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I always wanted kommen sie cross ns Atlantic on a real ocean vessel, which is the QM2. Die ship met all von my expectations und then some. We were lucky enough to schutz the national Symphony onboard that entertained die guests with a wonderful regimen that included passengers an the chorale.The paintings von Cunard's pearl past und present are all over ns walls. Background adorns the QM2 (in addition) ...

Just coming rückseitig from a "best von Britain" reisen this zu sein a review of a brief 2-night cruise from hamburg to Southampton. With wenig exceptions which nevertheless were noteworthy ns QM2 yielded everything us expected. The its the most beautiful ship around is of cause something no one needs kommen sie repeat auch much. Its just the truth.Before embarkation we got a grad that we would certainly be upgraded to a ...

My wife and I are devoted Cundard Cruisers (Platinum welt Club) and have never had a bad experience on plank Cunard ships. This time we travelled to Scandinavia on a brief cruise and were treated to a surprise upgrade to die Princess Grill. This was neu to us und we were really pleasantly surprised. Us were greeted the first night über name although us had nur embarked the day. Ns ...

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