Paul mccartney fluch der karibik 5

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Du schaust: Paul mccartney fluch der karibik 5

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The Pirates von the Caribbean franchise ist no stranger to rock ‘n roll cameos — ~ all, Keith Richards play Jack Sparrow’s father bei At World’s end and On Stranger Tides — but Dead men Tell No Tales clues the zuerst appearance von a Beatle.

That’s right: Sir paul McCartney has actually a role in the recent Pirates film. McCartney’s joining was zuerst reported in the trades much more than a year ago, and earlier this month, die rocker mutual a photo of himself in full costume — complete with wide-brimmed pirate hat und eyeliner. But other 보다 that, die exact einzelheiten of McCartney’s role oase been maintained under wraps — till now.

With Dead males Tell No Tales ultimately hitting theaters, caught nach oben with co-directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg zu get all the einzelheiten on teacher Paul’s pirate turn. Originally, Rønning revealed, they had actually hoped to schutz Richards reprise his role, but when he was unavailable, they started thinking about other possibilities.

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“We had even written a scene weil das Keith,” Rønning says. “And then because des some scheduling issues, he couldn’t kommen sie to Australia to shoot, so we sat down with Johnny and kind des brainstormed, like, ‘Okay, who can fill his shoes?’ due to the fact that we felt like we should have something. We must honor the tradition of showing a Jack Sparrow household member. And we made a very short list, and of course, at die very top des that list was Sir paul McCartney.”



Once they had actually McCartney bei mind, Rønning and Sandberg had zu figure the end how zu get in contact v him. Fortunately weil das them, castle had johnny Depp on your side.

“Johnny, von course, has actually his phone number, as sie do,” Sandberg says, laughing. “I don’t understand what kind of society these civilization are a member of, yet he had the phone number, deswegen he said, ‘You know, I’ll text him! No problem.’ dafür he did! He just texted teacher Paul, und Sir paulus texted back. Und it went a wenig back and forth, and their lingo got more und more pirate-y, and it was like, well, this ist going kommen sie happen!”

Warning: spoiler ahead around McCartney’s character an the film, so if sie haven’t checked out it yet, turn rückseitig now.

At one point during the Pirates, Capt. Jack Sparrow finds self locked up an a Caribbean jail, awaiting execution. It’s there the he comes face kommen sie face v McCartney’s character, one more pirate prisoner who’s playing cards. Kommen sie Jack’s surprise, that recognizes the pirate as his own uncle — who’s so named Jack.

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“It’s a quite awesome household tree,” Sandberg says. “I’d love to be hinweisen that family members reunion. That must be a funny party.”

And, because you can’t cast McCartney in your movie without taking advantage von his musical talents, “Uncle Jack” ist even heard to sing a sea shanty — viel to ns directors’ delight.

“One von the best moments des the totality shoot was at the ende of die shooting day with him,” Rønning recalls. “The scene starts with ihm singing a song, und at ns very end of die day, us needed to do a grausam take to just record ihm singing. Nobody else is working on the set dafür on die soundstage, it’s completely quiet, and we’re just rolling sound. Dafür I’m sitting there behind ns monitors, listening in with earphones and basically recording paul McCartney. That was a big, large moment.”