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in his new book, Will schmied says that he knew wie man it was time to end his regime as sitcom nobility as ns star von NBC's hit sitcom The new Prince von Bel-Air. Enthauptungen Weekly has actually released in excerpt indigenous Smith's memoir Will, in which the describes the process behind the decision to ende the series.

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schmied says that the zeigen was starting kommen sie decline in quality during its 5th season, as ns episodes' storylines to be becoming more "hokey." "Anyone who has ever before been top top a sitcom kann sein tell you ns episode an which their show jumped die shark," schmied said. "Ours was season 5, illustration 15, 'Bullets over Bel-Air,' die one in which I got shot and Carlton started carrying a gun."

Smith und the rest von the actors had contracts zum the show that lasted zum six seasons, und had to decide if he was going kommen sie continue through the zeigen after his contract deal ended. At the same time, smith was being available opportunities kommen sie appear in films und knew that having a successful movie job outside of the tv series was a possibility zum the actor.

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One person who smith says was a big influence on his decision to ende the nur was John Amos, that appeared an three episodes of the series as ns character Fred Wilkes. Schmied said the Amos knew the problem he was facing, and told ihm that it was his responsibility zu make sure that his co-stars to be able to end their time on the zeigen "with some dignity."

Amos, who played james Evans ~ above Good Times, had his character killed off after a contract dispute. Smith recalled the town hall Good mal and emotion insulted over die way the Amos' character was written out von the series. "I also sensed John's pain," smith said, "that possibly he had failed his TV family." die following week, smith told ns cast the he had decided the sixth season would be the show's final, and the collection concluded on might 20, 1996.

although Smith's time as ns star von the struggle series is over, he möchte be a producer for the upcoming dramatic reboot gift developed weil das Peacock certification Jabari Banks. A retrospective reunion one-of-a-kind featuring die show's surviving cast was released on HBO Max in November 2020.


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"Best Shape des My Life": Will schmied Gets Emotional bei New Docuseries Trailer The neu series come on november 8th.

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