Take her basal temperature erste thing in the morning. Ns Ovy Bluetooth Thermometer transfers your charme directly to ns Ovy App.

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Ovy Premium & Thermometer

Get die Bluetooth Basal Thermometer zum €79.90 + free access to Ovy Premium.

It"s really nice to meet you! Our aufgabe is kommen sie help women direkt healthily, without hormones. Along with our team, we construct products for the woman cycle and for women kommen sie prevent or setup a pregnancy. Us developed ns Ovy product range und Ovy apps with the greatest sense von responsibility. We hope freundin enjoy using ns Ovy App und Ovy assets as much as us do. We are excited kommen sie be part von your journey.

Six years ago, depression, the atmosphere swings und loss des libido ich renne weg like a red thread with my life. It take it me a while to figure the end why: It was small, ring – die “birth regulate pill”.

Eva, Ovy Founder

Did freundin know the we oase already aided 25,000 women and couples meet their desire to oase a baby? i was one des them, von the way. Together I schutz tracked my cycle zum many years before, i knew exactly wie my ovulation would occur.

Lina, Ovy Founder

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ns symptothermal an approach has a Pearl Index between 0.4 und 1.8 (only wie man used together abstention from intercourse on fertile days. For comparison: die pill is 0.1 zu 0.9 und condoms space 2 to 12.)*. Ns lower ns Pearl Index, ns safer die method bei question. The symptothermal technique requires you zu deal with ns issues neighboring your cycle, bear control and fertility, und to get in tune through your body. Ns Ovy App an combination with the Ovy Basal Thermometer or the Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer kann sein help sie with this, and can be in alternative hormone-free way weil das many women zu control their cycle.

What zu sein the symptothermal method?
ns symptothermal method ist based on evaluating two or more body signals bei order kommen sie determine die fertile days an the cycle. If ns method ist used diligently, it zu sein very reliable. It is essential to document your body signals on a daily basis und get kommen sie know your body und its signals very well.

How can I acquire started with the Ovy App?
ns female cycle begins on the zuerst day of menstruation and ends prior to the zuerst day of neu bleeding. Start with the Ovy apps on the erste day of a neu cycle.

This is how freundin start:1.) Register und create your profile dafür that ns Ovy app becomes acquainted with her cycle.

2.) Choose betwee the three modes: “Prevent a pregnancy” in accordance with die rules of the symptothermal method, “Cycle tracking” or “Get pregnant”.

3.) attach your Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer once with die Ovy app so that your temperature values are immediately transferred.

4.) Measure her temperature using die Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer in the morning before freundin get up.

5.) Your data is transfer automatically without you having to open the Ovy App.

6.) an the Ovy App, file other body signals such as cervical mucus, interference factors, PMS, prüfen results, days when you are ill, and many more.

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7.) export cycle reports and share them v your gynecologist.

Why should ich use ns Ovy App?
die Ovy apps is suitable for:

- Women des reproductive age.

- women who want to avoid hormone birth control.

- frau with a desire to have children.

- women who want to develop in awareness des their body.

- frauen who want zu learn an ext about ns natural processes des the menstrual cycle.

- frau who room diligent an recording their charme daily bei order to calculate your fertile/infertile days as accurately as possible.

- frau who want zu calculate your ovulation, fertile window and next period.

Why ich may not use die Ovy App?
ns Ovy app is notfall suitable for:

- Women for whom pregnant poses a health and wellness risk. Just like ns pill und other methods des birth control, Ovy cannot avoid pregnancy with one hundred percent certainty.- women under 18 years des age.- women who schutz irregular menstrual cycles, because it ist difficult zu determine die fertile und infertile days in this case.- frauen who have an irregular lifestyle and therefore can not guarantee the they wollen document your body signal daily.- die Ovy app is notfall a substitute weil das seeking clinical advice from a medical professional or other healthcare professionals.- ns Ovy app does not provide medical or clinical diagnostic services und is notfall intended to provide info on which freundin should solely rely.

Do ich need zu buy a basal thermometer kommen sie use ns Ovy App??
Using die symptothermal method, die fertile days von the menstrual bicycle are identified with die help des the Ovy App. Changes bei the basal temperature und the cervical rubber or die cervix space evaluated.

As in Ovy apps user, you oase three options zum documenting her basal body temperature in the Ovy App.

With the Ovy Bluetooth Basal Thermometer that automatically transfers ns basal temperature to the Ovy app after the measurement in the morning without having actually to open the App.

With die Ovy Basal Thermometer that requires manual entry des the temperature in the morning into the Ovy App.

With a typical basal thermometer that procedures up kommen sie two decimal places.


Do you oase questions regarding ns Ovy assets or Ovy App? We space here to help! call us:+49 (0)40 401198596Or send us a message.

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Ovy GmbH does not assume any liability. Our hotline und the information provided von our customer care team are in no way intended as a substitute zum medical advice or treatment über a doctor. Neither Ovy nor its staff möchte provide clinical or clinical diagnoses, evaluate her cycle data, or provide info which sie should rely on exclusively. Weil das instructions top top how to use die Ovy App, you re welcome consult ours FAQs.


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