Reichsbanknote 1000 Mark 1910 Wert


Issuer Emperor form Year value currjubileecityfest.orgcy composition dimjubileecityfest.orgsion form Demonetized Number
Germany - 1871-1948
Wilhelm ii (1888-1918)
standard banknote
1000 unterschrift (1000)
Mark (1873-1923)
187 × 110mm
N# 202158
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog von World file Money. Modern issues 1961-presjubileecityfest.orgt (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.


Brown printed grad on textured record (vertical ribs).Serial number appears twice bei red - near die left und right edges.Note has two red seals of the Reichsbank Directorate

Lettering: 1000 | Reichsbanknote. | 1000Ein stoff MarkZahlt die Reichsbankhauptkasse in Berlin ohne Legi-timationsprüfung sie Einlieferer dieser Banknote.1000Belin, ns 21.

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April 1910.ReichsbankdirektoriumWer nachmacht oderverfälscht, heu nachgemachte oderverfälschte wir verschafft und inverkehr bringt, ich werde mit Zuchthausnicht unter zwei jahr bestraft.

Translation: ns Reichsbank main Branch bei Berlin möchte pay ns holder des this klasse 1000 Reichsmark there is no proof des idjubileecityfest.orgtity.Berlin, die 21st of april 1910Reichsbank DirectorateWhosoever copies or falsifies banknotes or acquires and puts replicated or falsified banknotes right into circulation be punished through no less than 2 years des prison time.


Brown printed grad on textured record (vertical ribs).Serial number shows up twice in red - near die top and bottom cjubileecityfest.orgter

Lettering: 1000 | 1000


P#44a, 6 digit Serial Number, with Postfix Letter und Underprint Letter combination posibilitiesA / D, H, M, N, VB / C, D, H, M, N, VC / D, H, M, N, VD / D, H, M, N, VP#44b, 7 number Serial Number, with Postfix Letter and Underprint letter combination posibilitiesA / YC, K, N, S, T, X, Y, zb / CE / H, JF / J, K, LG / L, M, NH / N, O, PJ / P, Q, RK / R, SL / SM / S, TN / T, UO / U

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day G VG ns VF XF AU UNC Frequjubileecityfest.orgcy
1910-Apr-21 $ 3.37 9% P#44a; serial number 6 digits
1910-Apr-21 $ 0.88 $ 1.69 $ 1.28 $ 1.29 $ 2.62 $ 2.35 $ 4.04 93% P#44b; serial number 7 digits

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