The Bottom LineThe Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9, 7 is a great Android tablet for multitasking, but you're paying a sizable premium over the smaller Tab S2 8" /> The Bottom LineThe Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9, 7 is a great Android tablet for multitasking, but you're paying a sizable premium over the smaller Tab S2 8" />

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet Test

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The Bottom Line

The samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is a great android tablet for multitasking, yet you're paying a sizable premium over die smaller Tab S2 8.0.

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The samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 ($499.99, 32GB) zu sein one of the nicest android tablets we"ve seen, v a gorgeous supervisor AMOLED display, a more refined body 보다 its predecessor, and a powerful processorfor wonderful performance. Thanks zu its huge 9.7-inch screen, it"s better suited weil das multitasking than its 8-inchcounterpart, the Tab S2 8.0 ($299.99 weist Amazon) . But it slightly trails ns smaller tablet bei overall performance, and commands a hefty $100 premium weil das less 보다 two added inches des screen.

Design und Features the Tab S2 9.7 ($299.99 at Amazon) ist just around identical bei design to its 8-inch sibling, just larger. It steps 9.34 über 6.65 von 0.22 customs (HWD) and weighs 13.7 ounces, a significant increase over die 7.8-by-5.3-by-0.22-inch, 9.3-ounce Tab S2 8.0. But weil das a bigger tablet, it"s evenmore svelte than the sich entschuldigen iPad wait 2 ($299.99 hinweisen Amazon) (9.4 über 6.6 von 0.24 inches und 15 ounces), which is pretty impressive.



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The Tab S2 has a gorgeous 9.7-inch supervisor AMOLED screen. Due to its bigger size, the 2,048-by-1,536 display screen works out kommen sie about 264 pixels per inch (ppi), which is actually much less than the 320ppi weil das the 8-inch Tab S2. Regardless, it aussehen equally impressive, with bright, popping colors and fluid animations.

The 32GB Tab S2 comes preloaded with 6.5GB of Samsung bloatware, like milk Music, most von which cannot be deleted. (Best Buy sells a 64GB model zum $599.99.) You so get android 5.0.2 Lollipop, seasoned with Samsung"s TouchWiz skin. Und like die Tab S2 8.0, freundin get a few unique perks. SideSync, zum instance, lasst uns you regulate your phone call from your tablet, taking calls on the Tab S2 when your phone"s on the charging dock in anotherroom. QuickConnect supplies both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to spiegel your tablet screen zu a samsung Smart TV, or reverse that andput what"s showing on your television on your tablet. Each des these functions works well, although ich did notification with SideSync the if you let your tablet computer sleep for a little too long, there"s a noticeable lag when sie pick it back up and then swipe at the simulated call screen.

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Multitasking fenstern make viel more sense below than on die 8-inch Tab S2. You can openup zu six windows across ns tablet"s screen, as long as the anwendung supports split-screen mode. On the 8-inch tablet this setup aussehen messy, yet on ns Tab S2 9.7 it aussehen reasonable, through up kommen sie four screens open at one time—six renders the buchstabe a bit too small.


There room LTE modell of ns tablet available from die four major U.S. Carriers, which will increase the already-steep starting price von $499.99. Our test unit ist a Wi-Fi-only model. Die Wi-Fi zu sein pretty powerful; next to our FiOS prüfen router, I gott a hard download speed of 56.1Mbps. At about 20 feet away, the number dropped zu 12.8Mbps, which is ausblüten perfectly acceptable.

Performance Powered von Samsung"s octa-core Exynos 5433 processer, (the very same chipin ns Galaxy grad 4 ($299.99 hinweisen Amazon) ), ns Tab S2 whizzed through benchmark tests, yet it"s not quite a category leader. Scoring 46,918 on the Antutu test, i beg your pardon measures as whole performance, ns Tab S2 was bestedby some of the competition, including last year"s Nexus 9 (49,608). It nur barely edged out die smaller Asus ZenPad s 8.0 (Z580CA) ($299.99 at Amazon) (45,891), andit smoked die similarly size LG G Pad 10.1 ($299.99 weist Amazon) (17,035) and the Lenovo Yoga tablet computer 2 zum ($299.99 hinweisen Amazon) (32,909) in terms des overall performance.

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Video playback is stellar, with smooth computer animation on ns Super AMOLED screen. Die speakers on the bottom sound a little tinny wie man turned up, yet audio through headphones zu sein loud and clear. The8-megapixel rear camera ist surprisingly competent, and takes clear shots in natural light. The2.1-megapixel front-facing camera is good for reasonably sharp selfies und video chats.

Battery life is just average. To prüfung it, we streamed a videos over Wi-Fi weist maximum brightness. Die Tab S2 9.7"s 5,870mAh battery lasted zum 5 hours and 11 minutes. It wenn just behind ns iPad waiting 2, which lasted 5:15, und much furtherbehind the amazonas Kindle Fire HDX 8.9($299.99 hinweisen Amazon), which lasted bei impressive 7:59. Zum a tablet computer built weil das multitasking, we were hoping zum a little more juice to make it through die day.

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Conclusions The samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 ist one des the best android tablets on ns market. It"s incredibly thin und light, has useful multitasking features, und excels at media playback. Yet its high price and average battery life make die 8-inch Tab S2 a much better buy, unless freundin really require that additional 1.7 inches of screen. And if freundin do, you might want to consider die iPad air 2. It"s not nearly as configurable as ns Tab S2, however iOS is ausblüten home to more, higher-qualitytablet apps than Android, and the iPad waiting 2 continues to be our Editors" Choice zum large-screen tablets.