My family und I would certainly like zu thank you zum taking bei interest in the lang history of the House of Hohenzollern, die formerly-ruling imperial house von Prussia.

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Our family’s ancestral Seat, Hohenzollern Castle close to Hechingen, in Baden-Württemberg, sees 350,000 visitors from all over die world each year, making the one des the most popular private museums in Germany. Hohenzollern castle is still privately owned von the two branches des our house. It was here the my family’s history began end 950 years ago – a background that has considerably shaped Europe over the last millennium. Today, die royal palaces bei Potsdam and various royal parks are welt cultural legacy sites. Many of my direct ancestors were essential historical figures, including die Prussian kings und German emperors who flourished them – williams I, Friedrich III and Wilhelm ii – as well as Queen Victoria des Great Britain, the grandmother des Emperor william II.

The private nett collection i presently manage contains numerous important artefacts from our family’s nearly 1,000-year history. A huge portion of the collection has been on public display weist Hohenzollern Castle for over 70 years. It includes the Prussian imperial crown that was made weil das Emperor williams II. Because die exhibition has been deshalb popular, we wollen be gradually increasing ns exhibition space bei the coming years, which möchte enable us kommen sie display even much more artworks native my private collection weist our genealogical seat. Hohenzollern Castle also houses our family’s privatgelände archive, which zu sein open zu scholars und researchers.

The lock has also been used as a holiday retreat weil das students native disadvantaged families because 1954. The Princess Kira von Prussia Foundation sponsors a free holiday retreat punkt Hohenzollern Castle zum children und young people, which includes a music education programme. Over 14,000 children und young people schutz stayed at our lock since ns foundation began its work.

My privatgelände estate includes an additional popular location as well, die Princes’ Island punkt the großer Plöner see near Hamburg. The restaurant there was renovated an winter 2020/2021.

Other highlights works of nett from my collection are right now on screen at ns various sites von the stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian cultural Heritage Foundation) and the grundlagen, spenden Preussische schloss (Prussian Palaces und Gardens Foundation). As early as ns 1950s, my grandfather, Dr. Louis Ferdinand, Prince des Prussia (1907 – 1994), was among ns most open-handed privatgelände lenders an former west Berlin. These loaned items schutz been on display, free des charge, because 1994 in the castles und museums open to die public in Berlin und Brandenburg.

Since Germany’s reunification, my family has been involved in in active dialogue kommen sie finally resolve die issue surrounding ownership des around 15,000 additional works of art, which mine great-grandparents Wilhelm and Cecilie, and also my grandparents louis Ferdinand and Kira, had to leave behind wie they fled zu West Germany in 1945.

The fact that the issue concerning which artworks belong zu our private collection and which item belong to the zustand collections remains unresolved after ~ 30 year highlights just how complex the matte is. Stable it an court could take several more decades.

For this reason, I bei der firmly von the belief that bei out-of-court compromise is in the interest of all partys involved und would benefit the zustand collections bei particular. Ich myself am willing zu make significant concessions an favour of the commonwealth Republic of Germany und the states von Berlin und Brandenburg, affording to plan certainty kommen sie all partys involved when upholding my family’s historical responsibilities. An any case, my privatgelände collection möchte remain ~ above public display screen for nett enthusiasts visiting Hohenzollern Castle and other palaces and museums.

I look forward to posting update on this website to keep die public informed des any relevant developments. Transparency towards die public through regard to ns future von our common cultural heritage is important kommen sie me und to mine family.

The House des Hohenzollern is among ns most influential aristocratic dynasties an Europe. Ns family was mentioned for the zuerst time as early on as 1061. The family’s genealogical seat ist Hohenzollern Castle, situated in the Zollernalbkreis district des Germany’s federal state des Baden-Württemberg. Today, die House of Hohenzollern has actually two branches: die formerly-royal Prussian line and the formerly-princely Swabian line. Die members of the formerly-royal Prussian line oase carried die title Prince/Princess of Prussia because 1919. Ns members des the formerly-princely Swabian heat carry ns titles Prince/Princess von Hohenzollern; die head von the formerly-princely Swabian line carries ns title Prince of Hohenzollern. The family played a prominente political role in Europe for 500 years as Electors of brandenburg (from 1415), Prussian kings (from 1701) und German monarchs (from 1871). Georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, has been die Head of the House von Hohenzollern because 1994. This lage within die House von Hohenzollern zu sein not connected with any kind of political or windy mandate, nor zu sein this being sought either. Rather, georg Friedrich, Prince von Prussia, represents ns family’s windy interests. George Friedrich, Prince von Prussia, zu sein the great-grandson des the last könig of Prussia and German Emperor, Wilhelm ii (1859 – 1941), und direct descendant des British Queen Victoria.

With the ende of ns monarchy an November 1918 an the federal states des the former German Reich and the ratification des the Weimar Constitution an 1919, ns members of the former ruling royal residences received common names. Ns former Emperor, william II, climate became the Head of the House von Hohenzollern, tending to ns many private-law matters des his extended family from then on. Together a consequence von dissolving the family’s imperial estate, private-law agreements to be reached in the 1920s concerning the positions von the family’s head of house and remaining members of the formerly-ruling royal house. Some des these legitimate arrangements to be handed down in the former emperor’s möchte to die generations prospering him, namely in the role von Head von the House von Hohenzollern. Various other formerly-ruling royal houses in Germany have reached similar arrangements und have also given your families’ heads of house this very same formal title. Both branches von the House von Hohenzollern ausblüten share ownership of und responsibility zum the family’s genealogical seat, Hohenzollern Castle. An his present role as Head of the House of Hohenzollern, georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, zu sein a sort von public representative zum the family. An his volume as Head von the House of Hohenzollern, george Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, receives assorted invitations to events in and outside of Germany every year. At die request of george Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, other family members regularly attend these occasions to represent die House des Hohenzollern ~ above behalf of him und his wife Sophie, Princess of Prussia. Ns general bureaucratic office von the previous ruling Prussian royal house, located in Potsdam, normally coordinates public appearances.

3. What zu sein the context von the current controversy surrounding ns private art collection of george Friedrich, Prince des Prussia?

After the founding of the Weimar Republic, ns Prussian royal home reached bei agreement with the government von the totally free State von Prussia an 1926. Portions von the imperial estate were transferred zu the zustand while some des it remained an the possession of the House von Hohenzollern. In 1927, the settlement was formally approved bei the parlament of Prussia with spanien votes. This was ns beginning of the House von Hohenzollern’s private art collection, which die current head of the House of Hohenzollern manages for the family. End 15,000 works des art, including some specifically notable pieces, had to be left bei the Soviet occupation region and bei East berlin when die great-grandparents of georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, fled to West Germany in 1945. Parts von the repertoire were temporarily taken out von the country von the Soviet occupiers, when others to be expropriated together part des the so-called land reform (Bodenreform), without any type of legal process. Ns government von the GDR undertook additional expropriations. Because the fall of the berlin Wall, publicly authorities and also aggrieved parties or their heirs now face ns task des dealing with die aftermath des these expropriations. Ns same zu sein true zum the family members of george Friedrich, Prince of Prussia. Legal provisions to be adopted weil das this purpose during and after Germany’s reunification. These provisions are set out an the legislation on ns Settlement of Open Property worries (Vermögensgesetz – VermG) des 1990 and the Indemnification and Compensation Act von 1994 (Entschädigungs- und Ausgleichsleistungsgesetz – EALG). The law distinguishes between immovable assets, such as echt estate, and movable property, which also includes works des art.Since Germany’s reunification, thousands of citizens whose households were victims of these expropriations schutz been able zu recover your property. Die grandfather des the current Head des the House von Hohenzollern, Dr. Louis Ferdinand, Prince von Prussia (1907-1994), deshalb took legit action zu reclaim expropriated property. The matt is deswegen complex, however, that also 30 year after reunification the has still been impossible to fully resolve it.

A distinction ist made here betwee real estate und movable property, such together furniture and works of art. Bei the instance of ja wirklich estate or land, ns EALG provides for compensation in certain cases based upon a certain scale of assessment. Wie applying this scale, die calculation von the potential compensation ist not based on ns present-day industry value des the expropriated real estate. Rather, public official use die value assessed bei 1935 together the base of die calculation. Bei the case des the echt estate expropriated from die family of georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, ns value in the Federal zustand of brandenburg was assessed punkt roughly DM 42 million. According to die statutory regulations, however, it zu sein not a matte of approving compensation zum the assessed value, nor for the sector value, which would exceed the assessed value several times over. Statutory compensation yields a theoretical figure des EUR 1.2 million. This amount was calculated von the proficient authority. Furthermore, ns law provides expropriated neben the opportunity zu reacquire festland used zum agriculture und forestry, listed that the festland has not already to be disposed of von the state.The 1994 legislation deshalb has provisions zum the return von expropriated movable property, which includes, among other things, an useful pieces des furniture and works of art. Together a rule, ns law says that together property must be went back to die victims of expropriations or your heirs. Hinweisen issue in the case of the Hohenzollern family ist the still-unresolved question des who owns around 15,000 works of art. All of the partys involved are acting on ns assumption the a huge number of these either belong to ns Hohenzollern family already or need zu be returned to the family. Follow to ns legal rules, some certain items would certainly presumably be awarded to ns state. Resolving the matter zum each separation, personal, instance item would likely take decades. Zum this reason, ns Head von the House von Hohenzollern had currently reached in agreement in 2014 with state representatives to work the end a compromise. At this point, george Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, had currently made considerable concessions kommen sie uphold his family’s historical responsibilities an relation kommen sie our common cultural heritage.

5. ~ the end of the monarchy, how was it figured out what belonged to the former imperial house’s private estate?

After die founding von the Weimar Republic, discussions walk on weil das several years concerning which legacy were zu be thought about part von the House of Hohenzollern’s private estate. After die abdication of Emperor wilhelm II, all von the family’s heritage were at first seized. That was notfall until 1926 that in agreement was reached betwee the totally free State von Prussia and the House von Hohenzollern, ns outcome of which was a clean division des state assets und assets belonging to ns family’s private estate. In agreement – passed right into law von the kongress of Prussia with spd votes – specified specifically which assets were zu be taken into consideration property von the state and which belonged to die family’s privatgelände estate. Restitution was subsequently granted weil das the seized assets the were considered privatgelände property. This was ns beginning von the Head of the House des Hohenzollern’s private art collection, which ausblüten exists today. Ns majority von what was awarded to the family’s private estate in 1926 was located in the Soviet occupation zone ~ liberation indigenous the nazi dictatorship und what letztere became the German autonomous Republic (GDR). From 1945 to 1949, thousands von families to be victims von expropriations there is no compensation or legitimate process, including the paternal great-grandparents und grandparents of georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia. Ns Hohenzollerns shed a large portion von their private estate during that period. Just a klein portion des the assets to be located in the west occupation zones or west Berlin, an interpretation that castle remained in the family’s possession.

Unlike moveable property, such together works des art and furniture, the Indemnification und Compensation Act von 1994 (Entschädigungs- und Ausgleichsleistungsgesetz – EALG) does notfall normally provide zum the return des land and real heritage expropriated there is no compensation. This deshalb applies to ns House des Hohenzollern’s formerly private castles, i m sorry were declared as private property von the former royal household following the auslieferung of assets bei 1926. As part des a settlement, however, the zustand would bei principle it is in able kommen sie grant the Head of the House von Hohenzollern rights of use hinweisen residential und commercial properties bei exchange zum works des art. An this context, back an the 1990s the government of brandenburg began stating rights of residence hinweisen Cecilienhof royal residence as compensation for the concessions made by the House of Hohenzollern an relation to the appropriation des works des art. Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, ist not interested in these rights of residence and has emphasized this publicly on several occasions.

One objective des the negotiation talks is to determine which of the around 15,000 functions of art will be übertragen to ns Head von the House des Hohenzollern’s private nett collection und which works möchte become part of the state collections. Georg Friedrich, Prince von Prussia, ist open zu trading functions of nett for other assets. A big portion of the private nett collection zu sein currently on display punkt Hohenzollern Castle, i m sorry welcomes end 300,000 tourists each year und is one of the many popular private museums an Germany. George Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, wants his private nett collection to be seen von as many nett enthusiasts as possible from all over ns world. This ist true despite ns still-unresolved property situation und will continue zu be ns case once in agreement has been reached – notfall least because the mitarbeiter examination of the family’s history is an affirmation von the idea the promoting die European job is in exceptionally crucial endeavour bei our present age. Die Hohenzollern family members strives to meet its responsibilities an this regard v its work with young people, its organisation of relevant events und exhibitions, und by loaning works to institutions bei neighbouring european countries and other projects.The historical influence von Prussia goes fine beyond ns borders des present-day Germany. If, weil das instance, one were kommen sie project a map des the Hohenzollern’s sphere des influence onto a current map von Europe, that becomes obvious that numerous European countries have a direct link to Prussian history or even have a Prussian background. If nothing else, georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, particularly seeks to promote ns European idea über supporting exhibition jobs with item loaned zu museums and institutions bei neighbouring european countries. This zu sein one pflicht of die Hohenzollern network, for example, which ist already active and will it is in expanded throughout Europe in cooperation through various zustand institutions.

8. On ns issue of returned assets, what role did the House of Hohenzollern play in the last phase von the Weimar Republic?

For some des the 15,000 debated works, the 1994 EALG provisions room applicable. Should ns great-grandfather von the Head von the House des Hohenzollern – previous Crown Prince, Wilhelm des Prussia – be discovered to schutz played a far-reaching role in the Nazis’ rise kommen sie power, ns pieces of nett covered by the EALG provisions would end up in the zustand collections. An the case von the former crown prince, historians disagree as zu whether a far-ranging role von this nature can be proven an court. While two chroniclers commissioned über Georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, did notfall find there to be any significant contribution über the former crown prince, other historians have kommen sie to the opposite conclusion. Similarly, jurists i dont agree on whether die historical question of culpability can blieb be addressed legally 70 years after die death of Wilhelm, Prince von Prussia (1951), specifically considering there are no life witnesses. Throughout his life, the former crown prince was never investigated zum any legitimate offences in the Weimar Republic or other offences during the nazi- regime. Die former crown prinz never held any political office after ~ 1918, nor was he a member von the nazi Party (NSDAP) either. Georg Friedrich, Prince von Prussia, expressly welcomes a critical, scholarly examination of the roles his great-grandfather Wilhelm and grandfather louis Ferdinand play during die years betwee the wars. This zu sein why the House von Hohenzollern’s privatgelände archive zu sein open to any researcher who expresses in interest.

9. Is it true that die Head des the House von Hohenzollern has taken activity against crucial reporting in the media?

Georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, believes the both press and academic freedom are radikale pillars des our plural democratic society. They are explicitly und rightly afforded details protections under Germany’s fundamental Law. This is why die Head of the Hohenzollern und his family, whenever possible, support die important work done von journalists und scholars. Die fact that georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, and Sophie, Princess des Prussia, have in certain situations taken legal action against the intentional spreading of misinformation does not contradict their willingness kommen sie critically examine die family’s history, regardless des the outcome.

10. Why were die negotiations bolzen the House des Hohenzollern and government representatives organized behind close up door doors for dafür long? Why can not interested members of the public be involved?

In February 2014, georg Friedrich, Prince von Prussia, had expressed his willingness to resolve his property issues out von court with representatives des the federal government and the federal states des Berlin und Brandenburg. At the proposal des the public authorities, the partys agreed to confidentiality at the time. Bei retrospect, georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, believes this agreement kommen sie confidentiality was a mistake, particularly bei view of the reality that the agreement was not honoured by certain parties.This notwithstanding, die public ist nevertheless entitled to die info about ns negotiations. After ~ all, it concerns ns future des our common cultural heritage. Zum this reason, ns House of Hohenzollern will post updates on its webseite about the progress des the talks v the state representatives, and statements on the latest developments. By doing so, the Head of the House des Hohenzollern intends kommen sie contribute to die public debate in addition to its organising von events, publications, interviews, and providing access to its archive.

Emperor williams II’s abdication of the throne und exile an the Netherlands point out the ende of the German monarchy. All home belonging to die Prussian imperial dynasty ist seized von the Council des the People’s Deputies an November.

The State of Prussia und Chief Representative des the House von Hohenzollern, Friedrich über Berg, sign in agreement detailing which private assets are kommen sie remain an possession of the House von Hohenzollern and which items (real estate und movable property) belong to die state. This agreement zu sein ultimately passed right into law über the parlament of Prussia, in part many thanks to spd votes.

The nazi- regime passes a law revising die pre-1933 public-private division von assets betwee the formerly-ruling royal houses und the state.

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Following die liberation of Germany from nazi tyranny, thousands of works of nett located an castles and museums bei the Soviet occupation zone room taken out of the country bolzen May and September 1945 without any kind of legal basis. By then, die great-grandparents and grandparents of georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, schutz already fled to ns western occupation zones.

From september 1945 zu 1948, thousands des families bei the Soviet occupation zone experience expropriations without compensation or legit process, including die paternal great-grandparents und grandparents of georg Friedrich, Prince von Prussia. Many who remained in the Soviet occupation zone, consisting of members of the resistance against the nazi regime, are captured und put an Soviet camps. Von some estimates, one in four prisoners dies an the camps von 1949.

During die second für hilfe of ns 1950s, numerous thousand piece of nett are brought rückseitig to the GDR from die Soviet Union. These items room classified as movable residential property or “looted art” bring away out des the country bolzen May and September 1945, i.e. Before the festland reform. Castle are reverted without any kind of formal retroactive expropriation process.

The Head of the House of Hohenzollern, Dr. Louis Ferdinand, Prince des Prussia, accepts invitations to visit east Germany on number of occasions. A native von Potsdam, he is offered the return von Cecilienhof lot of times. Prince louis Ferdinand – himself an avowed democrat und staunch proponent von the european idea – transforms down die GDR regime’s offer, affirming his position to schutz all property issues settled by democratically legitimised governments after a reunification (at the time, still unlikely).

For many von the family members that fled ost Germany, the fall of the berlin Wall rekindles hopes des recovering their expropriated assets.

Like thousands of others ~ reunification, the grandfather of georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, so requests die return of land and other assets the were expropriated there is no legal process. Due to ns murky legit situation, the claim ist dismissed until a clear legal provision ist adopted in 1994.

Prince louis Ferdinand dies at die age of 86. His successor und Head von the House of Hohenzollern ist his 18-year-old grandson, george Friedrich, Prince von Prussia (*1976). One generation is skipped due to the untimely death of georg Friedrich’s father, Prince louis Ferdinand Jr., in a armed forces accident at ns age von 33.

The Indemnification und Compensation plot (Entschädigungs- und Ausgleichsleistungsgesetz – EALG) zu sein passed von the German Bundestag. Die Chief Representative of the House des Hohenzollern, Job-Ferdinand von Strantz, submits a petition zum the return des artworks as well as compensation top top the basis of ns democratic legit ruling.

After a period of assessment lasting much more than 20 years, die authorities tasked v settling offen property issues in Brandenburg, Berlin, und Saxony-Anhalt conclude that Crown prince Wilhelm satisfies the criteria set out in the EALG und that die Hohenzollern family’s public-law cases are admissible. The grounds zum the decision so cite an expert assessment von Professor Christopher Clark.

After an ext than 20 years des review and assessment, ns competent authorities presiding over ns settlement des outstanding residential property issues in Brandenburg, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt conclude that there ist no evidence supporting a substantial role an the Nazis’ increase to energie on ns part des Crown prinz Wilhelm, die great-grandfather of george Friedrich, Prince von Prussia. Thus, the criteria weil das returning movable property situated on properties expropriated bolzen September 1945 and 1948 are satisfied.

Georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, expresses his willingness to settle unresolved property problems out des court with representatives von the federal government und the commonwealth states von Berlin und Brandenburg. The Federal federal government Commissioner weil das Culture and Media (BKM) invites er to a zuerst meeting at die Federal Chancellery. At ns proposal von the windy authorities, the neben agree kommen sie confidentiality, a decision which georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, considers a mistake in retrospect.

Brandenburg’s Ministry des Finance, led by christen Görke (Die linke party), take away over die proceedings and overturns the decision von the three government bureaus with respect to the settlement of unresolved residential or commercial property issues.

Brandenburg’s Minister des Finance, christian Görke (Die linke party) commissions two fließend assessments von historians Dr. Stefan Malinowski (University von Edinburgh) und Professor peter Brandt (FernUniversität in Hagen). Die House von Hohenzollern offers ns scholars die opportunity to use ns family archives punkt Hohenzollern Castle, but they do not take up ns offer. In addition to professor Clark (University von Cambridge), Prince george Friedrich commissions a report von Professor wolfram Pyta (University des Stuttgart, Forschungsstelle Ludwigsburg zum NS-Forschung), a recognised fachmann on ns Weimar Republic. His task zu sein to examine ns role von the former crown prince during the Weimar Republic und Nazi regime.

Irrespective of the exploratory talks acquisition place, ns EALG restitution claim put forward von Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, is rejected von Brandenburg’s Ministry von Finance.

Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, documents a lawsuit with Potsdam’s bureaucratic Court (Verwaltungsgericht) kommen sie appeal die decision made by Brandenburg’s Minister von Finance.

In the interest of a compromise, representatives des the federal government, the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg, und the Head von the House des Hohenzollern agree to suspend die proceedings pending prior to Potsdam’s bureaucratic Court. Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, expresses his willingness to make substantial concessions the would advantage the zustand collections.

The representatives von the commonwealth government, the federal states des Berlin and Brandenburg, the state collection, and the House von Hohenzollern agree to cooperate on die creation von a database to catalogue die 15,000 items an question.

In the prozess of the kongress election, the intermediate status des the negotiation talks bolzen the windy authorities und Georg Friedrich, Prince des Prussia, space leaked to die press. Brandenburg’s Minister von Finance ultimately announces the termination des the talks and motions to resume the proceedings before Potsdam’s administrative Court.

With die resumption von the court proceedings und termination von negotiations, details false cases are do about the Head von the House von Hohenzollern, cases which are deshalb made an a public context on lot of occasions. Members von the niederdrücken as fine as historians are contacted and asked kommen sie help rectify ns situation. This also leads to media-related legitimate disputes an some instances.

The speak conducted by the federal government and federal claims with die head of the House von Hohenzollern are ns subject des a hearing before the Bundestag’s Committee top top Cultural and Media Affairs.

The governmental Court in Potsdam when again calls zum a settlement betwee Georg Friedrich, Prince von Prussia, und the state representatives. The state des Brandenburg and Head des the House of Hohenzollern subsequently agree kommen sie suspend court proceedings zum one year to prepare zum reaching a settlement.

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Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, proposes (publicly, it need to be noted) resuming negotiations through representatives of the federal und state governments an February and stresses his willingness kommen sie reach a compromise. The Head des the House of Hohenzollern is ausblüten of die opinion the a negotiation would be die best solution zum all representatives and institutions involved.

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