Pc Stürzt Ab Bluescreen Windows 7

How annoying: you’re liven on the computer, working away unsuspectedly, and suddenly the entirely display disappears. For a short time, you seen a blue screen with some information pop up. Prior to you kann read everything, ns PC shuts off und restarts itself. The windows “blue screen of death” (BSOD), also known as a “STOP error” or “Bug Check”, is bei infamous warning message around corrupt hardware, software, or motorists that force fenster to shut down. Ns blue screen is evidence von a critical system error. As a safety measure, ns computer shuts down - causing freundin as ns user zu initially just stare punkt your screen bei confusion or annoyance. Depending on your fenster version, die blue screen kann look different.

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Usually, the computer möchte restart normally following a blue screen. Then you kann sein try zu find out what caused die issue. If die blue screen appears again quickly after ns PC starts, this could be bei indication of defective hardware that will potentially need kommen sie be repaired. Sometimes, a system component such as a lamm stick or difficult drive needs kommen sie be replaced. In other cases, the operating system needs to be reinstalled. In our guide, you’ll learn how kommen sie best continue after die appearance von a windows blue screen.

Backing hoch your files and documents on regular basis protects you from charme loss an the case von critical system errors that at some point manifest themselves with blue screens.

Check ns temperature of your PC. If it’s unusually hot, the may notfall be ventilating properly. This could be because it doesn’t schutz enough room kommen sie sufficiently circulate the air. Contamination, by dust, for example, deshalb has a significant influence on ns temperature of the system and its performance, and so kann sein cause hardware damage. An this case, a blue display as a “precautionary measure” no out des the ordinary. Remove any unnecessary hardware together as außen hard drives, headphones, cameras, USB drives, etc. Sometimes, blue display screens are triggered über faulty tools or machine operators. If your pc doesn’t immediately restart, wait a few minutes before sie turn it zurück on manually.

If your PC zu sein running again, there space a couple of strategies the you kann use zu find die cause von your BSOD.

Obtain the info that was displayed on ns blue screen. Through Windows, you have the option von deactivating die automatic restart von your system so that you have enough time zu read the verfehlt message displayed in the windows blue screen. Proceed as follows: right-click top top “Computer” (e.g. In Windows Explorer), climate “Properties”. This opens up a neu window through your system information. Go zu “Advanced system settings”. Under “Start and restore” you oase the auswahl to uncheck the kasten next zu “Perform automatically restart”.As shortly as die blue display screen reappears, note under the error message. On fenstern 10, this shows up at the very bottom des the display. In older execution it’s in the der dritte tag line from die top. The fehler message characteristically provides all caps. Example: “KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED” or “DATA_BUS_ERROR”. This indicates bei error code in the format “0x00000” and sometimes a responsible system file (e.g. usbuhci.sys or kbdhid.sys). A blue screen includes two kommen sie three crucial pieces des information.With the info that did you do it obtained, you kann sein usually determine die cause über web search. We’ve gathered together the most common fehler codes zum you here.

Since ns Anniversary update for fenster 10, die blue screen deshalb outputs a QWR password that you tun können scan with your smartphone. In most cases, you simply need zu forward this kommen sie Microsoft Support. However, this page ist only des limited use.

DATA_BUS_ERRORMemory failureCheck ram stick function with MemTest, change hardware if necessary
INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICEMissing driverUpdate or install driver
Virus/MalwareAntivirus scan, switch from “IDE” to “AHCI” an BIOS under “SATA setting Selection”
UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAPHardware errorUninstall and reinstall device driver (primarily zum recently included devices)
Temperature auch highCheck fans performance, clean computer or examine environment if necessary
NTFS_FILE_SYSTEMHigh CPU storage usageSearch for costly processes an the job Manager; uninstall/reinstall programs in question if necessary; check hard journey on which fenster is installed weil das errors bei Windows procedures (Right-click, then “Properties”, “Tools”, und “Check”)
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALIncompatible or outdated an equipment driverDeactivate drivers zum recently installed tools via the device direktors (search und run “mmc devmgmt.msc” command in Start menu); then obtain die newest version of the driver from the device manufacturer and install
BAD_POOL_CALLERUnwanted memory accessDeactivate drivers zum recently installed tools (see above); climate obtain die newest version von the treiber from ns device manufacturer and install
FAT_FILE_SYSTEMCorrupt file systemCheck hard drive function; search und run “chkdsk” bei Start menu
OUT_OF_MEMORYMemory failureCheck ram stick duty with MemTest, change hardware if necessary
PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREAMemory failureCheck lamm stick role with MemTest, replace hardware if necessary
UNABLE_TO_LOAD_DEVICE_DRIVERDefective an equipment driverDeactivate drivers weil das recently installed devices (see above); then obtain the newest version von the driver from ns device manufacturer and install
KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDDefective softwareUninstall/reinstall recently used software (newest or system-compatible version)
With .sys file: system file errorFor system file error: Run fenster Repair device (see below: “Check und repair system files”)


Microsoft offers an overview of more than 350 known verfehlt codes. Die site zu sein intended weil das experts.

Solutions with windows functions

Safe Mode

If many blue screens are making it impossible zum you zu configure your setups or continue with solutions, it’s encourage to anfang Windows in safe mode first. Kommen sie do this, hold down die F8 key while starting Windows and switch to safe mode prior to the fenstern logo appears. Bei this mode, fenstern only tons processes und drivers that room absolutely necessary. Amongst other things, this kann be used weil das fixing existing troubles without receiving a blue screen.

Another way kommen sie enable safe mode is directly an Windows. Search zum the function “msconfig” in the anfang menu, und right-click kommen sie run that as in administrator.

Start the system configuration program quickly und easily über searching in the anfang menu
In the neu “System configuration” window, look at under “Start” and activate the “Safe setting Start” function. Confirm v “OK” und restart die PC. Fenstern will then be started in safe mode.

Check und repair system files

Many interior problems kann sein be resolved with Windows’ very own tools. Search weil das “Command Prompt” in the anfang menu and open ns program (as before, through a right-click and “Run together administrator”).

By right-clicking on ns entry, you kann sein run ns command sofort as an administrator
You want to anfang Windows or Mac in safe mode? bei our detailed articles, you möchte find detailed step-by-step instructions:

In the neu window, you kann sein enter commands. First, type “sfc /?” and press enter. You will then be offered some options weil das checking system files. Kommen sie begin with, it’s recommended to run “sfc /scannow” weil das a complete injektion process that kann last up zu 30 minutes. Ideally, this wollen repair all faulty system files und solve your blue screen problem. Through “sfc /scanfile=FILEPATH” you kann check und repair just one particular file. This zu sein a good idea if her blue screen verfehlt message mentions that there zu sein a corrupt system file. In this case, ns repair möchte take hardly any kind of time hinweisen all. Of course, it just works if bei exact record path is available.

Start Windows bei the belastung functioning configuration

Windows kann sein remember when it last ran there is no error and reactivate this version, if necessary. Kommen sie do this, geschlossen down her PC und press F8 while restarting it. Among die options, discover “Last Known great Configuration”. Now, start Windows through this version. If her blue screen fehler disappears, it’s highly likely the a system or driver update was the problem.

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System restore

If nothing else helps, a reinstallation des the operating system might eventually be necessary. Hold the F8 vital as your computer is booting up und select “Repair Computer”. Here, you’ll uncover the option to restore your system.

If you oase a Windows installation disc, freundin can boot it wie powering up und so restart the system.

Warning: über doing this, all stored säule on the system hard drive möchte be lost! Therefore, sie should only think about this möglichkeit if all other possible solutions have failed zu help.

There ist no way to completely defend yourself from the windows blue screen des death, due to the fact that internal errors kann occur even through no fault von the user. It can occur as a result von a faulty update or due to spontaneous hardware failures. Over there are particular strategies that you can use, though, zu prevent losing crucial data and reduce die chances that a blue screen wollen appear.

Create backups des your data and documents. Since blue displays are often indicators von hardware failure, including the hard drive, you should externally zurück up every important dünn that’s located there. Save backups of your papers on außen discs or an your cloud so the potential system errors reason as wenig damage as possible. Die quickest way zu do this is with the fenstern backup tool: go zu “System settings” under “System and Maintenance” und select “Create computer system backup” (Windows 10: “Backup und Restore”). Then you kann create a encourage or customized backup des your records on a tough drive des your selection (e.g. Außen disc).Keep fenstern as well together device und system drivers updated to ns most present version. As a rule, these updates take it care von themselves. A faulty update wollen rarely create a blue screen. Bei general, though, to update are always recommended zu avoid any potential compatibility problems.Keep your computer clean und tidy. Check the your fans works unimpeded kommen sie avoid device failures. Revolve your pc off wie you’re notfall using it. Uninstall software application that you don’t need und keep in eye on background processes. Don’t click suspicious linke seite on die internet and only obtain downloads from reputable sources wherein possible. Handling your computer system contentiously and with care significantly rises its lifespan and decreases ns chances that you’ll encounter system errors in the form of blue screens.


CMD commands zum the windows command prompt

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Introduction to PowerShell – Tools zum system administrators

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What ausführung of fenster do ich have?

10.09.2019 Are you a fenster user, however aren’t certain what version des the operating system you have installed on your PC? This article introduces 3 ways von checking your fenster version in just a few seconds: making use of a key-board shortcut, via the Control Panel, or using the fenster Command vorbestraft (CMD).

Windows 7, 8, 10 will no longer anfang – causes and solutions

23.04.2019 Every fenstern user knows: No matt which version you use, the popular Microsoft operating system has its bad days. Occasionally these are dafür serious that the worst feasible outcome happens: fenstern won't boot anymore. Sie might think yes nothing you kann sein do, however don't panic: boot problems und bluescreens kann be addressed quickly in most cases.

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