Rip dvd bằng window media player

Windows truyền thông Player (WMP) is a truyền thông player & library installed by Microsoft Windows by default. You can play multiple videos, audios, audio CDs, data CDs và data DVDs. Moreover, Windows truyền thông media Player is capable lớn burn & rip music CDs.

Then how about DVD-video discs? Can you play or rip a DVD with Windows media Player? Luckily, you can get answers about ripping purchased DVD with Windows truyền thông Player here. Just read và check.


Part 1: Can You Rip DVD khổng lồ Computer Using Windows truyền thông Player

If you really want lớn play DVD movies with Windows media Player, you can use a third-party DVD ripper khổng lồ convert DVD khổng lồ Windows media Player compatible formats first, such as AVI, WMV, VOB, ASF, WMP, WMX, 3GP, etc.

Part 2: How khổng lồ Rip DVD khổng lồ Windows truyền thông media Player

Which one can be your best DVD ripper that can help you play DVD with Windows media Player? Definitely DVD Rippr can be your first choice. Firstly, you can rip DVD in 1:1 quality. All your DVD content will be ripped into digital files without transcoding. Thus, you can get the complete DVD structure, đoạn clip tracks, audio tracks, DVD menus, chapters and subtitles within the ripped files.

Secondly, you can rip DVD to lớn Windows media Player with wide support of formats & presets. All Windows truyền thông media Player supported formats can be found here. Once you rip DVD with DVD Monster, you can play DVD using Windows truyền thông Player directly. Of course, it is also supported to watch DVD movies on iPhone, iPad, Samsung & other portable players.

Thirdly, you can rip DVD at 6x faster tốc độ than other DVD rippers. The batch conversion support allows user khổng lồ rip all DVD contents in a short time.

Thanks khổng lồ the leading DVD decryption algorithm, you can rip old và new DVDs khổng lồ Windows truyền thông Player for playback. What’s more, you can cảm biến up DVD movies before ripping. The built-in đoạn phim editor offers various editing options, like trimming, merging, adjusting effects, choosing subtitles, selecting audio tracks and more.

Rip DVD to Windows media Player, as well as any other mainstream đoạn phim and audio formats, Rip DVD with thực đơn at 6x faster speed. Rip DVD without unique at 1:1 copy mode. Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

Step 1: miễn phí download, install and launch DVD khổng lồ WMP converter software on PC. Insert a DVD disc into the DVD drive on your computer.

Step 2: Click “Load DVD” on the top left corner of the window. Click “DVD Disc” lớn load the DVD content.


You need khổng lồ click “View/Select Title” to lớn access all chapters. Mark before the tệp tin you want to lớn convert.


Step 3: Unfold the “Rip All to” danh sách on the đứng đầu right corner. Here you can set the đầu ra format as “WMV” for ripping DVD khổng lồ Windows media Player.


Step 4: At last, click “Rip All” lớn rip entire DVD videos. Once the DVD ripping process ends, you can see a folder pops up automatically. Here you can see the ripped videos.


Part 3: đứng đầu 3 không tính tiền DVD Rippers to lớn Rip DVD without Windows truyền thông media Player

Just as above mentioned, Windows media Player cannot work as a DVD ripper. If you want to free rip DVD on Windows, you can use the following tools for DVD to Windows truyền thông Player playback.

Top 1: VLC media Player

VLC media Player is a không lấy phí and mở cửa source media player & converter on multiplatform. You can rip playable DVD with VLC media Player on Windows for free. After that, you can play the ripped videos using Windows media Player.


1. Rip DVDs, VCDs and other truyền thông media files for free.

2. Support a large amount of file types và formats.


1. Intuitive interface for DVD ripping.

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2. VLC is clunky at times while ripping or playing DVD on PC.


Top 2: HandBrake

HandBrake is a popular video converter & DVD ripper for Windows users. It is safe to tải về and use. You can use HandBrake khổng lồ convert non-protected DVD to MKV for Windows truyền thông media Player.


1. Free and mở cửa source.

2. Rip DVD khổng lồ Windows media Player with metadata support.


1. HandBrake cannot rip all DVD contents. The DVD menus và other contents may be lost.

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2. Transcode files after ripping DVD on PC.


Top 3: Freemake đoạn phim Converter

Freemake video clip Converter is a freemium DVD ripper for Windows media Player. You can rip videos from DVD & save as many formats. There is also a free đoạn clip crop editor you can use.


1. Rip DVD with subtitles for Windows truyền thông Player.

2. Clean and user-friendly interface.


1. The không tính tiền version will attach watermark in the output video.

2. The latest update makes the speed of compression to lớn be slow.


You can rip DVD to lớn Windows media Player with the above 4 không lấy phí and professional DVD rippers. Windows truyền thông media Player cannot play DVD movies directly. You need lớn convert DVD nội dung to WMV before playing DVD using Windows truyền thông Player. Considering the fastest ripping speed & 100% quality, DVD boss khủng can help you rip DVD on Windows with excellent performance.