Red Dead Redemption 2 Ego Perspektive

The camera can change between three perspectives in Red tot Redemption 2, and this guide will nur you how to change bolzen all 3 on ns fly.

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Rockstar added in a zuerst person perspective after ns launch des GTA 5, however with Red dead Redemption 2, it"s easily accessible from launch. An this Red dead Redemption 2 camera guide, we"ll it is in walking freundin through how kommen sie change camera in Red dead Redemption 2, deshalb you tun können switch back und forth between the first and third personen cameras, too as the special cinematic camera.

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How zu Switch to zuerst Person

Switching to zuerst person ist simple: niederdrücken the Touch Pad on the PS4 controller or ns Select taste on die Xbox One controller. Pressing this wollen switch you between all 3 camera modes, und you can switch it nach oben as viel as freundin like with Red tot Redemption 2.


Note the there will be part situations in Rockstar’s video game where you’re forced zu play an one camera perspective. There’s a story pflicht really early on an the game, whereby Arthur gets blackout drunk, und for most von this succession you’re stuck in the zuerst person camera mode. Except instances prefer these, you’re free zu switch back und forth between the first und third person perspectives.

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Are There any kind of Advantages kommen sie Playing bei First-Person?

We"ve play Red dead Redemption 2 in first und third-person perspectives, und it"s hard to pick a favourite. Aiming zu sein solid in both modes, dafür the an option comes down zu your field des view. Wie playing in third-person freundin get a larger view von the welt around Arthur, back as die game isn"t a corridor shooter this doesn"t give viel of a gameplay advantage.

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How to Use Cinematic Camera in RDR2

There zu sein another camera view an Red dead Redemption 2 the isn"t activated by scrolling through the options. Die cinematic camera presents the action indigenous a, well, cinematic view point, definition it"s notfall hugely playable but does look an extremely nice. To activate ns cinematic camera bei RDR2 you simply have to hold down the camera button. You"ll see schwarze farbe bars anfang to appear at the top and bottom of the screen, but keep holding till the taste prompt disappears.

This can be the end of our guide on how to change up the camera bei Red tot Redemption 2, but there’s plenty an ext guides on die game here punkt You tun können check out our guides on how kommen sie increase your stamina, or how to increase your health an Red tot Redemption 2, if you need a bit von a boost in either area.

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