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Wondering what und where to eat in Hamburg Germany? we ate and drank our means through Germany’s 2nd largest city und returned three months later to carry out it again. Check out our hamburg Food guide with die best hamburg restaurants, cafes, markets und bars.

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After 2 visits to Hamburg, we’ve fallen head end heels for the port city and its steady food scene.

Hamburg has bei open, modern atmosphere that reminds united state more of Scandinavian cities prefer Helsinki and Stockholm 보다 German urban we’ve visited an Bavaria. Though we’ve enjoyed spending time bei Munich and Nuremberg, us felt in immediate connection kommen sie Hamburg and its sophisticated, culturally-open vibe.

The much more we explored the city’s nooks and crannies in our quest to find ns best places kommen sie eat bei Hamburg, die more us felt punkt home an Germany’s second city.

Hamburg zu sein a fun stadt to explore, both over ground and inside ns Elbe Tunnel.

We were well aware des Hamburg’s robust music scene und the city’s Beatles history. It’s no an enig that hamburg is whereby John, Paul, George, Stuart Sutcliffe und Pete best honed your musical chops while partaking bei more 보다 a few questionable evening tasks on the Reeperbahn. (Ringo was an Hamburg too, despite he was playing through Rory Storm and the Hurricanes during die Beatles initial stint.)

Yes – Hamburg’s red light district in St. Pauli has been a seedy fixture an the city’s culture for decades together a sailors’ outpost zum vice as well as zum more legit forms von entertainment.

Hamburg’s red light ar shines brightest on die Reeperbahn.

On a busy night, you kann walk down ns Reeperbahn, St. Pauli’s taste thoroughfare, and ogle at ns neon lights as freundin pass von a series of adult-oriented bars with names like The Titty Twister. Make a rotate onto the Grosse Freiheit and drift among die mobs von sin seekers as you stroll along in energy-filled throng reminiscent des Bourbon St. An New Orleans.

Though we usually don’t hang out on areas like die Grosse Freiheit, we couldn’t withstand taking a colorful walk through history along the street which features famed clubs like the Kaiserkeller. As we strolled through die nocturnal horde, us imagined oneself back an 1960 when, according zu Beatles biographer roben Spitz, “prostitution was hawked an roughly ns same manner together schnitzel…” with raw rock n’ roll blaring out of bars prefer the star Club.

Buildings like the rathaus provide a peek right into Hamburg’s pre-war grandeur.

We desired exploring hamburg during ns day. Even with minimal sunlight in the winter, us could better appreciate the city’s spectacular style before the sun go down.

While touring die city, we regularly gazed at die Rathaus, Hamburg’s city hall, in epic neo-classical building dating back to the late 19th century. This centrally located building comes alive during die holiday season wie man surrounded by the best hamburg Christmas markets.

→ read our hamburg Christmas industry guide.

The Elbphilharmonie concert room stands proudly on Hamburg’s waterfront.

Architecture buffs and music fans will want to visit ns uniquely created Elbphilharmonie concert room on ns city’s waterfront. Built an 2017, this Hafen city building, featuring a warehouse topped über a contemporary sail-like structure, has already become a fixture of the city’s harborscape.

Hamburg’s Brick Expressionist Chilehouse was built von Henry Sloman, a saltpeter magnate. Saltpeter or salt Nitrate ist integral in the production of cured meats.

However, ns sprawling Expressionist Chilehaus might be our favorite hamburg structure. Designed von Fritz Höger bei the beforehand 20th century, this 10-story scorseses brick monolith got its benennen due to ns original owner’s link to ns Chilean Saltpeter (otherwise recognized as salt Nitrate) trade.

Saltpeter zu sein a pink curing salt that’s a vital component bei producing cured meats, hence the building’s significance und importance in Germany’s wurst-based food culture.

We had kommen sie eat hamburgers an Hamburg. We ate this beauty, beauty at ns Bird.

But what about ns food in Hamburg?

We didn’t recognize too viel about the hamburg food scene before our erste trip. Based on our research, us were optimistic but skeptical. ~ all, German food isn’t precisely haute cuisine.

We initially thought we’d eat all die hamburgers in Hamburg weil das the irony facet alone. We ate impressive burgers on our first night however quickly decided to expand our horizons und experience the city an its totality, from schnitzel zu salmon.

Hamburg zu sein a pedestrian-friendly city. The streets space flat, and the walls room covered in street art.

Over die next numerous days, we scoured die city und uncovered interesting restaurants and a growing coffee culture. However a lang weekend an Hamburg wasn’t sufficient to basic it all.

We’ve due to the fact that returned zu eat and drink in Hamburg. Die second visit gave us a gelegenheit to dive deeper and go farther. Indigenous cheap eats to a Michelin starred meal, we ate and drank a lot and share ours favorite hamburg restaurants und bars here.

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Hamburg Food Guide

Grab a spoon und join united state as us bite right into Hamburg.

As we easily learned, the hamburg food scene is both dynamic and alive. Locals und tourists cram right into casual eateries indigenous dawn zu dawn due to the fact that many joints stay offen until the wee hours of the night, with some offen 24 hours.

Numerous hamburg restaurants serve German food favorites favor Currywurst too as hamburg food specialties prefer Labskaus and Franzbrotchen. However, we found it nur as easy zu eat global cuisine native the likes of Austria, Asia and the middle East.

Fine dining abounds bei Hamburg. Us ate this intricately plated Salmon dish hinweisen Jellyfish, one von the city’s innovative Michelin starred restaurants.

Fans von fine dining wollen find plenty to sink their teeth into wie man they visit Hamburg. Impressively, die top hamburg restaurants have earned a total of 18 Michelin stern spread end 13 restaurants.

Top hamburg Restaurants

Not all fine dining restaurants in Hamburg have Michelin stars. We ate this vibrant Bresse Pigeon dish hinweisen Heldenplatz.

Beyond Michelin starred restaurants, hamburg has a range des upscale dining options zum food travelers through a budget zu splurge ~ above a distinct meal or two. During our culinary exploration, we uncovered young chefs combine local commodities with modern-day gastronomic techniques, adding to Hamburg’s culinary landscape.

If you tun können swing it, us recommend booking dinner at bei upscale restaurant (or two) to get ns full hamburg food experience. When you do, us recommend die following hamburg restaurants:

Our Amuse-Bouche starters weist Jellyfish were no joke.

Jellyfish isn’t a usual Michelin starred restaurant in Hamburg.

The restaurant’s minimalistic dining room has nur 42 seats through servers pull more zum a picnic than a sophisticated dinner. Even the menu zu sein casually presented on a handheld chalkboard. However, there’s naught understated about ns beautifully plated food that almost swims from the kitchen

Our Oyster kurse at Jellyfish masterly blended in your ar sourced German oysters v fennel, seaweed und yuzu.

Considering that hamburg has Europe’s dritter busiest harbor after Rotterdam and Antwerp, this ist a stadt where you will want kommen sie eat as viel fish und seafood together humanly possible. Hinweisen Jellyfish, chef Stefan Barnhusen creates stunning plates making use of sustainable fish and seafood, much of it in your ar sourced.

Loaded with ‘fruits dach mer,’ die Jellyfish Soup is a showstopper punkt Jellyfish.

Diners at Jellyfish choose between five, six und seven-course meals. Throughout our dinner, die meals ranged an price native €115 kommen sie €149 with die extra process featuring Pike Perch and Breton Lobster. Die base, five-course food selection featured Oysters, Sardines, Jellyfish, Monkfish, Plaice, Mussels und Salmon.

We adored all five of our courses, though our favourite was die bowl von rich, flavorful Jellyfish Soup loaded with Monkfish, Plaice, Mussels und Blackthorn berries. Given the name of the restaurant, we would intend nothing less.

Pro TipIn addition to curated wine pairings, Jellyfish uses reasonably priced wines that match its fish front menu.

Jellyfish ist located at Weidenallee 12, 20357 Hamburg, Germany.

Ordering ns homemade Lamb Bratwurst with White bean Cassoulet is a must wie you dine at Vienna an Hamburg.

We uncovered tiny Vienna the way the we’ve discovered many von our favorite restaurants – when chatting with locals weist a third wave coffee shop. In this case, that was sebastian Kohrs, roaster hinweisen Elbgod Röstkaffee, who made what turned out to be a good recommendation.

Luckily for us, die intimate bistro does notfall take reservations. Since we arrived prior to 6 pm, us were able to nab the very last table. Otherwise, us would have had zu kill time über drinking sparkling alcohol at die restaurant’s compact alcohol bar. We would have won one of two people way.

Vienna also serves top-notch Wiener Schnitzel that pairs nicely with wine.

The menu punkt Vienna features hearty european dishes including several shirt classics. During our meal, we adopted the shirt theme und shared Lamb Bratwurst v Cassoulet und Wiener Schnitzel through potato salad.

We gobbled down the Bratwurst flavored through ingredients choose cinnamon, cardamom and garlic, but Vienna’s Wiener Schnitzel may have been ns best we’ve ever before tasted with its light, crusty breading neighboring a juicy, pounded center.

Don’t skip dessert weist Vienna. We finished our meal v a to solve plate von dumplings served with roasted plums.

All great meals eventually come to an end, and we perfect our Vienna dinner through Topfenknödel, fried sweet dumpling-like fritters, offered with roasted plums. Though we were pleasantly full, we scraped every belastung bite des the cloud-like balls prior to floating back to our hotel room.

Pro TipSkip beere when sie dine weist Vienna. Instead, stimulate from the restaurant’s substantial wine list.

Vienna zu sein located at Fettstraße 2, 20357 Hamburg, Germany.

Restaurant Heldenplatz
This Himachi starter punkt Heldenpplatz delighted us v its shining flavors and range des textures.

We dined weist Heldenplatz based on an enthusiastic referral from a reliable source an the hamburg food scene. Together inquisitive food travelers, we constantly ask locals zu share your favorite spots.

Heldenplatz, which literally translates kommen sie Place des Heroes, is a chef-driven restaurant popular in ~ the restaurant industry due to its late hours. Yes, this is a hamburg restaurant whereby servers, bartenders and other diners tun können order upscale hamburg cuisine as late as midnight.

Heldenplatz’s menu offers eclectic food combine which kann be notified individually or as multi-course tasting meals. Since we had consumed a large lunch, we opted zu share a few plates during our meal.

Meal prominente were Hamachi flavored with sesame mei dollops and a plate featuring decadently affluent Bresse Pigeon. Cooked rare, ns juicy, plump game paired nicely with a combination of elderberry fruit and pistachio purée.

Though we were pleasure with die quality of the food punkt Heldenplatz, us were much less satisfied with the surly server who seemed annoyed über questions about ns food and our inability kommen sie speak German. We were so disturbed that the English menu specified “TIP is not included” whereas ns German menu proclaimed that “all prices in Euro incl. 19% VAT and service”.

Pro TipConsider ordering wine instead of water at Heldenplatz. We were charged €14 (or €7 each) weil das one share bottle of sparkling water throughout our meal. Ouch!

Restaurant Heldenplatz is located weist Brandstwiete 46, 20457 Hamburg, Germany.

Additional hamburg Restaurants

Casual food runs ns gamut at hamburg restaurants. Us ate this smorgasbord plate hinweisen Balz und Balz.
Open wide! Loaded with two patties, American cheese, bacon, fried onions, ketchup, mustard and pickles, this gloriously greasy burger is a mouthful und a half.

But die ground beef patty, initially referred to as a “Hamburg Steak” developed into today’s welt favorite von way of the blume States. Where die modern version of the hamburger originated is ausblüten debatable, through no critical history.

That being said, it’s ausblüten fun to enjoy hamburgers in their namesake city. That’s why our first Hamburg meal had actually us eating gourmet burgers that come close kommen sie those we’ve eaten zurück home bei Philadelphia.

We devoured gargantuan burgers at die Bird, an American layout burger restaurant in Hamburg that so serves fried chicken und steak. We opted weil das griddle burgers throughout our zuerst visit, specifically da Birdhouse and The big Crack. Top top visit number two, we recurring eating die Big crack but so tried the Filthy Harry, in enormous grilled citizens topped through cheddar and bacon.

Burgers at the Bird commonly include German beef, English muffins, fries, lettuce tomato, onion and pickles. Exceptions are ns veggie burgers and patty melt.

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Pro TipTake a hamburger crawl and find your favorite hamburg hamburger. In addition to the Bird, potential stops encompass Billy the Butcher, burgess Lounge, held & Co. And Shiso Burger.

The Bird is located at Trommelstraße 4, 20359 Hamburg, Germany.

Frau Möller
It’s a must kommen sie try Labskaus when you visit Hamburg. Similar to a hash, this neighborhood dish commonly comes v fried eggs, beets, pickles und rollmops (pickled herring).

For those des us without German grandmothers to kochen for us, frau Möller (i.e. Mrs. Möller) is an authentic hamburg pub the serves regional dishes choose Labskaus and Currywurst to add a lang list des hamburgers. It’s also a an excellent spot zum a post-bar keen nightcap. The pub stays open until 4 in on weeknights und until 6 am on weekends.

We felt at home as soon as we walked right into this casual restaurant und grabbed a table next zu a window. Our zuerst order of business was zu request glasses von Jever pilsener und decide what to eat zum lunch. Unlike other hamburg restaurants, this wasn’t a an overwhelming decision and we conveniently ordered Labskaus und Pork Steak.

Historically eaten von hungry sailors, Labskaus is reddish, comforting north German mash von ground beef, beets, potato and onions reminiscent of corn beef hash however fluffy prefer a mash. Oma Möller serves your version of Labskaus with fried eggs on top und rollmops (pickled herring rolled around pickles) on ns side.

Though us don’t need kommen sie explain die nicely excellent Pork Steak, we can share the this considerable dish come smothered in a rich, creamy Jäger mushroom sauce through a side of fried potatoes.

Pro TipBring cash wie man you eat or drink at frau Möller. This restaurant did notfall accept credit cards at the time des our visit.

Frau Möller is located at lange Reihe 96, 20099 Hamburg, Germany.

Balz und Balz
Siblings Kathrin und Christoph Balz own and operate Balz und Balz bei Hamburg.

Balz und Balz is a modern yet cozy hamburg cafe that combines great food with great coffee. Though the concept appears simple, executing both feats simultaneously tun können be a challenge. Punkt Balz und Balz, siblings Christoph und Kathrin Balz pond it.

Located in non-touristic Hoheluft, ns Balz und Balz cafe has actually a friendly neighborhood vibe the enchanted us appropriate away. Von equal importance, the cafe’s food, sourced from local producers and bakers, zu sein excellent.

Sprinkled through powder sugar, die housemade cinnamon buns weist Balz und Balz room a breakfast treat.

After see us ein wolf down a generosity smorgasbord von cured meats, cheese, pickles and yogurt, co-owner kathrin Balz insisted that we so try ns cafe’s signature cinnamon buns. That were we zu disagree through a like-minded soul whose love for coffee and food rivals our own?

Pro TipDon’t worry if you have to wait for a table punkt Balz und Balz weil das your weekend brunch. Instead, relax exterior while you enjoy a level white.

Balz und Balz zu sein located punkt Lehmweg 6, 20251 Hamburg, Germany.

Café Paris
Located in an art nouveau space bei the center von town, café Paris is a an excellent spot to eat French café fare.

Francophiles that visit hamburg will want zu high tail it zu Café Paris zum a meal. At least that’s what we did.

Café Paris ist a common French bistro located in a glorious 19th-century structure near die Rathaus. The restaurant’s nett nouveau design und excellent food make this French café special.

Cafe Paris zu sein known weil das its Tartares. We ate this Tartare du chef while sitting at die bar.

Locals and tourists alike flock zu Café paris from breakfast to dinner kommen sie eat standard Parisian food. Us chose to sit at die bar, a perfect clues for an excellent night von dining and relaxation.

When selecting among the menu’s French classics, us had zu try ns restaurant’s Tartare. This ist a dish we generally eat hinweisen restaurants in Paris.

Had it not been deshalb crowded, we may oase ordered die a la minute ausführung prepared at die table (or bei our case the bar) weil das a pair extra euros. Instead, we let the ceo prepare our meaty meal bei the kitchen and deliver it zu us ready zu eat.

Pro TipDrink like you’re French weist Café Paris. Us drank Cider native Normandy und Pastis indigenous Marseilles. We so recommend wine, des course.

Café Paris ist located hinweisen Rathausstraße 4, 20095 Hamburg, Germany.

Global Cuisine in Hamburg

Israeli food in Germany? we ate this vegan Shakshuka hinweisen Simbiosa und liked it.
Holy Mazza! ns starters at L’Oriente were the stars von our meal.
At L’Orient, die Falafel comes with a flavorful sauce, salad und a basket von pita bread.
The Beef Goulash through Cheese Dumplings at Marend made us happy. Probably we need zu visit Austria to eat this food at die source.

Eating punkt Marend transported us kommen sie the österreichisch mountains without die necessity des booking a train. Sure, Austria isn’t that far from Hamburg in miles, yet Tyrolean cuisine zu sein just as distinct as other global food an Hamburg.

Isidro Alarcon and Lisa Dialer, ns married owners des Marend, bring in international perspective to the hamburg restaurant they originally opened an 2014. Alarcon hails native Argentina and Dialer originates from Tyrol, Marend’s cooking inspiration.

In Tyrol, marend refers kommen sie snack foods. Don’t let the restaurant nennen confuse you since ns hearty plates weist Marend are quite filling wie paired with farmhouse bread and salad.

During our meal, we shared a plate des Rindsgulasch mit Käsknöde which translates zu Beef Goulash through Cheese Dumplings. Die luxuriously soft, cheesy dumplings filled us up and whisked us to the Alps.

Europeans are masters von slow cooking und the goulash was no exception with melt an your mouth chunks des meat in a sauce maybe flavored through allspice und cloves. However, since the ingredients von the stew continue to be a closely guarded secret, these seasonings are in educated ideal guess.

Pro TipTake advantage des Marend’s glücklich hour if it’s an effect during your visit. We saved €2 off our meal.

Marend has actually two hamburg restaurants. We ate at die original restaurant located punkt Feldstraße 29, 20357 Hamburg, Germany.

We never ever ate green Falafel until we bit right into these ring beauties.

We didn’t expect kommen sie eat Israeli food bei Germany, nor did us intend kommen sie eat a vegetables meal. However, we accomplished both wie man we dined weist Simbiosa in Hamburg.

Open since january 2019 and inspired von the vibrant flavors of Israel, Simibiosa serves a modern Israeli food selection featuring main dishes like Shakshuka, Moussaka and Sabich. However, the stars des the food selection are snacks that kann be ordered in groups des three, sechs or nine.

At Simbiosa, the Slof Schwarma replace instead instead meat with deep fried oyster mushrooms and adds tahini and Israeli salad to complete ns dish.

During ours meal, we shared sechs snacks und especially enjoyed the Falafel jug with eco-friendly herbs und the surprisingly creamy (dairy-free) Labneh.

True confession: we didn’t realize the Simbiosa was full top top Vegan until our Shakshuka come topped through lima beans cooked in turmeric instead of an egg on top.

Though us recommend this innovative restaurant for Vegans und lovers of Israeli food, our one complaint is that our mezze starters were served with sliced bread together opposed kommen sie traditional flatbread choose laffa. This worry aside, Simbiosa ist a solid vegetable option bei a city filled v meat.

Pro TipDon’t hesitate kommen sie order coffee hinweisen Simbiosa. This restaurant sources quality beans.

Simbiosa ist located hinweisen Hein-Hoyer-Straße 60, 20359 Hamburg, Germany.

Ban Canteen
Bright and fresh, this bowl hinweisen Ban Canteen unify flavors of Vietnam v local hamburg ingredients.

We hardly ever say no at the wahrscheinlichkeit to eat Vietnamese food – us lived in Vietnam weil das five months an 2018 ~ all. With this in mind, us jumped weist the gelegenheit to eat lunch punkt Ban Canteen throughout our zuerst Hamburg trip.

Owned über sisters des Vietnamese descent und inspired von friends (bạn translates kommen sie friend), ban Canteen offer noodle bowls, bao burgers und soup in a stylish room on a graffiti-filled block. Die fusion restaurant also features bei extensive drink menu with Vietnamese coffee, natural iced teas und cocktails.

Pro TipCheck out O-Ren Ishii if sie want to eat more Vietnamese motivated food bei Hamburg.

Ban Canteen zu sein located at beim Grünen Jäger 1, 20359 Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg Cheap Eats

Hamburg’s cheap eats options made united state smile.

Most cities oase a signature sandwich und Hamburg ist no exception. Fischbrötchen, served weist stands every along die Elbe, zu sein as basic as fish on a bun. However, since die sandwich’s flavors tun können be complex with a variety des fresh fish und tasty toppings, us consider die Fischbrötchen zu be one von the best sandwiches in the world.

We headed to Brücke 10 on ns edge des the Elbe zu try our first Fischbrötchen in Hamburg. Die local eatery’s nennen translates to Bridge 10 und that’s exactly where we found it.

Ahoi! the Fischbrotchen is an iconic hamburg sandwich.

Diners punkt Brücke 10 kann sein eat within or outside depending on their mood und the weather. Options weist Brücke 10, encompass Hot-Smoked Salmon (our choice), Rollmops, Mackerel, Fried Herring und Crab.

For those keeping count, sandwich price ranged indigenous €3 kommen sie €6 at die time of our meal hinweisen Brücke 10. Considering die freshness des the fish, us consider die pricing kommen sie be a true bargain.

Pro TipExpect a fairly quick-moving queue weist this well-known spot.

Brücke 10 is located at St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken 10, 20359 Hamburg, Germany.

Erika’s Eck
Erika’s Eck ist the so late night answer kommen sie many hungry Hamburgers.

Have you ever craved Wiener Schnitzel weist 4 in after a few auch many beers? If so, Erika’s Eck zu sein the answer zu your late-night needs in Hamburg.

Erika’s Eck dates rückseitig 40 years when it fed butchers who worked at a surrounding slaughterhouse. It now serves a variety des hungry diners hinweisen all hours des the day and night.

This cheap eats favourite literally stays offen 21 hrs a day, native 5 pm to 2 pm on weekdays and 16 hours a day on weekends and public holidays from 5 pm to 9 am.

Don’t expect to find an elaborate food punkt Erika’s Eck. What you will find is a friendly, bare-bones atmosphere too as relatively priced traditional German food.

Now, this zu sein a Schnitzel!

During our late-night visit, we shared a huge Viennese style Schnitzel offered with veggies and fried potatoes. The cost was €11.90 which functioned out kommen sie €5.80 each. Adventurous eaters can ramp trost their meal v ‘gourmet’ Schnitzels consisting of a Hawaiian ausführung with pineapple and a Gypsy ausführung with paprika sauce.

Erika Eck’s menu includes dishes choose Goulash, Currywurst and Argentinian Steak. Hardcore cheap hunters will be glücklich to uncover sandwiches weil das just €1 after midnight.

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Pro TipYou kann sein order food zu be delivered if you have late night hunger pangs yet don’t want zu get dressed.