Pc Spiele U-Boot Simulation

Crush Depth zu sein a first-person type VII U-boat simulator. Endure operating und maintaining die U-boat’s facility systems, engaging adversary shipping, celestial navigation, survive mechanics, as well as ns lighter side of life on the boat.

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Preserving history.

We room rebuilding the Type VII-C U-Boat kommen sie a level of fidelity that has actually never been checked out before und giving die rest von our world ns same treatment. All the vessels you will encounter bei this job are one-to-one translations von the initial blueprints and building regulations, built with the utmost attention zu detail.


Full hands on control.

You will be able to interact v all ns valves, dials, and other machinery on board, and all ns items freundin bring with you. This wollen allow you zu engage an dozens of other activities, such as playing a game des chess or skat through your crewmates, having actually a cup von coffee, or nicking her captain’s binoculars.


Our partners.

Crush Depth zu sein being developed in collaboration v a variety of archives, museums, and other parties. We are proud to announce our partnership with the ‘Freudeskreis U-995’, who schutz taken that upon themselves zu maintain und restore the only kind VII/C left an the world. Click ns image zum more information!


A true simulation.

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Crush Depth’s simulation system take right into account sachen such together hydrostatic pressure, viscous resistance, electrical conductivity, propagation of sound through various mediums, salinity, temperature, Boyle’s law, und many, und many other factors.

Welcome zu Lorient.

Crush Depth wollen offer you a variety des settings. Our taste focus zum the additional development des this project zu sein creating a persistent MMO-environment, set in and around die U-Boat base of Lorient, France. Indigenous there, you and your crew members wollen depart for the Atlantic und other parts von the world.

For all zu enjoy.

Don’t worry. Sie won’t have to gain a PhD bei U-Boat warfare to enjoy like Depth. Personally from completely interactive tutorials that möchte teach freundin all there ist to it, crush Depth will also allow a good variety of custom options an terms von difficulty und complexity.

The true story.

Crush Depth zu sein being occurred with ns guidance and advice von Mr. Friedrich Grade, lead engineer on U-96 und U-183.

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Get in touch!

We fully welcome your input, criticisms, questions, experiences, suggestions, und anything else you would like to share v us. Only über getting you, our supporters, involved in the process des shaping this project. Just send us a message by using ns contact form taste below. If you have other inquiries, feeling free kommen sie use this form as well.