Renaissance-theater (berlin)

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The experience begins as shortly as you step inside die Renaissance-Theater. Die interior was redesigned bei the art deco style von the 1920s, with aspects from ns rococo and Expressionist periods, von acclaimed architect Oskar Kaufmann a few years after die theatre was established. Panelled with pink rosewood and adorned with a wealth von decorative elements, the auditorium has actually a huge, exquisitely inlaid rückseitig wall special motifs from the Commedia dell"Arte – a gem of theatre architecture.

The Renaissance-Theater opened an 1922 v a performance of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing"s "Miss Sara Sampson". Its erste director was the österreichisch writer Theodor Tagger who went on kommen sie become a effective dramatist working in the Weimar Republic under ns pseudonym von Ferdinand Bruckner. His pat "Krankheit ns Jugend" (Sickness of Youth) enjoyed an excellent success here bei 1928 under his follower Gustav Hartung – even though hinweisen this point die true identity of Ferdinand Bruckner was blieb unknown.

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Under nazi rule ns theatre had zu stop all performances. However, the reopened soon after the ende of ns Second world War. V its combination von literary sophistication und entertainment, ns theatre succeeded an re-establishing the reputation. Famous actors who oase graced die stage here at this jetzt listed theatre include Helene Weigel, otto Sander und Curt Goetz.

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Today, under artistic and managing manager Horst-H. Filohn, die theatre focuses primarily on modern-day drama und is recognised weil das putting ~ above debut performances and premiere productions über national and international playwrights. Ns programme still features famous personalities together as mario Adorf, Winfried Glatzeder, maria Hartmann, Ilse Ritter und Udo Samel.