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Home » Bodybuilding video » 1988 Mr. Olympia (DVD)
Home » Bodybuilding video » 1988 Mr. Olympia (DVD)


1988 Mr. Olympia (DVD)

USD $29.95

A-0461-DVD Open region DVD Duration: 85 mins Sample clip

Haney wins v a perfect score bei what was the largest-grossing zeigen to date in the global Amphitheater bei Los Angeles. This beautifully staged dispute remains a classic and all-time favourite featuring good bodybuilding stars.

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1988 Mr. Olympia (DVD) amount
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1988 Mr. Olympia (Historic DVD)


You see the finish routine des every competitor. This zu sein followed über the oberteil 6 posedown and awards. Die quality of this video production ist absolutely outstanding.

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Haney wins with a perfect score in what was the largest-grossing zeigen to date in the universal Amphitheater bei Los Angeles. This beautiful staged dispute remains a classic und all-time favorite featuring an excellent bodybuilding stars.

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Over 6,000 fans gathered at ns Universal Amphitheater zum this taste event. It was the only Olympia in which die contenders to be officially weighed, weist a drücken sie conference on Thursday, september 8th, 48 hours prior zu prejudging. Each entrant had an identical boxing robe together they came an to be weighed, providing a mystique yet even playing field to die whole procedure.

1988 Mr. Olympia Results

1 Lee Haney 2 affluent Gaspari 3 berry de Mey 4 Lee Labrada 5 Gary Strydom 6 Mike Quinn 7 Brian Buchanan 8 Samir Bannout 9 Ron love 10 Bob paris 11 Mohamed Benaziza 12 Phil Hill 13 Shawn ray 14 Mike ashley 15 Al Beckles 16 ed Kawak 17 Robby Robinson 18 peter Hensel 19 Luiz Freitas 20 ralf Moeller