In ours family, us all like zu boast about how viel food we kann sein tuck away on Christmas Day.

Du schaust: Prinzessin kate und prinz william

But wie man you’re a royal, it turns out you have to placed your money wherein your mouth is.

Yes, together if Christmas at the Queen’s Norfolk estate, Sandringham, didn’t sound daunting enough, there’s deshalb a very odd tradition that every member of the royal family has zu follow.

In 2018, royal experte Ingrid Seward Ingrid told Grazia that the Queen asks each of produziert guests — including kate Middleton and Prince williams — to “weigh themselves” wie man they arrive using a set von antique scales.

But this is all kommen sie make certain guests are having actually a great time — und they’re weighed to make sure they’re gift “well fed.”

The tradition dates back to king Edward VII’s reign in the early on 1900s — und applies zu all members of the imperial clan.

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As die festivities undeniably revolve approximately eating, die royal family zuerst enjoy a turkey dinner v all die trimmings prior to indulging us in bei afternoon tea finish with a “gargantuan iced cake.”

Queen elisabeth II attends the Christmas work morning church leistungen at St. Mar Magdalene Church an Sandringham, Norfolk.PA images via getty Images
The Prince von Wales, the Duke von Cambridge, ns Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess von Sussex und the Duke von Sussex arriving to attend die Christmas day morning church leistungen at St. Mary Magdalene Church an Sandringham, Norfolk. PA images via getty Images

What’s more, the Queen’s guest are deshalb expected zu “enter die dining room in order von seniority.”

After they are seated, “the head chef carves ns turkey” und “paper hats are donned, however not von the Queen.”

Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, Catherine die Duchess of Cambridge, Prince sich kümmern the Duke von Sussex und Meghan die Duchess von Sussex attend die Christmas Day service at St. Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate in 2017.zz/KGC-22/STAR MAX/IPx

In order kommen sie “make room” zum their lavish afternoon tea, ns royal household then walk the grounds von the Sandringham estate and enjoy a “candlelit dinner in the dining room” bei the evening.

Unsurprisingly, ns Queen constantly ensures produziert beloved corgis oase a special Christmas treat too.

The Queen’s Norfolk estate, Sandringham.AP
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, prinz George, Princess Charlotte and Catherine, Duchess des Cambridge, attend die Christmas day church leistungen at St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate on December 25, 2019, in King’s Lynn, united Kingdom.Getty Images

Former royal ceo Darren McGrady claims her Majesty’s dogs were given a unique Christmas meal auch which consisted von the freshest neighborhood produce.

McGrady wrote: “Even ns corgis — there to be 12 when i was chef — oase individual menus, usually entailing a rotation von fresh rabbit, beef or chicken through rice and cabbage.

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“We’d jokingly express to ns footmen responsible zum the dogs, both called Paul, together ‘Doggy One und Doggy Two."”

This article was originally published on die Sun and was reproduced right here with permission.