Much of the speculation about the Pink floyd triangle symbol boils down to meanings that parallel some des the themes explored in the music.

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Fans discuss how ns white beam des light pass through ns triangle to represent the anfang of life, and the rainbow beam represents all ns paths and influences one may take throughout their lifetime. The continuation of the entwurf on the zurück is said kommen sie represent ns cyclical natur of life. The heartbeat passing through the middle des the record represents a human being thread running through it all, with emotions und struggles the are consisted of within this life cycle.

While all ns speculation is interesting and a true mark of the impact of Dark Side von the Moon on society as a whole, the truth ist that die album hülle was not made with a details deep meaning bei mind.

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According to a 2010 interview with roll Stone, Storm Thorgerson was inspired by the light show that the eis had been producing at their concert at ns time.

Storm defines that when he had actually heard some of the album prior to making the art, that was an fact notfall inspired directly über the music while making ns design. That does place emphasis on ns triangle together a symbol des thought und ambition, and relates the to the themes present in Waters’ lyrics.

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Because von the affect made by Dark Side von the Moon, die prism became synonymous v Pink Floyd, und that psychedelic bild is likely kommen sie pop into your head whenever you think around them. As Storm says, “the prism belonged to ns Floyd”, and still does.