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By Kevin Lee, markierung Knapp
Wondering what die best controller for the PS4 is? well it just dafür happens that Sony make it, because the classic controller the comes with ns console zu sein about as well rounded as it can get. The balance des quality, price, and perfect compatibility v PlayStation games zu sein enough kommen sie make it die winner. But, that's notfall to say over there aren't various other controllers that may prove zu be better zum you or that tun können stand out together a remarkable option in specific games.

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You'll uncover racing wheels tun können give you a profoundly boosted experience in driving games, und the same kann sein be said des fight sticks bei many fighting games. Some controllers' distinctive shapes can deshalb improve your experience, together they might be a better fit for her hands, giving you long-term lull that ns standard controller might notfall offer.

And, if you're looking front to ns PlayStation 5, you kann take part comfort an knowing that existing PS4 controllers wollen work v the neu console. However, Sony has confirmed that they'll only arbeiten with playstation 4 games, dafür you'll need new controllers to play playstation 5 games. The said, many PlayStation 4 controllers so make good options weil das PC gaming. So, if you're still looking zu pick up a new controller, these are die best you kann get.

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TL;DR – these are die Best PS4 Controllers:

1. Sony DualShock 4

Best PS4 Controller

Sony may have let Microsoft take the lead an the controller contest zum a little while, but when it introduced die DualShock 4, it had actually a winner top top its hand. Ns DualShock 4 moved the controller's entwurf forward an a method Sony hadn't yes, really done with die PS2 or PS3 controllers. Though die DualShock 4 may now be superseded by the DualSense controller for the PS5, the doesn't average that his old stalwart doesn't still have the place. Whether you're ausblüten playing on a PS4 or playing backward-compatible games on the PS5, ns DualShock 4 controller ist up to die task.

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It's thick, rounded grips market a favorable organize even zum larger hands. Ns triggers on the DualShock 4 have plenty des surface area und offer nur enough resistance there is no making her fingers get sore. Thanks zu Bluetooth support, ns DualShock 4 also works just as well together a phone controller there is no needing any type of extra accessories.