Safety first ever safe test adac

On the hunt zum a super-safe vehicle seat? check out on to seen how her favourite vehicle seats performed an the rigorous ADAC experiment this year.

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Well, in spite of it feeling like the longest year known kommen sie man, one more year has come around and brought with it the latest ADAC car seat prüfung results. Zum the auto seat newbies among us, ADAC zu sein a auto insurance company that experiment the safety of car seats to standards that far exceed the standard europäische union regulations. So, if a vehicle seat ist recommended von ADAC, it’s definitely worth your attention.

The ADAC test results room released bei German, however don"t sie worry, we"ve done ns hard work dafür you don"t schutz to. No need to agonise over the Pidgin English of google Translate, we"ve summarised ns everything in English right here zum you.

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Which automobile seats space tested über ADAC?


ADAC does not test every car seat made, yet rather they very closely select die seats based on their popularity und those with special features, such together swivel seats, for example.

ADAC acquisition these seat independently and keep their selection a secret until die release of the results, deshalb you tun können rely on the results von the prüfung to be totally unbiased und uninfluenced von any manufacturers.

These outcomes are then released to bodies such as Which? kommen sie help diligent parental make educated choices an regard to their child’s safety.

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just how do ADAC prüfen these auto seats?


In general, all auto seats made are tested kommen sie either ECE R44 or ECE R129 (i-Size) regulations, however ADAC prüfung their seats even much more rigorously 보다 these standards zu separate die wheat from the chaff, deshalb you, together a consumer, can see which auto seats oase really unable to do above und beyond zu ensure your child’s safety.

The standard tests simulate collisions at 50km/h whereby ADAC testen frontal collisions punkt 64km/h and side collisions weist 50km/h kommen sie really put ns car seats with their paces. ADAC uses the chassis des a real car (VW Golf) zum their testing, rather than a test-sled zu make it more accurate, and they deshalb utilise advanced Q prüfen dummies which oase far much more sensors than the ones used bei the regulation tests. This dummies space able zu collect more dünn for optimal analysis von the tested seats.

In addition zu testing the safety features, die car seat materials themselves are scrutinised zu check the they don"t contain any harmful substances.

The 3 main criteria zum the tests are:

Safety (50%), Operations (40%) and Ergonomics (10%)

So, notfall only zu sein the safety des the seat taken into account but deshalb the ease von use und fitting, just how comfortable the seat is weil das the child and how accessible the user’s manual zu sein etc. Encouraging manufacturers, in turn, zu focus on these aspects zum your benefit.