Can i See part Examples von QR Codes? - Feb 2017

QR codes hold countless different types von data, when with die naked eye sie can’t call what type of charme a QR password holds, her QR password scanner can and will process data differently based upon its dünn type. This buchseite contains examples von some of the an ext common säule types. You kann sein scan them straight off ns screen through your QR password scanner.

wie man you"re scanning this codes, you möchte notice that ns different varieties of data behave an different ways, zum example if the code includes a URL, the scanner zu sein able to launch your browser und take freundin straight to that URL. If it consists of contact einzelheiten then It can save lock directly kommen sie your resolve book, This versatility offers a variety des uses zum QR Codes.

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Contact Information

Calendar Events

Email Address

Geo Location

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Phone Number
WiFi Key
Micro QR Code

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Frame QR

It"s essential to klasse that notfall all charme types room supported über all barcode scanners. For example ns “Barcode Scanner” app on Google android back in 2009 would not decode every "Calendar Event" types. In addition, a last of apps still struggle kommen sie read framework QR Codes und Micro QR Codes. Dafür there ist a dependency on ns reader und you should carry out your very own testing and research at die time von your campaign kommen sie gauge the best approach.

There space other charme types available and clever uses zum QR Codes, this includes using a QR Code zu drive a facebook like or create a tweet on Twitter.

WiFi keys are a an extremely useful säule type zum everyday use. If sie create a QR Code zum your home WiFi, you kann sein use it zu very quickly attach a smartphone or tablet kommen sie your WiFi network, und more importantly offer guests access to your network without having to read out ns settings zum them to input manually. If ns scanner offered is in app to run on the android operating system, climate the apps can input and connect directly to the WIFi network offering die best user experience. If its in Apple product top top iOS (as von Feb 2017), then die QR code scanner can"t carry out this direct und will show the WiFi Key und SSID top top screen zum the user zu copy und past into the iPhone WiFi setup wizard. Ausblüten easier then reading it out and typing the in. Think around how beneficial this can be in in office for sharing a WiFi login with countless users.

ns examples over are examples von the various types of QR Code bei their radikale form, yet there are methods you can make her QR Codes much more exciting, und we oase some good examples des people creating an ext artistic QR codes here. We talk about how this ist possible an a bit much more depth here.

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