Phantom der oper 2 hamburg tickets

the musical von Sasson/Sautter based on die novel von Gaston Leroux

The successful tour musical through Deborah Sasson is zurück with Axel Olzinger as the Phantom and with star guest uwe Kroeger bei the role des the Persian.

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Since 2010, "The Phantom von the Opera" von the team von authors Deborah Sasson and Jochen Sautter has actually been enthusiastically received von audiences und critics on over 450 step throughout Europe. This neu German-language musical production, which was created for the 100th anniversary of the novel "Le Fantôme juni l"Opéra" written by Gaston Leroux in 1910, is thus one von the most successful tour musical productions in Europe.
The music stands out from all previous music interpretations of the literature material by adhering more closely to die novel und incorporating renowned opera quotations in parts of the music composed über Deborah Sasson.
The role of Christine zu sein interpreted by the boston singer und Echo classic prize winner Deborah Sasson. Herstellung multifaceted and powerful soprano voice zu sein ideally suited weil das this mixture von opera und musical.

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The Phantom ist played über Axel Olzinger. The has appreciated success as Billy Flinn in Chicago an and in London"s Westend, as Count von Krolock in Dance von the Vampires in Vienna and bei numerous various other roles bei musical productions at ns Graz Opera, die Landestheater Linz and the united Stages in Vienna. Star guest des this production is Uwe Kroeger, who has captured the hearts des the audience due to the fact that his breakthrough in the role von Death bei the world premiere of Elisabeth. He has actually played the leading roles in the welt premieres von Rebecca, Mozart, Der besuch der alte Dame, hidi and in the German premieres von Sunset Boulevard, fehlschlagen Saigon, doctor Dolittle, the Addams Family und Napoleon top top London"s west End. Bei this manufacturing he now slips into ns role von the secret Persian, die key figure in the original novel by Gaston Leroux. Jochen Sautter wrote the libretto and the lyrics, directs and can be seen in the role des Count Raoul dach Chagny. Bei addition, a large ensemble of selected singers, dancers and actors from ns German-speaking welt is so involved. In 18-member orchestra plays die music live.
Thanks to interactive video animations, die audience ist immersed bei the mysterious events on stage. The original places were essentially recreated über the multimedia artist daniel Stryjecki with ns help von the most contemporary graphic technology. Ns moving pictures and videos, together with the magnificent backdrops by Michael Scott, form the background zum the phase events.

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From Christine"s dressing room on the upper floors des the paris Opera, die audience zu sein virtually pulled into the depths where the Phantom has actually set up his chambers bei the Opera"s substructure.During the chase through ns Opera"s basement vault, drops drip from the walls, torches illuminate ns mysterious corridors, danger shadows sprung around ns performers, the images move roughly them and create a three-dimensional depth. Dream und reality condense into an opaque and mysterious whole.