Robert Pattinson Und Kristen Stewart

lock met on the set of Twilight in 2008 und won ideal Kiss at die MTV Awards in May 2009.

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Let"s take it a watch at robert Pattinson und Kristen Stewart"s relationship und why they damaged up.


Robert Pattinson an brief

The zuerst time freundin saw robert Pattinson, 33, was probably as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter und The Goblet des Fire when the was nur 18.

Pattinson had earned his stripes in youth theatre in England but it was in 2008 wie he came to be a family members name.

Cast together Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie, his acting merged with undeniable on-screen chemistry with brazer Stewart führen zu him zu being cast in the recurring TV saga von the same name. 


The lowdown on crazer Stewart

Kristen Stewart began acting at die age des 8 but it was her role as ns diabetic daughter of jodie Foster in Panic Room that gott her noticed und she was nominated zum a Young Artist Award. 

Stewart go on to act in numerous films including The Yellow Handkerchief, Weljubileecityfest.orge to die Rileys and then together Isabella Swan an Twilight.

According kommen sie Forbes, she was die highest paid actress in 2012, with pistole earnings von $34.5million. 


The Twilight Years

Pattinson und Stewart"s partnership started through Twilight in 2008. Stewart and Pattinson were actors as co-dependent vampire-mortal lovers and that love crossed end into real life.

They were on-screen, off-screen sweethearts und the world was obsessed with their chemistry.


Trouble in paradise

In July 2012, the Telegraph reported that Pattison had actually moved out von the K-Pat love nest due to the fact that Stewart had bei affair v Rupert Sanders.

Stewart met sanders on ns set des Snow White and the Hunstman.

Sanders, die director des the movie, was married at ns time. His wife, Liberty Ross, was so in ns movie. She played Stewart"s mother, Queen Eleanor. You could speak to it jubileecityfest.orgplicated. Stewart dubbed it a "momentary indiscretion".

It was the end of Stewart and Pattinson"s romance and the world was upset. Greatly with Stewart. 

None less than donald Trump tweeted “Robert Pattinson should not take zurück Kristen Stewart. She cheated on er like a dog & wollen do the again—just watch. He kann sein do viel better!”


Post break-up

After cheating on and splitting from Pattinson, Stewart opened up about herstellung sexuality und began openly dating women.

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First there was visual effects artist Alicia Cargile, then French singer, Solo. After ~ that jubileecityfest.orge musician St. Vincent und Victoria"s mystery model, Stella Maxwell. 

Stewart was recently spotted acquiring cosy through screenwriter dylan Meyer yet says she is still interested an men. 

"The jubileecityfest.orgle worry with sexuality is so gray. I"m just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, the grayness, i m sorry has constantly existed," she told The Guardian.

Are robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating again?

The current rumour is that Kristin Stewart und Robert Pattinson are once again "a thing".

In short, they"re not.

While Stewart has actually been jubileecityfest.orgmonly dating, Pattinson has also had a couple von girlfriends.

In 2015 Pattinson gott engaged zu British singer FKA Twigs however two years later he apparently dubbed it off due kommen sie conflicting schedules.

Pattinson ist currently dating Bradley Cooper"s one time girlfriend Suki Waterhouse and has been zum the past year dafür any wahrscheinlichkeit of a Robsten reunion is slim.

For now, if freundin want to relive die Pattinson-Stewart romance year you"ll just oase to clock Twilight reruns.

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Hannah Hempenstall Hannah Hempenstall is a writer, life coach and meditation practitioner based in the Byron Shire. She loves the nett of storytelling und is obsessed v understanding human being behaviour.

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