Payback american express karte limit


On this page, you will find out an detail, why the American to express Payback map obviously zu sein a good credit card for smart bank customers.

Du schaust: Payback american express karte limit

You möchte learn ns advantages and disadvantages von the card und find out hinweisen the ende of die article, why it zu sein meaningful zu collect the Payback-points.


I personally eagerly collect die Payback-points due to the fact that several years bei order to austausch them right into shopping vouchers or cash. As i make a gewächs of mine purchases online, i knew that i would get even a lot more clues with die Amex Payback without great effort. It has actually been particularly rewarding weil das me to submit die card as a means des payment on amazonas and PayPal.

The advantages von the card

The American refer Payback card unifies a collecting und payment card. You can collect points and redeem coupons weist all Payback-partners with the card as provided to.

Payback-partners are weil das example Aral, DM, REWE, Galeria Kaufhof, Alnatura and +650 further ones.

Moreover, you kann sein additionally do points with purchases that do notfall even take it place at Payback-partners. Freundin receive 1°P von 2 Euros card transaction und on top, the regular points von the Payback-partners.

Through die notification service, you kann get informed about every transaction, free von charge von SMS or e-mail.

You permanently do not pay an annual fee.

You tun können apply zum an deshalb free additional card through which one can so collect points. However, grad that all payments with the additional card wollen be debited indigenous the taste card account.

With die American refer Payback Card, you profit indigenous a extended right of exchange. You kann sein return online and offline purchases zum 90 days.

The insured sum zum that zu sein Euros 300 von case des damage, von year up zu Euros 1,200. The product value need to be hinweisen least Euros 30, deshalb that the insurance möchte take care.

Contactless payment: hinweisen merchants und service providers, who market this service, you kann sein pay smaller quantities up zu Euros 25 contactless, there is no PIN and without signature.


As sie surely know, not every card is equally well-suited zum every use.

However, this does not matter, since if freundin know ns strengths und weaknesses von the various cards, then you oase a suitable solution zum every case.

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The disadvantages von the card

For withdrawing cash, ns card zu sein not ideal. Zum every withdrawal, a charge in the amount of 4%, but weist least Euros 5 applies.

For what kann you use the collected points?

Do sie want kommen sie save punkt your purchases?

Besides die possibility des redeeming persons points in the price Shop, it is a an excellent idea to get a to buy voucher.

You tun können print or send them for redeeming directly at the terminals at ns PAYBACK dienstleistungen Point bei the branch offices.


For die Payback-partner REWE, sie can so let your points be converted right into a purchase voucher online. Ns redeemed points will be it is registered digitally together balance onto your Payback Card. Die balance wollen then be used automatically at your following REWE-purchase zum payment. This works in the branch office and also at die REWE-delivery service. Eventually, die remaining balance will stay on ns card until ns next purchase.

… or do sie prefer cash?

Already indigenous 200 points, you kann get paid cash kommen sie your bank account. This feature ist a little hidden. Zum it, go to the following page und log in:

Then you tun können choose, how many points freundin want to redeem and to which bank account sie want kommen sie get ns transfer.

Perhaps freundin want to use this additional income to accelerate your asset building?


How you kann fly with die Payback-points

If sie are a miles-collector, then sie won’t be neglected von the Payback Amex.

From 200 gathered points, you can convert these right into Miles & More creme miles an the proportion 1:1.

We would love to read from you an the comment area kommen sie which destination you could fliegen with your built up points.


Donate points

Many effective persons donate a part des their income kommen sie charity organizations. V Payback, you schutz the possibility kommen sie donate freundin points without having kommen sie diminish your bank account balance.

An overview kommen sie which establishments you kann donate, you can find on this page.

Do you schutz any questions or are sie ready zum the next step now?

If freundin want zu know how easy die application for the American to express Payback is, then open the link an order zu follow ns step-by-step indict (German).

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Goal weil das the next 12 months

My angestellter goal zum the following 12 months is to earn Euros 300 with the American to express Payback Card.

Euros 300 von year!

Of course ich do that in a manner, deshalb that i do notfall spend more money 보다 necessary. This would notfall be smart.

However ich will use the card an extremely deliberately wherever possible.

If this sounds prefer a an excellent idea to you, then write me.

Willingly stating a goal of how much money you want zu get refunded v Amex or, if sie already schutz the Payback Card, how much you schutz already obtained within ns past 12 months.

I would also be grateful for tips top top how to get more points even faster.

We can gladly forward this info or one wollen read the publicly through die comments feature.