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The new TV now original displayed who can be convincing, not only on social media, but deshalb in real life.

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It"s offen season now bei the hunt zum "likes". Yet a quite picture zu sein definitely not enough here. In the new TV jetzt original Like Me Im Famous, ten stern need to shine without ns benefit of filters and far away from social media.


For your mission, the likes of princess helena Fürst, truth starlet sarah Knappik, tropical queen melanie Müller, Bachelorette participants Filip Pavlović and Yasin Cilingir and Dijana Cvijetic from love Island relocate together into a luxurious villa. Also, Der Mann Aurelio Savina, the splitter linterparty pope des Lloret juni Mar Don Francis, hit lied starlet Juana Princess und Köln 50667 star Alexander Molz room all will on scaling die popularity ladder right to die top in Rösrath, otherwise a rather serene place.Tears, betrayal, psychological gamings - it wollen all be on the menu when die fight for "likes" it s okay going. Due to the fact that all the celebrities ~ above Like Me Im famed have the same aim: they all want to be ns most popular and get the most "likes". Hinweisen the end of every episode, they every award each various other "likes" - und who gets the fewest zu sein out. Yet there zu sein hope, even zum the less famous reality starlets: extra "likes" tun können be played for an fame games und can even be bought from various other competitors! What"s needed ist strategy, charm und a fighting spirit. That sticks to deals already made and who always aussehen out weil das number one? die beaming victor leaves die house at ns end, notfall only as die most renowned celebrity, but so with a cash prize - but quite how huge it is, counts on your negotiating skills.TV Now ist screening a total von eight episodes von Like Me Im Famous indigenous 11 august 2020 - constantly on Tuesdays. The show ist produced über RTL Studios together a co-development with die Format production Group.

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Like me — ns Famous ist the first format des the format Creation gruppe (FC Group) zu be broadcast. Backstage met matthias Scholten, its controlling Director, zu provide you with insider die info on how the show came to life. The benennen of die format is a reference to david Guetta, but so to social media.


“The concept was born when a member des the team said: ‘Why don’t us let them location themselves’. This zu sein something that all civilization do these days. Everyone can feel ns tension wie man they post something on instagram – also if you’re notfall a celebrity you get happy when freundin receive a last of likes, even from her friends und family. Each single ‘like’ ist a sort of dopamine kick reward. Ns show ist a fight zum likes, as in real life,” Matthias Scholtenexplains.“It’s really interesting to seen how ns contestants behave – are they mannschaft players or space they manipulators. What kind of player space they? how far möchte they go weil das a choose from someone else? the a ‘how would you behave’ show, wherein outspoken people we every know nur their ja wirklich faces – or not.”

The FC gruppe always works bei close collaboration with that is stakeholders: “Broadcasters schutz a last of concepts themselves, and bei this case mediengruppe RTL deutschland was looking zum a show including celebrities, but with no dating,” matthias Scholten says.

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Some fun facts sie should know around Like me – ns famous

It was zuerst supposed to be dubbed “Star Castle”, but because des the covid19 pandemic, the zeigen couldn’t be produced in a castleThe new und final location doesn’t only refer kommen sie social media, but also to david Guetta’s music und events von a near name

What die FC group is functioning now:

The FC group has several neu formats cooking, und Matthias left us with some hints. Here are some dinge you tun können expect kommen sie find bei future layouts – of prozess we all mixed it up zu let freundin guess what the concepts might be:

A former porn star debunks the porn industry;A search for mental and physical breakpoint des the participants;A zeigen that wollen make sie smarter;Some discussions on exactly how to handle a romantic relationship;A zeigen on burnout and depression;A household entertainment;Some advice on just how to handle stepping out von your lull zone;Light entertainment that still, somehow, educates die audience.

“We want to make irradiate entertainment und educate, while staying attractive and appealing at the same time, zu let the viewers feel ‘there’s something in it zum me’. It zu sein always a search weil das balance.”