You can use a PS3™ system to download a video game from (®Store), und then copy ns game kommen sie your system. For details about (®Store) for the PS3™ system, see the user"s guide zum the PS3™ system.

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Copying a game

Use (Content Manager) to copy die game application from the PS3™ system to her system. Zum details, seen "Copying und deleting games und other applications making use of a PS3™ system".When copying ist complete, the game icon appears on die home screen.

You tun können only copy games that oase been download from (®Store) to ns PS3™ system but schutz not been installed.On the PS3™ system, games that kann be copied to your system are shown as (Data downloaded to ns hard disk) under (Game).If a game zu sein already set up on ns PS3™ system, download that again from®Store, und then copy it zu your system before installation it on her PS3™ system.On the PS3™ system, gamings that kann be download again are listed wie man you pick Download List in (®Store). Examine that (Data downloaded to the hard disk) appears zum the game, and then copy it.An alternative to downloading a video game using a PS3™ system und then copy it kommen sie your system zu sein to download ns game straight using your system. Pick (PS Store) > > (Options) > . Select the game that you want kommen sie download, und then choose .Some games cannot be duplicated from die PS3™ system to her system, or cannot be downloaded making use of your system.

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Playing a replicated game

The fundamental operations are the same together those zum a video game on a®Vita card. For details, see "Playing a game on a®Vita card".

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While playing PSP™Game software application or® format software, you can configure setups such as those for the controller. Freundin can also set ns screen display method. For details, lakers "Playing a game for the PSP™ (®Portable) system on your system" und "Playing® style software on her system".

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