen should oase the indigenous Safe setting written at the bottom left des the screen.


Try utilizing your phone in Safe Mode and check if the Wi-Fi link works without problems. If it does, climate a third splitterpartei may be causing ns problem. You kann then restart her phone ns usual way kommen sie enter normal mode und then check zum updates zum your apps. If all ns apps room updated yet the problem continues, freundin may want kommen sie uninstall apps that freundin think maybe leading to the belästigung till your Wi-Fi works properly.

Solution 14: examine Your Wireless Router Settings

When my android phone doesn’t connect kommen sie Wi-Fi, i usually think about checking the wireless router’s settings (Read official overview from Ich use the because i may schutz dabbled with the settings und ended up blocking my phone from connecting to die Wi-Fi. Make sure that your phone zu sein allowed to access die Wi-Fi und its Mac Address is not blocked, or else freundin will notfall be able kommen sie connect to the Wireless router.


Solution 15: Date and Time

Those who frequently travel, especially betwee time zones, may an alert problems through their Wi-Fi because die date und time of your android smartphone plays in important role. It should match die date und time on ns router that sie are trying kommen sie connect to, or else you may not establish a connection.

Ensure the your phone’s date und time reflect ns date und time des the location freundin are at. You kann change die details von navigating zu your phone’s setups menu and then tapping on Date und Time. Next, freundin must change the date und time zu your current location and then connect to the Wi-Fi.


Solution 16: update your Modem’s firmware

Specific android phone Wi-Fi problems don’t arise from ns phone hinweisen all. Instead, they emerge from die router, which ist being used zu connect to the wireless network. Ns router can be causing die problem, und it might require a firmware update so that your belästigung is fixed. Examine if any kind of firmware updates are pending weil das your router und update it. Freundin may oase to follow the steps weil das updating your router von using a manual, or you kann get help online weil das your router.

Once you have updated your router, try connecting her phone to the Wi-Fi network again and check if the belästigung is fixed.

How to update die firmware an my modem – review this PDF overview from d-link (source)

Solution 17: Remove the Cache und Data von Wi-Fi Direct

If your samsung Galaxy cannot attach to die WiFi network, climate one of the steps kommen sie resolve the problem is to delete die cache and data of Wi-Fi Direct. This solution works zum all samsung Galaxy phones right nach oben to the most recent samsung Galaxy S7 und S7 Edge. Deleting this dünn will not cause any type of problems because ns phone instantly created new cache records if the alt one has been deleted. However, freundin may end up losing any kind of passwords that may schutz been conserved on it. Deswegen make sure freundin know ns network name and password zum the network sie usually attach to.

Navigate to ns Settings menu des your phoneGo into applicationsTap on applications Manager and look for Wi-Fi direct under AllTap top top Wi-Fi DirectTap on clean Data und confirm itTap on clean Cache und confirm it

Now restart your phone und try utilizing your Wi-Fi. Examine if the belästigung has been fixed.

Solution 18: Wipe Cache Partition des your android phone

When samsung Galaxy S5 individuals updated to android Lollipop, many users reported the the samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi becomes slow after updating kommen sie Lollipop. This issue was resolved von wiping ns phone’s cache partition dafür that neu cache files can be created zum the phone. If you had faced a similar belästigt when you updated her phone, freundin might uncover this solution zu be helpful. Once ns cache partition zu sein wiped, new charme is automatically created on die phone.

Wipe Cache Partition top top LG G5 / Wipe Cache Partition On HTC ONE M9 /Wipe Cache Partition On Nexus 

Power Off ns PhonePress and hold die Volume Down und Home key together and Power On her phone by pressing und holding the power key.When you lakers the android icon on her screen, relax the stärke key yet continue kommen sie press and hold die other two keys till you seen a menu come up on your screen.Once you are on ns menu, use ns Volume down key zu highlight the option that states ‘Wipe Cache Partition.Now drücken sie the Power button to check your selection.

Once removing die cache files zu sein complete, you möchte be back on the same menu. Use die Volume tasten to highlight ns option, Reboot system Now, and your phone wollen restart and go zurück to normalerweise mode. Attach to ns Wi-Fi and check if that works. This solution has been constructive if the Wi-Fi does notfall work ~ a recent update or does not work because ns cache files des the system were corrupted.


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Solution 19: Reset your android Device zu Factory Settings

It is the belastung but most reliable solution for android won’t affix to the Wi-Fi problem. When you reset a device to factory settings, sie are putting it rückseitig into die original state. It method all data, including ns applications sie had downloaded, will be lost. It ist necessary to create a backup zum the data before proceeding v a factory reset. All samsung Galaxy phones will give sie a choice to backup charme before a reset in the phone’s setups menu. You tun können either use ns inbuilt back-up option, or you can choose to back up the data manually zu a computer or use in app.

Once the backup has been created, follow these steps:

Go to die Settings menu von your android phone.Tap ~ above Backup and Reset. Depending on ns version of android you are using, freundin may see a similar option.Now tap top top Factory dünn ResetTap Reset phone


Your phone wollen take part time zu reset kommen sie factory settings, and it möchte restart. Once this ist done, try to check if your belästigung is fixed after die factory reset.

Frequently asked questions

What kommen sie do wie man your samsung Galaxy call cannot scan a Wi-Fi Network?

It ist commonly noticed on many android phones. Wie you try to injektion a hidden network, you will not be able kommen sie connect zu it. To solve this problem, you tun können either unhide die network if you oase access to ns network setups or add die network manually zu connect to it. To add ns network manually, freundin must know die network name (SSID) and password, and encryption type.

Switch On your Wi-Fi von going into ns Settings menu von your phone and tapping top top Wi-Fi.Now tap on the button next to the icon kommen sie switch ~ above Wi-Fi to begin scanning die networks.At ns bottom of the screen, you möchte notice the option to add a Wi-Fi network. Tap ~ above it.Enter ns correct network name und password und tap ~ above ‘Connect.’

What kommen sie do when die Wi-Fi link Keeps Dropping?

Does the Wi-Fi link disconnect every time your phone goes zu sleep? The problem of a dropping connection is usually caused über the settings von your Wi-Fi which may cause ns Wi-Fi kommen sie disconnect every time her phone is bei sleep mode. Die settings kann be changed so that die Wi-Fi zu sein on all the time and you do not miss out top top important email or messages wie your phone ist inactive. Access die Wi-Fi settings to change her settings deswegen that her Wi-Fi ist always On. Check Solution 10 for further details.

What if mine Wi-Fi Won’t revolve on?

Read ns article top top Wi-Fi won’t rotate on

TIP: Make certain your case is off.

What if I am Connected zu WiFi yet No internet Access?

Simply rebooting your device 1-3 times tun können solve this issue. If not, read WIFI however No Internet or attempt kommen sie do a finish reboot phase.

Turn off your android device by

Turn plane mode onHold ns power taste for 7 seconds- zu turn the phone offRemove the battery (3-5 Minutes)Hold the power button for 1-2 minutesReplace die battery and turn on the deviceAfter 2 minutes, attempt to connect to Wi-Fi. Make sure plane mode is off.

What to do if the Wi-Fi connection on my Galaxy phone zu sein too slow?

Slow connections tun können be an extremely annoying. None des us enjoy a Wi-Fi connection that makes us wait too lang to offen the websites or clock a video. Many providers blame the on ns peak hours when numerous civilization connect kommen sie Wi-Fi at die same time. It ist caused von Wi-Fi networks where most of the users space on the same Wi-Fi channel simultaneously.

An simple way zu resolve a belästigung like this is von using the Wi-Fi Analyzer app. It is available ~ above the google Play Store, and downloading und installing the anwendung is reasonably easy. It möchte analyze ns network and will help freundin check which channel wollen be best weil das you.

Slow WiFi troubles are very prominent with the Galaxy series, particularly the samsung galaxy s5.

View equipment 18 ,17 , 16 and 13Most world solved the issue über updating their machine or die modem firmware.In most cases, you just need a an easy router restart. Sie may attempt kommen sie do a tough restart des the modem. Die most modem operates like this :Press und hold ns reset taste for 10 seconds. Weil das some modems, you’ll need to use a needle and insert within a bit des hold.Unplug the modem from ns outlet und wait for at the very least 5 mins.Replug

It will not work if freundin are trying to connect to die modem from a remote ar or behind discrete walls. Klasse that it is all about radio waves that travel an a uniform/ right path. If two or an ext walls room blocking you, climate that kann sein cause interference v your waves.

Another slow Wi-Fi Workaround

1. Download the app “DNS SET.”2. Go zu wifi und Forget Your current WIFI3. Select Your current WIFI and re-login4. Offen the “DNS set ” App und select AUTO-RUN

Why go my android say Wi-Fi authentication verfehlt occurred problem?

What does the authentication belästigung mean?

When you received the “wifi authentication verfehlt occurred” message, that simply means die network configuration of your android device does notfall coincide or matches with die router’s network. This kann sein be

You schutz entered the wrong password.Incorrect SSID (service set identifier -Wi-Fi network name)MAC deal with authentication or filteringIncorrect wireless defense (WPA/WPA2/AES,TKIP)Incorrect radio Mode (802.11a/b/g/n)Incorrect ChannelsDynamic hold Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

How kommen sie fix this authentication wifi problems

Double-check her Wi-Fi password. Make sure wifi zu sein visible while entering zu limit any type of mistakes possible. Within your router settings, consider turning this zu “Off or disabled” Mac attend to filtering kann restrict Mac addresses kommen sie connect zu a Wi-Fi network. If this feature zu sein on, double-check to lakers if your address is enabled.Toggle between the radio mode. 5 GHz OR 2.4 GHz. 802.11a/b/g/n is a standard-setting zum the most wireless communication network.Changing die channel kann sein not only make her Wi-Fi faster but will deshalb limit interference, authentication errors, und IP dispute issues. über downloading die Wi-fi app, you kann easily change your channel, or it tun können be excellent within your router backend.

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A basic workaround for the Wi-Fi Authentication error :

Navigate kommen sie Wi-Fi settings and turn on airplane modeNavigate kommen sie Wi-Fi setups again, click on the preferred network und click the “Forget this Network” buttonToggle airplane mode offConnect to Wi-Fi network again (Double-check password)

What if your WiFi is ausblüten not connecting or cannot obtain in IP address?

Changing ns IP Settings von the router. Zum that, follow ns steps: Settings >Wi-fi > edit > show Advanced Options and then change die IP Settings kommen sie Static.Find the S5 MAC deal with from Wi-fi > settings > Advanced and ensure that this address zu sein present on her router. It is better zu switch off ns MAC filtering.If die channel is very crowded, then the impact möchte be on the speed des Wi-fi. Dafür try to jump zu a less busy channel.