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If you are at this time considering purchase a new phone, examine out Saturn and Media Markt ’s existing promotions. Both electronic devices stores have significantly reduced the prices of various devices bei the range des "smartphone fever" und "Purzel prices".

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Media marketSaturn attracts many smartphones to this keep on plenty of weekends. Die "smartphone fever" und "Purzel price" activities are every related to mobile phones. An some cases, plenty of well-known models schutz been reduced und will be sold punkt a discounted price before 9:00 in on may 4. Listed below we nur you ns highest deals of these 2 campaigns, some of which tun können save a last of money.


ns Honor 20 Pro zu sein a powerful overall package: a 256 GB device, 8 GB of RAM, a Kirin 980 processor und a 48-megapixel camera. There is deshalb a big 6.26-inch display. Die Honor 20 jeden has wonderful performance, in excellent camera and a long-lasting battery. Media Markt's current mobile phone price is 333 euros, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is 599 euros. Various other retailers still require hinweisen least 390 euros.

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you are right now buying the samsung Galaxy A40 weil das 179 Euros, dafür the price ist reasonable. Die manufacturer's argued retail price ist 249 euros. Weist other retailers, ns current shelf price des mobile phones ist at least 199 euros. Die A40 has a 5.9-inch AMOLED display, Exynos 7904 processor and 4 GB des RAM. With die Galaxy A40, you möchte get a rugged day-to-day phone with in excellent display, but the performance ist quite moderate.

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Saturn right now provides 64 GB und 128 GB of memory weil das the apple iPhone 11, through prices of 699 euros and 777 euros, respectively. Other retailers charge at least 40 Euros and 45 Euros for apfel phones. Apple even called the prices von these two phones 799 euros und 899 euros, respectively. Through this money, you will get a high-end smartphone equipped v a 6.1-inch LCD display, an effective features, confront ID and in excellent camera. Only the iPhone 11 jeden camera is better.

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with Honor 20, you can get a powerful overall package. Smartphones kann now it is in purchased native Media Markt punkt a price von 249 euros, und the manufacturer ’s argued retail price zu sein slightly below 500 euros. Other retailers are blieb charging about 285 euros for their phones. The device has 128 GB von memory, 6 GB of RAM und a in der nähe des Kirin 980 processor. Die borderless 6.26-inch screen only gives a small hole zum the front camera. In our test, the mobile phone convinced us erste with its design and performance. Through this offer, you kann sein get good overall packaging weist a very reasonable price.

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you are right now buying the Galaxy note 10+ indigenous Samsung zum only 777 euros. Compared zu dealers, you save around 30 Euros. Saturn ’s normalerweise retail price ist 959 euros. Klasse 10 Plus has actually 256 GB von large machine memory and a 6.7-inch AMOLED display. Ns Exynos 9825 processor zu sein installed inside, und 12 GB des RAM is deshalb installed. Die mobile phone ist located in the high-end area, deswegen it has a last of power.

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you are right now buying Wiko see 3 jeden from Media Markt for 249 Euros. A good price because competition ausblüten requires hinweisen least 299 Euros. The smartphone provides 128 GB von device memory und a 6.3-inch complete HD resolution display. Die Mediatek Helio P60 is used as a processor, und 6 GB von RAM is also installed. An general, you can buy a sturdy cell phone phone weist a low price every day, yet do not expect it to oase high-end performance.

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the iPhone 11 Pro ist a high-end smartphone within the current modell range. This phone provides a 5.8-inch OLED display, an effective features, confront ID and in excellent camera. Saturn ’s present smartphone zu sein priced punkt 999 euros, and Apple itself charges a staggering 1,149 euros for the iphone 11 Pro. The normal street price zu sein about 1,060 euros. The Media Markt offer kann save sie about 60 Euros.

xiaomi Redmi grad 8 Pro is currently just available weil das 215 Euros. Great price, because die regular price of a smartphone zu sein 264.99 euros, and other retailers blieb charge at least 235 euros for the device. The phone has actually a 6.53-inch display with a mini notch, Mediatek Helio G90T processor und 6 GB des RAM. Die maximum resolution of the hauptsächlich camera zu sein 20 megapixels, and 128 GB of device memory is deshalb installed. Bei our tests, us were particularly impressed über the excellent camera und excellent performance. A good mobile phone punkt a reasonable price.

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With the help of iPhone 11 jeden Max, you tun können buy high-end smartphones with powerful, challenge ID und excellent cameras from the current model series. Thanks to die 6.5-inch OLED display, it is also very suitable for your pocket. Media Markt gives three storage types zum mobile phones, v 64 and 256 GB von storage space respectively. Die cheapest model zu sein currently priced hinweisen 1,099 euros, and the iphone 11 Pro max with 256 GB von RAM is priced hinweisen 1,249 euros. Compared with non-binding price recommendations, it not only saves money, but also saves costs wie comparing price with other dealers. Depending on die size von the memory, you kann sein save 60 euros <64 GB> und 70 euros <256 GB>.

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The android smartphone Nokia 7.2 costs only 219 euros, which ist part von the smartphone's fever. Die manufacturer's said retail price zu sein 299 euros. At other retailers, the phone is still on die shelf and the price ist at least 250 euros. Therefore, you kann sein save hinweisen least 50 Euros on ns purchase cost. Nokia 7.2 supplies a 6.3-inch huge screen, Snapdragon 660, 4 GB RAM und 64 GB an equipment memory. An the short test of the device, we were particularly impressed von the great camera. From there, you tun können get a sturdy everyday mobile phone hinweisen a good price.

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More offers

In these two campaigns, we only thought about the service provided von mobile phones, you tun können actually conserve a gewächs of money. We usage the preis search engine zu compare die promotional preis with die sales price des other dealers. However, in our comparison, we only encompass well-known trusted dealers. Of course, there are an ext cheap phones in both campaigns. You can find bei overview von all promotional products on die Media Markt promotion page, which so applies to die Saturn promotional page.

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Retailers such as Media Markt, amazonas or Saturn offer numerous discounts every day. It is difficult to keep bei overview. Netzwelt routinely checks die quotations von various retailers. We will tell you, how much did sie really save? bei order notfall to miss the transaction, sie can deshalb subscribe to our cheap newsletter.

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