My husband and i are showing up at frankfurt airport and intend kommen sie stay at Mainz weil das May 13 und 14. Then following 2 nights might 15 und 16 punkt Bacharach leitung Hotel. Then might 17 hinweisen Koblenz Mecure Hotel. Then might 18 go to Dortmund and then dortmund -Frankfurt city on Monday might 21.

Du schaust: Quer durchs land ticket am automaten

ich know ns 3 job Eur 40 VRM mini kopieren, gruppe does not startseite Bacharach ( Oberwesel ist the many south boundary) but kann easily use watercraft or single tickets for that . Und the rest von the sightseeing und village hopping including train kommen sie Koblenz kann sein use this ticket.

Its just when ich check the DB fares weil das Koblenz to dortmund to frankfurt is so expensive, I bei der now wondering if to buy a german rail weil das say 5 days would certainly be much more worthwhile? Pls assist if anyone knows which ist best pass to use.

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1.Re: german rail pass or VRM mini group ticket or R-P ticket
9 year ago
There zu sein another daypass for weekday travel, the Quer Durchs land Ticket, i beg your pardon you tun können get zum 48 Euros zum 2 indigenous a DB ticket machine. It's similar to die R-P ticket; use ns regional trains, not the high-speed trains, after ~ 9:00. Die difference is that die QDL patent travel through multiple states.

ns German railpass zu sein more convenient, des course, zum those belastung two trips. You kann sein travel punkt any hour and use the fast trains freundin will oase to do ns math to seen what's best. Maybe you get a German railpass for every day freundin travel, or perhaps a 3-day German rail twinpass add to a neighborhood VRM or R-P daypass for extra travel days.

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2.Re: german rail pass or VRM mini kopieren, gruppe ticket or R-P ticket
9 years ago
Thank freundin Russ zum your vorbestraft help. I have managed zu find a cheap ticket from dortmund to Frankfurt zum Eur49 weil das 2. Its around 50 mins much longer than the expensive trains but i guess that is worth the savings. So German rail pass notfall required anymore.

Does die RP day ticket startseite us native Mainz all ns way zu Boppard/ Braubach ( since thats probably die farthest we will go on 15). Subsequent days wollen largely be covered within the VRM ticket.

Thanks again zum your help, ich will do the maths on the QDL zum the day moving from Koblenz to Dortmund und see just how that works out.

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3.Re: german rail happen or VRM mini gruppe ticket or R-P ticket
9 year ago
Russ or anybody who can shed more light, Could sie please be certain on what is covered von R-P ticket und QDL ticket along the Rhine fluss from Mainz zu Koblenz und Cochem. I'm one von those that are confused on ns boundaries and limitations von these tickets. I also gathered that they only give 20% discount top top cruise so you have to fall in line to get your cruise ticket. Would this notfall add to ns delay plus additional hassle an communication or miscommunications? ns VRM webseite does not tell everything.

Advantages des German Rail Pass, there room no boundaries nur hop-in und hop-off for three days but rather "expensive" for 2 if you're focused in traveling follow me Rhine.

Many thanks again

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4.Re: german rail happen or VRM mini group ticket or R-P ticket
9 year ago
Map zum the RPT


RPT abdecken all regional trains on the lines/to the stations zeigen on this map. It abdecken all city and regional buses und trams within Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland. The border of these states are gezeigt as grey dotted currently (Landesgrenze). Furthermore ns ferry bolzen St. Goar and St. Goarshausen..


VRM area is shown this map. If sie travel inside ns VRM (or inside any of the other zeigen local public fahrzeug associations) their own uses are much less than a RPT.


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QdLT startseite all local trains in Germany top top a weekday previous 9am. No other regional public fahrzeug is covered.

Schönes-Wochende-Ticket (SWT) zu sein a similar offer weil das Sa or Su. SWT covers also some regional public fahrzeug associations (e.g. Ns VRS (Cologne/Bonn)).


regional trains of DB (German Rail) are: S-Bahn, RB, RE, IRE

Covered are deshalb all local trains operated von other providers where the DB tariff applies. Which space plenty. Just exceptions are a few purely touristy mountain, steam and museum railways.

Easier is to explain what trains are notfall covered: IC/EC, ICE, railjet, Thalys, TGV and night trains.

Select at ns DB timetable as means of fahrzeug "only neighborhood transport" if you want zu use fahrkarte like ns RPT, QdLT or SWT.


> Advantages des German Rail Pass, there are no boundaries nur hop-in and hop-off zum three days but rather "expensive" zum 2 if you're focused bei travelling along Rhine.

Advantages are

- lang distance trains space covered

And escape on the route and distance die time differences tun können be big to regional trains.

- KD watercrafts are covered

- you kann travel top top weekdays so before 9am

If that comes to regional trains there zu sein no distinction to die QdLT or SWT. Ns few local trains not covered von these are not covered über a rail pass either (like die Zugspitzbahn or die Harz narrow Gauge Railways).

Not covered von a rail pass space U-Bahn (metro), trams und buses. When these space covered by the RPT and some other Länder-Tickets und at least in some areas über the SWT.

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In mix with a KD boat trip a rail pass might be deshalb OK when travelling along die Middle Rhine. Just weil das the trains there it is a little expensive. Die smaller communities there are anyway notfall served über long street trains (Mainz und Koblenz: by all lang distance trains, Bingen: most, Boppard: some).