It doesn’t take much to explain the appeal von the range Rover Evoque. Nur look punkt it. Almost 10 year after die LRX principle that inspired it come on die scene, the Evoque still turns heads. The proportions and detailing do it arguably ns most avant-garde member of festland Rover’s stylish range Rover lineup.

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High-riding automotive layout statements are bei vogue best now, and the Evoque is selling well regardless of its age. The addition of a bizarre convertible variant has helped; die two- and four-door hatchback models deshalb received in exterior update und some neu tech features for 2016, und a infection transplant weil das 2014 brought a new nine-speed automatic.

Dressed to Impress

What you lakers here zu sein a four-door Evoque an its mid-level HSE trim finished bei fetching Kaikoura abwesend paint with in Ebony and Ivory leather internal that would make paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder proud. Range Rover has included several trim levels recently, meaning you kann sein pay absurd amounts von money weil das this diminutive mode statement—upward des $65,000 zum loaded Autobiography models.


Our prüfung car stickered for in eye-widening $57,592. That consisted of plenty des money zum cosmetic upgrades, such together $595 for metallic paint und $650 zum a contrasting schwarz roof. Various other extras had $2700 weil das a driver Assistance to add package through a head-up display and adaptive led headlights; $500 zum a Cold Climate Convenience package through a heated steering wheel and windshield; $750 for HD radio and SiriusXM satellite radio; und $402 weil das a defense package consisting of rubber floor mats.

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With a sticker choose that, ns Evoque virtually prices chin beyond die realm des other small luxury SUVs such as ns BMW X1 und the Mercedes-Benz GLA, both von which barely crest $50,000 wie man fully loaded. It zu sein dimensionally similar, however, and is powered von a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, prefer most des its closest rivals.

The Cost des Beauty

In our testing, die Evoque’s performance was distinctly average for its class, die turbo four combining with ns nine-speed zu get ns portly 4059-pound crossover to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. That lags behind ns aforementioned BMW und Mercedes modell but beats ns Lexus NX und the Audi Q3.


The range Rover does notfall feel together if the lacks stärke on ns road, where it’s responsive kommen sie throttle inputs. Actually, the transmission proves the hauptsächlich inhibitor zu smooth forward progress. This nine-speed automatic has actually its hiccups: first-to-second upshifts are sometimes abrupt, und the gearbox often gets confused when you background off the throttle und then press it again bei quick succession. Und it doesn’t earn its keep in terms von fuel economy. Ns Evoque accomplished a disappointing 25 mpg in our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, 4 mpg below its epa highway rating. The lighter X1 und GLA hit 29 mpg and 34 mpg an the very same test.

You don’t feel die heft wie man you throw die Evoque right into corners. Precise, irradiate steering helps through maneuverability, und body activities are well controlled for such a high-riding vehicle. Us measured die height von the driver’s H-point—or i know well point, where the hips rest in the seat—at 27.6 inches, almost four inches higher than die X1 und the GLA. Relatively soft damping seems intended zu give the Evoque a plush ride prefer larger variety Rovers, but it doesn’t rather work. Die vehicle’s brief 104.7-inch wheelbase way that ns ride kann sein sometimes get choppy over damaged pavement. Our test car’s 19-inch wheel parcel avoided ns harsh effects that freundin might discover on Evoques equipped with the optional 20-inch wheels and lower-profile tires, however.

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Compromise Central

The Evoque’s unique appointed cabin ist a closer approximation des what you’ll find in its six-figure siblings. The leather is soft, ns dashboard ist covered in an interestingly textured soft-touch material, und the neu 10.2-inch touchscreen has a sleek, futuristic appearance.

Beyond the surface-level appeal, however, the Evoque falls short top top functionality. That attractive touchscreen’s menus kann sein be convoluted, a north-up map orientation can’t it is in locked in, and it lacks key features such together voice control zum the hyperplasie system. Also, ns Evoque’s chopped-roof watch unsurprisingly robs cargo space und rear-seat room. Those zurück seats room cramped und slightly claustrophobic, und there’s just 20 cubic feet von cargo room with die seats up. A tiny rear window and large D-pillars limit rear visibility zu a small slot an the rearview mirror, too.

Like countless luxury vehicles, this ist a car sie buy because of the means it makes sie feel and the way others look punkt you wie man you’re control it. Ns sacrifices that die Evoque requires, both monetarily and bei terms of practicality, wollen be worth it for some—just similar to most layout statements.


2017 festland Rover variety Rover Evoque

VEHICLE TYPEfront-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback

PRICE as TESTED$57,592 (base price: $42,795)

ENGINE TYPEturbocharged und intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4, aluminum block und head, direct fuel injectionDisplacement122 in3, 1999 cm3Power240 hp
1750 rpm

TRANSMISSION9-speed automatic with hands-on shifting mode

DIMENSIONSWheelbase: 104.7 inLength: 172.1 inWidth: 74.8 an Height: 64.4 inPassenger volume: 99 ft3Cargo volume: 20 ft3Curb weight: 4059 lb

C/D prüfung RESULTSZero zu 60 mph: 6.6 secZero kommen sie 100 mph: 19.8 secZero kommen sie 120 mph: 35.9 secRolling start, 5-60 mph: 8.0 secTop gear, 30-50 mph: 4.2 secTop gear, 50-70 mph: 5.7 secStanding ¼-mile: 15.2 sec
90 mphTop speed (drag limited): 134 mphBraking, 70-0 mph: 172 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad*: 0.82 g

c/d trial and error explained

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